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Well, I'm really glad to finally get out here, mun! I was worried you were turning into one of those boring grown-ups. And you should really get to making journals for everyone else too, you know? It's not that fun being stuck in your head.

And you're thinking of bringing me to [community profile] entranceway? Maybe I should start reading up on those books then, so I know what to expect! Do you think I'll be able to make friends there?

[Don't worry, I'm sure you will.]
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It sure is the greatest and most unfathomable evil known to man approaching D/P right now, in the form of -

oh it's just a big floofy bear.

But it's holding in its paws the most diabolical -

No wait it's a tray of freshly baked cookies. Complete with a pitcher of milk, even. Wow. Looks like someone sure worked hard on these, because these are homemade with the secret ingredient of pure LOVE.

And the bear's even making... weird happy bear noises, as he goes.

Arr! Rrrrmmm!


505 sure is offering everyone - his mun included - freshly baked cookies.

Pure, unfettered, concentrated evil.

You may all tremble in fear now.
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[The faintest of amused chuckles can be heard from underneath Samus's helmet. Her mun is certainly never on a shortage of enthusiasm for her; she's not complaining.]

It's good to be back. Looks like they're on the right track this time.

[And then, with an edge of playfulness:] Do you think you can last that long?
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Listen. I get it. From your perspective, sort of... out there, where none of this stuff can touch you, it probably seems like a great idea to drag as many people into this mess as possible, right? The more the merrier and all that. But the thing is, like... I'm having a hard enough time keeping this ship afloat without those jokers following me around. Know what I'm saying?

Like, look, just think about it. Imagine for a second that, ehh, I don't know... Magnus ends up dragged into the carnival, and he ends up getting to use some of this fae magic that's apparently just floating around the place. Can you imagine?

All I'm saying is think about it before you get anything signed in blood here. Just a friendly little note from your boy, Taako.
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It would have been better to have thought this out than to act on a whim.

(But, considering the circumstances...)

I should suggest you do what you mundanes call "canon review" first. I see you have a book available that should work for this. From there I would gather icons.

(A very slight raise of the eyebrow.) 

You seem surprised? I should remind you that I was created to serve. I have a duty to the crew and I understand that I may be able to see them again in this place, but, I should also note that in these circumstances this means I also have a duty to you. Is that not the case?
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 Now is when you take interest? Leave it to a human to be late.

My story was done ages ago.
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I suppose it's about time.

Three years have passed. What a shame he has to be sent back, after being away for so long.


I imagine he appreciates the milk bath in place of the barbed wire this time.


Jun. 11th, 2017 01:48 pm
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Is not an acceptable RP source, is it? I'm not even a proper RP source, wow.

You're just going to keep at it? More power to you, my dude.
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“N-Now listen here! I have deadlines to meet, experiments to run a-and I really can't leave my lab unattended while Dementia is on the loose.You may have all the time in the world, but do you have ANY idea how hard it is to invent a trans-dimensional reverse particle ray on a time crunch?! I-I have to fix this! Blackhatcouldbebackatanymoment!

[HNNNNNGHHHHHH. Okay, breathe.]

“Anyway you don’t know the first thing about me-- frankly a hero seems more your speed. C-Can't you just wait for a potential show release and leave me to work in peace? You don’t even have any tools for me to work with! How am I supposed-- If I didn’t know better, I’d say you WANT me to fail!!”


“...I take it back, you are suited for villainy.”
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We're doing this, huh.
I'm really not sure this is the best use of your time. Couldn't you be doing something else? I've got cases to get back to, you've got your other...people, and whatever it is you do with them. This isn't a good arrangement for either of us, and I'd really appreciate it if you let me back out before you drag me in too deep.
That, and I don't think I'm your type. No offense meant, but you've got some pretty questionable company hanging around. And if I were you, I'd be glad that the cop you went and brought in hasn't taken too much of an interest in that. Or is that something you'd prefer? Because I can oblige.
[ He gives an exasperated sigh, rubbing the bridge of his nose. ]

Just-- hang it up while we're both in the clear, okay? Now would be best.
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I'm not sure what the point of this is. I don't think you're going to find anyone I know out here. Not Billy or Nelson, or any of the folks from Iorden. Definitely nobody from Lackawanna.

I mean, I guess it's nice not to have people actively trying to kill me or anything. That's definitely a plus. But... I am kind of in the middle of some really important stuff right now back at camp, so if you could leave me and my friends alone? Please?
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... ... ...

[ The sharpness of the silent man's blue eyes is almost enough to cut through steel. For a long while, he's silent, his hands folded behind his back, before he takes a deep breath and speaks only four curt, simple words: ]

Ah. It's you again.

[ The faintest quirk of his lips is all that hints at his amusement, though he says nothing else for right now. ]
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What? I-

Look, I realize you're happy that you found someone else who plays from my world- and someone very close to me at that- but why was she trapped in a murdergame of all places?!? She doesn't deserve that at all!

Yes, I know she isn't participating in the next round, but still. What is wrong with you people?

[OOC: He's talking about [personal profile] swampwitch. Yes, I got permission from the mun to mention that.]
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Well, I'm glad I wasn't any of those poor bastards.

I may have joked about Martians looting my stuff ALOT, but damn, I'm glad there isn't any conceivable life on Mars that we're aware of. Especially the kind that busts out of you and has acid blood...

Just, wow, that's was pretty fucked...

spoilers inbound )

Anyway, you mind finding some people that I can at least talk to or do a "psl" or whatever with if you're not gonna going the game route. Because, dammit, I'm actually bored here.
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Okay, I gotta say, thumbs-up. Making fun of Warlocks is a time-honored tradition. Or so I've heard.

Look, you'll be fine. So we're both pretty new to this whole "immortal-being-filled-with-Light-controlled-by-person-in-the-distant-past" thing. The key is to act like a Hunter does. Do like we do. Pretend like you know what's going on. Failing that, pretend like you meant to do whatever it is you goofed up on.

Pretty sure Cayde'd agree. Just saying.

S. Hein
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Out of any of the quotes and phrases House has ever used to describe me, this is what you're naming me after?

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Sooo uh...we're doing this again, huh?

What is this? The fifth or sixth time you've tried to find some kind of "game" you can integrate me in to?

Look, I know you mean well...for the most part. At least you're not willing to stick me in to one of those horror games you're usually interested in. I mean, those are fun to read and all, all kinds of campy horror drama and all that, but I really don't want any kind of personal part in one of them, so...thanks for that, I guess.

But that's kind of the problem, isn't it? It's right there in the name you gave this account. I'm social phobic. You're not going to put me into a game where I need to interact with people, and if you stick me in to one that's all mostly slice of life stuff, fantastical or other wise, you and I both know I'm just going dig a little corner of that game out for my self and stick to it. And probably not come out until you get bored and drop me. Yes, even if you stick me in that carnival game.

And I swear, if you do put me there and they make me some kind of attraction I will-!...I'll...I'll do something r
eally not pleasant...

...Actually, I'll probably just throw up. Still pretty unpleasant. Is that what you want? Predigested gummy worms and slushy spewed all over an unsuspecting audience? Because that's what's probably going to happen.

Just...If that's really the next game you're going to go for could you please just use someone else?Literally anyone else? I assure you, I one hundred percent do not mind you never actually sticking me in a game. I only just got to be kind of sort of comfortable with my own universe, I'm good with never getting thrown in to another one.


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