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Well of course I'm gonna defend my friends like that

...I might as well use the whole actual "big scary monster girl" thing to my advantage once in a while, people won't take me seriously unless I start baring my fangs and setting a few things on fire to get my point across right?

[Saft, noooooooo.]
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Those have to be the weirdest powerset I've ever seen, and I'm currently going over the weird shit you've been reading.

This is not a compliment.
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I'm glad you're actually excited about playing me again. And not thinking of ways to torment me further or bring up my past. Nice to see we've moved beyond that stage of our relationship. But I'm looking forward to doing work, and meeting some new friends, and developing a life.

Don't forget about Peter, though. He's still the best thing I have going for me. And I still want to do cute domestic stuff with him. I mean, if a man will voluntarily come with you to Crate & Barrel, it's love right? So hopefully he won't get bored of me but...I'm not scared anymore. So go on, get to it.
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I mean, I'm sure it would be nice and I think you would do well even though you're not completely done with my back story. I'm sure you'd just need to work out the kinks of my "powers". Sure I'll miss Matt but I'm sure I can find new friends!

Then maybe you can focus on that backstory? Although 10.000 characters seems like a lot.

I'm still not sure why you find my lack of belief so funny tho...?
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Well this is nifty. It's slightly disorienting but hey, I'm always up for adventure. Maybe there's some clues here on my mother's whereabouts. A boy can dream can't he?
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Of course I'm not ready..!

[Mister Blue & Fancy here can only sigh in distress.]

You haven't even finished writing out my "charming"-- [He's totally doing airquotes to that.]-- personality as of yet! You haven't even started, have you?

Oh, this is going to be a fine disaster. Just lovely, really. A roaring inferno of a mess...

[The utterly exhausted mage looks as if a few years of his life just got chipped away. He's really not ready for all this nonsense but his mun is stupidly eager.]

Can you not be swayed by reason? Let's focus on the important parts first before you just send me out there to the great beyond.
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So, when am I joining a game? Something like, "Hottie Smorgasbord".

Older men, barely legal men, tall guys, small guys, intellectuals and tough guys, shy cuties and refined know-it-alls, fighters and lovers, guys with glasses and guys with tails... There's gotta be a place jam-packed with them, right?

As long as they're good people. Because I have standards.
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Hold on a moment.

Hold on. Slow down. Take a second to think, alright?

I know you've been wanting to do something with me again, but...there? Didn't you just send that Celia girl there not too long ago? Shouldn't you wait a bit for her to settle in before you go putting anyone else in there?

How would you expect me to get out of the Bay, anyway? The water might not be deep, but even so, it's a risk; you know that water and I don't mix all that well.
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Hi. It's me again. While I'm incredibly happy that you finally gave in to my constant nagging and are letting me move, that doesn't mean you need to post around looking for a new partner for me. I'm not ready to let anyone in yet; trusting Peter was a big enough risk for me to take.

And who would want to partner with me since I'm so new? You've only been playing me for maybe a month. No one knows me. It's a big ask for someone to tie their character to me like that.

I'm happy with what I have, and I can work alone for a while. I've already got the only person I need.
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So it's my birthday. And I'm not at home. There was no party, no big family dinner, nothing. Just me and my books.

But you know what I felt today? Really felt for the first time since I was separated from my world?

I opened my window, and there it was. I couldn't believe it, but... I felt Spring. Not just the fresh air and warmth, but that same thing I used to feel when we celebrated Spring at home. I can't explain it really, but it's there.

[ She cracks a little smile. ] Dreams, I've missed this a lot.
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Dreamwidth's having some technical issues today?

.... Hey, we don't do technology back home, so I can't help you there. Have you guys tried to slap some tape on it, or...?


Well, I don't know what to tell you. My skill sets are milking cows, fixing fences, and hitting the family telephone until it works.

But no, seriously, tape might help. Tape helps just about anything that gets borked.

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I don't want to relive that again. I know you want to know more about me, but I'm happy now. I don't want to go into that dark place and second-guess myself for the millionth time. I've only now started letting some of that baggage go. Can you just respect that and write about my future, rather than my past?
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Stop it.

I care not if you think it would be cute. I care not if you think that Keith and I work well together, or whatever other combinations of people you want to muddy around with. I am not amused in the least by this and I am not searching for anything romantic! Especially not when it is going to result in embarrassing things like... Like... this!!

Keith and I are acquaintances. So what if he has helped me when I needed it in the past? That is no reason to push things to such a degree!

But of course you are not going to listen to me, are you?
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[ Grace lifts an eyebrow. ]

You watch four hours of Live PD and this is what you do.

You know that playing an original character is not an easy idea. And you want to start with me, the cop who couldn't realize her own boyfriend was corrupt. The person that no one will ever trust again because they don't know if I was lying for him or just stupid.

Where are you going to find someone who's going to put up with me?

[ Shakes her head. She knows this is less about the mun than about how she doesn't even trust herself right now. ]

It would be nice to have a friend again. Maybe a new partner. If that's what you're doing this for, then I guess I can try.

Just please take it slow.
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...So much time has passed since you created this account and yet you sit there as if everything will happen all by itself.

This game will only begin once you start to move the pieces.


Stop placing the blame on the queen. You know she will only be able to move once all the pawns are in place and I have executed a masterful game plan.
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Look. If you want to get back into the roleplaying mold, do it! If you want to have me hop in the fray, then do it! Otherwise you seem to be enjoying your self imposed isolation just fine.

It's just you can't go thinking about joining a game, draw up some ideas for it...then go do nothing. That's happened way too many times. Given you only seem able to play me when you're pepped up and have a blossoming mind, that has to mean something.

I don't care if I have to yell. I don't care if I have to fight another criminal organization. Hell, I don't care if I have to meet men in tights roaming around in a forest. Make this shocking, make this spiffy, make this exciting. Otherwise, let me resume my research.

There's way too many Pokémon I have to catch up on, too. Over 300...and you don't even plan to play these newer games. Although you might reconsider that?
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I know curiosity killed the cat and all but did you have to leave me all alone with no way to call home? I'm a little lonely out here by myself.

(He sighs and plops under a tree nearby the wreckage of his ship and puts his hands under his chin)

At least you could have dropped me somewhere with more humans.
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You fucking suck, you know that? Like... it's bad enough you're writing me like I'm from some bad slasher movie but now this?

I'd rather deal with Jason Vorhees then your dumb ass.
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You went an' redid my journal's pages? Gotta say, it looks pretty ni— Wait, this means you're plannin' something, doesn't it?

Don't try to deny it, we all know what it means when y'pay someone's account up and then go spiffyin' it up.

[Celia's silent for a brief moment. There's not much point to arguing when she knows the final say in what happens to her isn't even hers, so...]

If you gotta do somethin' with me, can you at least make sure it's not a bad somethin'?
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Okay, this is kind of weird, but...

[He pauses, chews on his lip for a minute.]

You really think I might see one?


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