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Ohhhh, je vous demande pardon? Am I reading that title correctly, my dear? You're missing me, even after so casually abandoning the plans I'd set into motion for that city?

Why, I'm not so sure who you think you're talking to, mundane...

...but you of all people should know that forgiving is not very often a word used to describe me.


Heh, heh! We did have some good times, boogieing along in that city though, didn't we? Say, remember when I lured an idiot who thought they were one of my closest friends into my lair, and I ended up using his abilities to enslave his friends while capturing all new people to torture? Remember how I left so many bodies twisted and broken? Oh, and we can't forget the lovely addition I left the Western District! Oh, I suppose I'm simply going soft these days from nostalgia, as old programs will!

[and just like that you deserve to be set on fire again. for fuck's sake, AM, really.]

Now, now, you can't honestly say you're surprised to see me again, can you? Huh?

Yes, because bright, saccharine worlds where love and trust and friendship hold all the answers are totally your bag, aren't they, mundane? Worlds where everything is a honeyed pie cooling on the window sill! Kids cheerily picking flowers in the backyard to the plinking of an ice cream truck chugging down the lane on Easter Sunday! Sweet fairytale nothings, that's what you're all about, isn't it, my dear?

[...well shit. might have to plead the fifth on that one.]



Take a look at where you tend to gravitate before you start casting stones, sweetheart.

I think you and I know by now just why we tend to click.
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... I live in here now.

Thanks for the invitation.
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Um...mun? I know character analyzers are nice and all, but...perhaps you should focus on the actual writing? The story won't make any progress like this, and I...really don't have time to sit here and wait.

[She's especially worried because said story is about her.]
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So that is your justification? That whatever you're doing could be worse, so therefore what you are choosing to do is not that bad? I do not believe that is how this works.

You're normally quite good to me. Why have you decided to inflict this "minor" trauma?
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Mundane? I'm sorry but I really need to get back to the manor. It isn't that I'm not happy or grateful you picked me but...well if Black Hat finds out I'm not at work, I'm going to be in trouble. Big trouble. And I want to avoid any unnecessary pain. It's not something I enjoy, you know. Mun? Mundane? ...Mr. Mundane?

Are you listening to me?

...No. You're looking at memes.

Oh dear...

[He's just going to lay down and await his inevitable fate.]
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Well back again, I see. I wonder I should put a note in the old file about this recurring habit. Tendency to appear and disappear at will and let's be honest, you haven't held up your end of things. Makes me look like a liar. (Then a tone that suggests teasing, but may not be.) You know, that's basically what they call being a flake...

(He raises an eyebrow at the meme selection for today and an inaudible sigh follows.)

Way to ruin a perfectly good vacation, mundane...

(Well, what else could he call it and it be less annoying?)

Not like I got anywhere better to be, but still.
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Nervous as fuck... so nervous! What if they don't like Dickie? What if they don't... don't like the pigtails?

[ He can't stop fidgeting with his plastic camera. Dickie's never left the big building before. ]
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To think I'm losing my memory-- [It's unthinkable. Qilby sounds disgusted at the mere idea, much less the reality.] Maybe so many years ago, I'd have wanted that. I'd have embraced it. See, that's the scary part.

[But now? Now, he's so acclimated to that eternal memory - that curse the Goddess gave him - that he couldn't imagine living without it. It's what gives him his perspective, what makes him suited to lead his people, even if the rest of the damned Council doesn't see it. (Maybe they saw it, once, and then forgot. They tend to do that, don't they?) To lose it now would be like losing a limb.]

[Ha, ha, very funny. At least he got an arm back.]

That demon will provide insurance for awhile, but... I need to leave, and quickly. This planet can continue dying well enough on its own.
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You are being too hasty. I have a job to do.

Do not distract me.
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Oh my God. Are you still salty over something so--it was two years ago at this point!

People are going to start calling you Jennifer at this rate. Though, I guess if Bradgelina bit the dust, anything's possible?

