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You're being ridiculous.

Avoiding the issue isn't going to change what happens. matter what, don't stop.

[ Potential spoilers in comments, but I'll try to avoid them! ]
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I'm... Confused.

Starting this out with a "Dear Player" seems just as awkward as me even doing this in the first place. You're...


Maybe that's why I feel obligated to go through with this. For your sake. Because that's what I'm programmed for, right?

I'm too tired to question things anymore.

I'm tired.


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Decide which of my memory save files you want to play me from first.

And then find 9S. He is absolutely imperative.
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Go fuck yourself with a rake! I'm not helping you find out more shit about me.
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It's CRAP. Give it up already.

Didn't the nice lady who wrote all this stuff say she thought I'm an Ending C sorta guy anyway? I don't need to be a crappier father than I already am by ditching all my responsibilities and disappearing. And even if I DID make that other choice, it's probably better for everybody if I'm just not there anymore, right? No sense in bringing me back just to screw everything up even worse.

And you're even thinking of giving me a younger body. That'll just get everybody mixed up with the OTHER guy.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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Dear Player

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