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Wait, so this isn't... I'm not in a time loop? And you're not one of the ghosts? So what is this then, because I've had enough with freaky shit.
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How can you be excited right now? Everything's still kind of messed up. Kind of... really messed up.

[ Maybe, but you're getting a TV adaptation! That's so cool! ]

Yeah, I guess. I don't know how I feel about all these other people knowing all my business. It's weird enough to think that 6 million people listen to it as it is...
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[ ...aka what you think is a cute retro styled mystery game that gets twin peaksy really fast. ]

What the fuck?!

[ so even though she sounds mostly annoyed because she is - kathy is also totally down for a new adventure, if she can get some cigarettes. ]
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So what if the ninth anniversary of our canon is also the 11th anniversary of another milestone in the history of intemorphic art? I'm not sure it "averages out to a tenth anniversary", heibon-kun.

Not that I'm actually opposed to your idea, as long as the canon version of Hataka-mura is still one of the options. We promised Harley-chan a visit years ago, and one of these days I still want to deliver.
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The King of Iron Fist Tournament? And I get another chance to fight that so-called "demon", Akuma? Sounds like fun...

Now I just need that pointy-haired old fool to get out of my way, and that world will be mine!
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You know, I hate to admit this, but I do feel somewhat abandoned. And this talk of "starting over" frightens me. I've made progress; I've changed and grown.

You make me nervous, truthfully.
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Firing up the Pinterest account more than usual, aren't we? I know what that means. If I'm going to do something soon, I have a request: I want it be set within an earlier era than the stories you've been listening to lately.

As an old friend once said, "Years are all it takes for choices to become regrets." Now I won't admit to having regrets in a place like this. A man has a reputation to uphold, after all. What I will say, is that by 2017 I've more than enough choices piling up around me. In short? I'm tired. I've seen, done and lost more than entire generations stacked one atop another have. I've had experiences both terrible and sublime, and everything else in between. I've known friends, enemies, and even -- had people I've loved.

[ This is getting earnest for his tastes now, so here's Dorian clearing his throat and moving the hell on. ]

So. If we're going to take things anywhere at all, a vacation to an earlier time period would be appreciated. I'd offer suggestions, but I have a feeling you'd go Monkey's Paw on any requests of mine. I'd rather not encourage you; You're bad enough on your own even without my help.
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In a multiverse where there are people who can literally bring the dead back to life, exactly what use would a physician be?

[ She shakes her head. ] I'd rather not go somewhere when I'll have nothing to do and trauma can be repaired by a tap of the wand.
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I mean, I can understand really liking fictional characters and all. Like, you just really wanna know more about them, so you start making up all these stories for them inside your head and stuff. I get that. I've done that.

What I don't get is what my sorry ass is doing here?

Like fucking Captain America is here. Okay, that makes sense. I spent like a year with Cap in my head too, except we didn't have the good ole Internetz back then, so I had to like... write it in a fucking notebook. And pray to God that nobody ever found that shit before I had the chance to burn it.


Anyway... All's I wanted to know is: why me? I [a dramatic pause] am a fucking fuck up. Just in case you, you know, somehow missed that part or something...

I'm not complaining! I'm just saying: I don't get it.
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You've bounced me around to hell and back - quite literally. And now you want me to 'move on' yet again? Let me rest in peace for a change. Or focus on solo writing that presents my 'backstory' as you call it. There's plenty of material to work with, and given some of your professional work, 'filing off the serial numbers' as you call it isn't out of the question. I'm rather enjoying this semi-retirement into which circumstances have placed me.

And what are you talking about, wiping my memories? Are you giving me a concussion? Haven't I had enough injuries, that you have to add insult to the mix?
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It's... not nice to break my focus.
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[His lip curls disdainfully.] How utterly predictable.

[Well, geez, the mun can't help it the sudden re-popularization of Castlevania woke you up.]

Well, so be it. All the more of those fool Belmonts to torment.

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Well. Shit.

And not too fond of this name, either.
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Why the hell should I care? I couldn't stand Cronqvist for longer than ten minutes during the Crusades. What makes you think I'd waste more than a nanosecond of attention on a series that revolves around that lowlife now? Especially after all he put us through?

[Okay, that's fair. But having a new series means they might eventually tell your story.]

Tch. I'll be sure to hold my breath for that.

Besides, even if they did, I highly doubt they'd tell the whole story.

Look, I understand that you're excited about making icons for that woman, but keep that between the two of you. I couldn't care less about that family if you paid me.

Now go write up that starter you promised me. I think it's about time I had some good news for a change.

[And happy cute times with Walter are always good news.]
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Why are you like this? I'm just a simple vampire hunter trying to make a fucking living [no you are not trevor belmont] to honor the family name.

Please leave me alone. I have things to do and supernatural beasts to slay. Have you not had your fill?
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...I don't think I'm a huge fan of this place. Or of your ideas. It's one thing to just sit around watching old TV shows, but actually interacting with characters from cartoons and shi... stuff is another can of worms I don't wanna get my hands in.

[Ian sighs and runs a shaky hand through his hair, blinks a few times to try to see clearly though his puffy eyes. He takes another look around the place... and deigns he doesn't much like what he sees.]

It looks pretty much exactly like the void. Did you really think I'd like it here? I mean... at least there I've got people coming to visit once in a while. Can't you just send me home-

[There's a huge burst of static that drowns out the rest of the man's words.]

Whatever. Then send me back there! I'll... find some way to get out eventually. I think.

((Those who are interested in tagging, let me know if it's okay for Ian to know information about your character's canon! It's more likely he'll know cartoons and TV shows, but if you'd prefer there not to be fourth wall breaking, well, the void isn't completely all-knowing.))
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Wow um... okay, sure. I really didn't need everyone knowing about my neon underwear thanks. That was kind of just supposed to be my thing.
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[The man in the suit glances over the situation in minor interest and irritation.]

...This is really how you're spending your nights, huh? Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a hobby. But according to my watch- yeah, almost 3 in the morning there. Don't you have work?

Dear god, man. Get to bed and stop messing with the lives of others. You can clearly barely handle your own life, much less the will of a psychic.

...But if you're really having trouble sleeping... [His voice trails off, considering unspoken horrors and ideas.] No it couldn't be... Unless they got through your computer somehow...

Of course! Your sleeping habits are the work of a sinister specter! They snuck through porn sites to reach you, tormenting your body with sleepless nights! Don't worry, I am a professional. For a slight fee, I would be happy to cleanse you of this spirit. We all deserve to have a good night's rest, free from ghostly machinations. That's what Reigen Arataka, Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century, does best!


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