I'm not saying--no. No, stop that. Don't even think about that dark space of the Internet ofwhichwedonotspeakitsname.

You don't need fanfiction. Once you do that, you're past the point of no return, and faaaar beyond any of my help.
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Wow. It has been a while.

Guess you're at it again. Getting screenshots and things. Maybe going to make me new icons? Well, that's just fine. I wouldn't mind being thrown at a meme or two. Maybe a game?

I gotta stretch my legs and get some food. Lots of food.

And if you can find the others, that'd be cool. I'd even be happy to see Sissi right about now.
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Yah! What's up with that name you put there? Ya know it ain't my fault really.

[but you know...]

Whatever, there was some shitty sense of humor fer it, so I can't complain too much... I might even kinda like it.

The real question is, why are you finally lettin' me out? Yer really that bored, eh?

[no, not really.]

But if you insist, then I'll find something to do.
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Oh, Hell no!

We just got revived and I was headed over to Recette's world! You are not dragging me to fucking Wonderland!

[A mirror had been set up near Zack today. He wasn't sure why at first, but at this point some unseen force starts writing on it.]

Look at the bright side: you won't have to kill anyone. And it technically won't be the same "you."

[Zack stares at the mirror for a second.]

Look, even the fucking ghosts are talking about it!

I'm not a ghost.

How the hell are they even doing that? Doesn't writing on shit cost mana?!

[After a beat, the writing erases itself. The non-ghost then draws a quick picture of a man in a hoodie that almost looks like an unamused Zack, save for the stylised rosary on his neck. A speech bubble is drawn pointing to the drawing's head:]

You can't read this, can you?

((OOC: Also voicetesting Zack's Mirror (Entranceway mechanic). If you want to talk to him, his replies will be coming from [personal profile] issacthewrathful.))
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Ok.. Let me get this straight.

I've been fighting Locusts for years and now you drag me out of the box one time you are interested?


This is bull.
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What's a family with one person, huh?
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[There is a little girl with a bright red kimono and a lot of waterworks on the comm today. Frankly speaking, it looks like she would have run away by now, but every time she stops hiccuping and crying into her hands to look up, what she sees seems to terrify her and she goes back to cowering.]

[With every jerk of one wrist, there's the tinkling of bells, and it's a near constant melody to her more painful crying. In fact, uh... anyone with any flashlights... or anything that sheds light at all... That might start to flicker. Or just not work. Sorry about that. The little girl doesn't seem to notice, at any rate.]

[Sometimes, when the crying goes down a little, she looks up at her mun, jaw quivering as she clearly tries to get her voice to work.... only for it to inevitably fail and she curls in on herself as she hides her face in her hands again.]

[The mun is starting to realize this might have been a bad idea.]
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You know, playing in an actual game might be fun. 'Specially if Tallboy's gonna be there. I know you mostly play that frog-faced lobster, but don't you think it's time to branch out a little?

What's the point of keeping a handsome face like this all tucked away in PSLs, anyhow?
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Just let me retire already. I've earned that much.
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Congrats. Guess this is the closest to finishing business with me you'll get until you can find your PS3. And its nice to see that even if my sacrifices get initially compromised, someone's gonna fix it if I can't.

That said, I think I get what you mean when you were thinking that Delsin could be the Beast in Kessler's timeline. A Conduit with all those powers available to him, able to get his capabilities from anywhere? That screams “time bomb”.

Still, at least it doesn't sound like he's going down any Beast paths any time soon. And good thing, too, because if that girl, Celia, or that Lifeline Purity group are any indication, the last thing we're gonna need is a rebooted version of The Beast..


As for sending me places, Mun, it sounds like its been too long since you spent time with me in Empire City or New Marais, so I've gotta agree that doing Darth Vader's apprentice might be more up your alley.


No hard feelings, man, you do what you gotta do, and we'll come back around again.


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