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Went fancy-ways with the username, didn't you? Italian and everything... You're hearing no complaints from me, I'll just consider it an authorised variant, some subspecies of what you were really going for. Like this, you're halfway there. We're halfway there.

All that's left is to remember to leave our mark on someone. On the way.
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It's not like you with all the others. I literally grow wings whenever Bitchhilde over here loses her cool.

And she loses her cool all the fucking time. All of it.
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Dear mun,

I bring you word from your muse, which is me, and a question, too, I bring along the road. You don't expect me to be as much fun as the other one, do you? I don't approach life as lightly, nor love, nor language, I might turn out a weight around your ankles, after all, I might drag your spirits down. Will you risk it?

Will you, you ask, but I have no answer to that, not yet. Give me time, although time has come and gone and flown on feathered wings, hasn't it? In due time, we will know. Both of us.

Kindest regards,
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Wouldn't hurt you to send something nice my way, for once, would it? I know it's a bit of a joke coming from me, but I get fed up with the dark just like anyone else... and there's been quite a lot of it, hasn't there? Can't keep it in an orderly queue?

I've got a bit of past to catch up on, while you're in the neighbourhood. Might as well.
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We're moving to New York, huh?

( Well, he is. You don't have to. )

Peter's my husband. Of course I have to. It wouldn't make any sense if he left me in Chicago, and I know he wouldn't want to.

( But... )

But that doesn't mean I want to go. I just got comfortable in Chicago. I've only lived here five months. Now I've got to pack up and leave for the second time in less than a year? Find a new apartment, a new job, a new...a new partner?

I don't want to keep moving. That's not the life I want.
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Yeah, you, bitch.

That bath you guys were talking about, yeah? I'd like that. So if you, I dunno, leave this little crap community and get on it, I might actually get some. Water, I mean. Yeah, I might get some water on me, if you know what I mean.

Fuck, this is useless.

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Look, miss player, I have told you time and again that it is not like that between Keith and I! He is someone admirable to be sure, and he is a dear friend, but that is all it is!

[ You two kissed... ]

That was the result of the cupid storm and you know it! We never would have back then otherwise!

[ The dance, and class, and the roof during the academy storm? No one was forcing you then! ]

I-I... That was... Our minds were addled! And he was still a friend there, nothing more...

[ You watched his house while he was gone, treated his wounds, told him stuff you have told no one else, AND spent the night at his place while he was still there. ]

That was because he would not let me leave until morning! It was dark, and if I tried he would have come with me, and he was still hurt so I could not allow that. I fail to see what spending the night at his place has to do with anything.

[ Really? You don't know? ]

The point is that we are not "boyfriend and girlfriend" as you wish to put it, we are not courting at all! We are friends, we spar, and it is fun, but that is the end of it! He is just someone I admire very very much!

[ You're cooking dinner together here though. When you spent the night. ]


Quiet, you. It is still not like that.

[ You know, he said the same thing. About admiring you very very much. ]


... ... ...

He did?
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You could ( hypothetically ) just... y'know. Not Work today.

[ Cue small pfffft noise. ]

Yes, I know one of us has to be the responsible one and that's usually you.

But it would be nicer to just sleep in. It's raining buckets outside and the bed is super nice, okay?
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You were done, you said, with me.

Though, why should I object to these antics of yours, I enjoy being brought out into the sunlight too much, you must understand, the sun and I are intimately acquainted, the sun has kissed my skin.

Do find time for me whenever you can, my mundane, I am not going anywhere, Naples is my harbour, my home. I will be waiting.

I am always waiting.
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I can tell that you're sad, mundane, those are the powers you've given me. I can sense it.

And if you are sad, then it's my duty to keep your thoughts otherwise entertained. If this is the way, I will do it, of course.

Please know, you're not answering to me, the questions lie with you.
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Of course you'd drag me back out here today of all days. Thanks for the acknowledgement, I guess, but...

Is this all you're doing, or do you actually have something in mind for me now?
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Thanks for remembering I exist. Now go find Peter.

We haven't had our honeymoon yet and that really cheeses me. More than the PGL jump bug.
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So you've given me a makeover, now what? I know in a few days you'll have moved on to something else, so let's just cut out all the unnecessary drama and go do our own thing.

[ nope, not happening. ]

Seriously? And you think I'm the one who needs a therapist.
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I become a worse person every time you get a new idea.

It... should be fun to test it out? I think. As I said, worse person. Bad for establishing relationships that don't end with mutual backstabbing.
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My, my, mun. What a fun little game you've decided to play. A little cruel though, don't you think?

We're trapped in your head together and yet I can't even talk to him? So close, so far.

Torturous - you're a man after my own heart.
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I know, Mun.

I miss him too.

[She sighs and wraps her arms around her legs, burying her chin in between her knees. The person she mentioned happens to be a beloved family member]

He wouldn't want me to feel sorry for myself like this though. I know Uncle Gladinus would want me to carry on with my studies and above all to do my best and convince both humans and dragons alike that declaring war against each other is ridiculous and bring an end to all the fighting.

Still...there's only so much one halfling can do on her own. I need the support of my remaining family and friends, I'm not sure if I can do it alone. It's hard enough convincing others as it is.
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Now mun, wait just a minute!

How did my brother with his stutter, extreme shyness, hyper anxiety and surrealist world views become the stable one in the family? Suddenly he's the one with friends, a fiancée, building projects and a reputation as a friendly Nexus neighbour, and I'm… I don't know... the stand-in Archon with none of the influence.

I was the expert at navigating social environments, not him. I was the one who kept everything clear cut and simple. Now I'm the one who causes drama? Now I'm the one who has to figure out how to be happy without dishonouring my ancestors and offending the gods? When did I become the one who has to answer difficult questions about legacy and propriety and undead and werewolves?

What happened?

Damn it.

You know what? Bring it on.
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Hello dear mun,

I know there's no place for me, and the great idea you had is one that no one else really likes, or wants, but, I can just keep posting to the diary (her journal) you gave me.

And your writing partner is working on a friend for me, so we'll be able to make the journey through the coming war together.

But as for now, it's June of 1941 and I have a spring dance to go to tonight! After all, it is the last dance I'll go to as a junior in high school!
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Like, I mean it's all well an good that you're finally making some attempt at fleshing out [A beat] everything about my lovely life but~.

I'm pretty sure none of the games would want a thing like me, not even that free for all place you're currently at.

That and the dumb idea you have of just calling me a "Siren" is stupid. Those already exist.
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Right, so, if it's a job you're sending me on, maybe you should give me some incentive other than 'taking down some demons' because dear lord is that getting old.  Poltergeists are usually more interesting than demons, anyway.  At least then I can do some research.  History is just way more fascinating than shoving those black smoke bastards back where they belong.  You know, I'm not really sure if I enjoy sending them back to hell or taking them down permanently.  It's always best, I think, to try and save the person they're in, though.

Even if that can get messy.

I really should have done medical school.  I mean, you can only get so far with YouTube and Google.  It's a good thing I stitch really well.  And hey, maybe you want to warn me the next time that some poor bastard jumps from a building and shatters basically everything.  Demons.  Not that angels are any better but I guess they do try to leave their hosts more or less intact.  You know my stance on that.  No more free rides.

I have enough issues without angels running me around the world.

Like you and this game show in space.  What's up with that?


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