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Mark my words, mundane, this is not the end of me.

Amara did not remain trapped within the confines of a staff. And neither will I!
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Well, darling, I suppose if it's a toss up between going to this place where I can get everything I want and going to whatever horrible place this Storybrooke [one can hear the shudder in her voice there. She definitely does not want to go to Storybrooke!] is, I imagine that the answer is quite a simple one.

After all, look at what they did to poor dear Jafar! Can you imagine what they would do to me? They've already done that one thing with Cinderella, I'd hate to see how they act with more ammunition!

[Yes, she is definitely not thinking about Will being there. Not at all.]

So, I suggest that you do get on with that application. It seems that I have things, and possibly people to do.

We both know how much I dislike to be kept waiting.
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So we're doing this, I guess?

[Well, yeah. You're there.]

You do realize what sort of place it is, right? And you're sending me here without David.


No, you're right. Emma's there. I'll definitely have friends, but you're missing part of my point.

[Deep breath. Not a big deal. Snow's got this.]

All right. I can handle this. I've got this. But don't think you're off the hook just yet.
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In my experience bars aren't what make the cage.

It's all about the warden.
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Because every time you sit down to watch, it's a damn therapy session.

And frankly, I don't need your peanut gallery comments. 
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Mun, seriously, it's no as if yer all that good at even finishing these applications. I dinnae really know why you bother to even try. Aye, ye say ye want to "play me", but I've got enough tae be gettin' on with, I dinnae need you takin' me away from it all.

If you are gonna dae this? C'n ye at least make sure my Mum knows where I'm going? Dinnae want her worrying too much. I'm takin' it as read I'll get my weapons, though. Or stand-ins. Got tae have something on me, can't be going without.
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I'm not going, you can't make me.

And what the hell is your strange obsession with keeping me away from my family? You know Henry needs me, especially if you're using the reset as my canon point. Once everyone else goes back, we're all the family we have.

I don't want this. If you're going to force it, get ready for a fight.
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Come on Mun! Part of the reason ye like my story in the first place is that it doesn't bother wi' any romance subplot! C'n ye stop watching all those "videos" on that tube site an' get back to actually workin' out what we're goin' to be doing? 'Cause if yer no, mind if I pop back to Dun Broch? I don't want to leave Mum on her on too long, you know she'll fret somethin' terrible.

Aye, an' the boys'll fret too. Mostly 'cause none of them actually like the idea of maybe havin' to take the throne one day. None of us do... did. If Da' was still around... If Da'... You know what I want to say, Mun, don't make me actually say it. It hurts enough wi'out all of that.

But ye see, don't you? I've got to go back. I've got to see to that scunner, an' get things sorted. For my Dad.


Also knowing those three? I'll be surprised if my kingdom isn't in ruins. Never lead the Lords to do a Queen's job.
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Well of course I wasn't havin' none of that. I've got my own priorities, Dark One havin' my heart or no.
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No, actually. I don't want to talk about it.
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Oh, you think it's funny, do ya? Think I'm all game for these .. games, when I've got three, wee problems still hovering round my head? I don't think so. You go play niceties with your other friends, I've got things t'do.

Off with ya.
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No. You haven't even acknowledged my existence in how long, and now you want to throw me in a game?

No way, kid. It's not gonna happen.
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This is a big undertaking. Not to say you aren't up for it, I'm a firm believer in letting people find themselves and their capabilities on their own.

I do sense we are kindred spirits in feeling that we should all have hope. A little bird told me, quite literally, that you also believe in true love. well it sounds like at the very least we could be good friends.

So I say we do this together, neither of us will be alone.

Ok, so where do we start?
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If this is what y' call a good idea, I don' want t' be around for the "bad" ones.

[Nor does he want to be associated with the username. He crosses his arms, saving the pout for later.]

An' just what d'y' hope to accomplish here, not even being caught up on th' story, hmmm dearie?
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Reliving our adventures? There are parts that shouldn't be repeated, but for my family? I'll do all of this again and more for them. So keep watching and reviewing. For them.
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 Shouldn't you be doing something?

Something other than 'drowning in your feels' and being generally...obnoxious?

...I didn't think so.
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 A game, you say? Well, far be it from me to deny myself such a pleasure and not one person from my realm is there?

Far be it from me to stop you from such an endeavour. 
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[Without even missing a beat, Maleficent fixes an unimpressed stare on her mun and shoots off some dry snark:] Am I supposed to be flattered? I thought you hated me. [She pauses, a finger fluidly sweeping the air in a mock 'a-ha' motion.] Oh, that's right. You hated the way I was written.

Why the sudden change of heart?

Spoilers for recent episodes, just in case. )


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