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You never have nothing better to do, mundane, no matter what you may say. Why am I the one stuck being part of your plan to ignore responsibility and chores when there are other, more compliant options available? I did not come back from the grave once more to be subjected to your inane whims. Find someone else to keep you entertained and leave me be, is that so much to ask?
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While I appreciate the thought, I don't know that this is such a good idea. We both know you have other things to worry about... and I know you're probably going to do it anyway, so I don't know why I bother. Still, if you're going to insist on this, it might be nice to go someplace where I could be of use.

Even if there aren't any others wherever I end up, I'll be fine on my own. I've made it this far, haven't I?

Voice Test

Apr. 9th, 2017 09:48 am
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[personal profile] onehit, you cannot summon me; you cannot control me. Even speaking these words is a waste of my time and breath. There is much to do and see before things are set right.

[His lips twitch, almost smirking.]

I gave my word. Do you suggest I break it?
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 I am happy.

I am fine.

It's been a crazy ride, but we're all going to be okay. 
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[What the fuck do you mean he doesn't get to record a message on one of them newfangled camera contraptions.]

Naruto. Hinata.

this is hard to do )
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I'm not entirely sure what it is you intend to achieve by dragging me out like this. Wouldn't it be best to wait until you have a clearer plan? Besides, we both know you'll probably change your mind and move on to someone else eventually, so why not make this easier on both of us and let me get back to doing what I need to do?

Failing that, at least have the decency to think before attempting to send me anywhere. There are some places I'd prefer not to end up.
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Thank you for this opportunity. I realize that I am... not the sort of person that you generally use for this "role-playing" activity, [Someone like Naruto, Lee, or Guy would be better suited to that, though Guy is somewhere in her mundane's head already] but this is new to me as well. I guess it's something we can both figure out.

I'm not sure where to start... Maybe finding more icons? Five might be enough, but Kurenai-sensei always says it's better to be prepared. ...though I don't think this is the sort of thing she was talking about...

Um... I'm sure that you're nervous about this, but as long as you don't over-think things, there should be no problem. ...right? [Hinata has no idea how she became the one to try to get her mundane over their nerves, but there's a first time for everything.]
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You sent me to Hell, what kind of friends did you think I'd make? And you know your friend was right, I could have done much worse than a sadistic samurai. Honestly, I don't see why you're so surprised. But how about you do me a favor and drop the "sugar daddy" jokes, alright? There's nothing wrong with helping someone get settled in a place like that.

Now, why don't we stop messing around and get down to work? Those souls aren't going to reap themselves, and you're the sadist who wanted me to pick up that one in the first place.
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So you're thinking about sending me back to that one place, huh? That's cool. It isn't as if I wanted to leave to start with but you had to do what you had to. But I don't wanna just leave my friends stuck there. If you're up for sending me back, I'll go.

[Scratches at his cheek.]

Not sure how to feel about you having me jump ahead two years, though. I'll be older than everyone else by a lot and they won't know about a bunch of stuff that's happened. [Like Sasuke.] No one's gonna believe that I went to the moon or that Kurama wrote on it. [Or that he stopped being an idiot about love.] Plus you said you hated my hair in that movie and turns out that I don't grow it out again. I mean, I could but you'd have to put up with it for a while.

Plus you'll have to make a bunch of icons for me. Are you sure you got time for that? I guess if you're sure.

Maybe there will be others from home who show up this time too. You've got friends who play my friends. Go tell them to come to Cerealia with us.
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You're absolutely certain there was nobody better suited for this task?

[Obviously there was, so just give him a moment while he... braces himself? Alrighty then.


C'mon, kid.]

If I must say names, then obviously I'll mention Tenten and Gai-sensei. It would be [nice] disastrous, to say the least, to have them both present in the colony. But even then, it would be... pleasant, to see them again. That's selfish. It's also what you're looking for, isn't it? [This is hard.] Lee would love that. [And--]

Shikamaru would be useful. And for Hinata-sama's sake, I guess Shino... or anyone from her team-- Akamaru, even, would be a welcome sight. Anyone from the village would be. You know that. You also know the chances of ensnaring someone through begging in this place is slim at best. No, I'm not volunteering to go elsewhere to hunt down our friends. You've got enough to work on without these distractions. [Rude, son.] You didn't expect me to rattle off everyone's name, did you...? Whether they show up or not hardly depends on that.
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There is a kind of person out there who would call your dedication to this cause admirable. I will call it what it is: a poorly thought out effort to evade the week's responsibility. Hardly any different from the majority milling around this place. If you think this level of investment is sustainable, or even desirable...

[Because there are already so many things just wrong about this and the mun ought to face the music. How else is this brat going to remind everyone around him that he's better than this? Even now. Even after everything.]

How I wound up paired with someone as impulsive as you seem is beyond me. [And yet, nothing new.

Guess who will never admit that's a comfort.]
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Ah, so looking back on us has reawakened the spirit of youth within you? Excellent!

I see that you can use neither ninjutsu or genjutsu. Luckily, I'm a specialist at helping to make people like you into excellent ninja! [But I'm not...]

Your training will begin immediately! We'll have to start with something small - a hundred laps around the block! [But...] Don't worry - I'll do twice as many laps around this headspace of yours, on my hands, to show my support!
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Whoah, whoah, hey, hey, stop right there! What the hell? You want to play me?! I mean, I don't mind and that would be great if I could find Itachi somewhere but you are vaguely aware that almost nobody know who I am? My eyeballs have more screentime than I do!

I am not saying that you should stop or anything. Who care if people don't know me? But you have very little to go on.

I know it's your speciality to make rather obscure people come to life, but there are plenty of other canditates with more background than me, like that kid with the bones.

But hey, if you want to try, I say why not? Let's do this!
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The hell do you need me for? You think I'm your dolly or something, huh, is that it? Either give me something fun to do, or get off my case.

...Hey, wait! That's right! I bet loads of people out there don't know anything about Lord Jashin. Yeah, I'm thinkin' the least you could do is let me preach a little! Those godless bastards probably need me.

So how 'bout it? Anyone looking to convert? I can send you to Hell myself, if not!
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Yanno I'm not gonna yell at ya to pay more attention. Even though you're on your own cross-country mission. And you're waitin' for your ride to the next meeting point or whatever. 'Cause yanno what?

Ya finally picked me up, yanno!! Took ya long enough! Even though it's only 'cause ya can't--what was it --cuss play? With your nakama anymore. No, I'm not gonna say "your Sasuke," that's weird! I don't own the guy. So yeah! I get it. