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My dearest, darling Princess,

I have been delighted in the past by the commoner's cooking with inexpensive ingredients or items on sale thanks to my little girl, but you have certainly peaked my curiosity while you have been studiously preparing for this potluck -- which also, my dearest, has me interested -- that you've been preparing for this evening. You have fastidiously prepared this "Hamburger Helper" and placed it into your beloved "Crock Pot" for tomorrow.

However, I must insist that it is a grievous crime to not leave any aside for me to try! I have survived instant coffee, so I believe that I would most certainly survive this boxed concoction that you happen to have loved since your childhood. It is a crime! It is a travesty! Surely, the other members of the Host Club would also love to partake in this mystery meal you have prepared out of the kindness of your heart. You a paragon of decency! A saint in your own right and I would happily have any of my beloved guests try it.


[Mun has unleashed a monster. Help!]
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Well, it has been some time since you last tried anything of this sort, though I don't know what you're hoping for. I'm not going to like wherever you send me, most likely. The accommodations in these places tend to be rather lacking. Besides, I do have other responsibilities, both in school and out. This is going to be inconvenient, to say the least.

Still, you'll do what you want. I'm merely noting my opinion for the record.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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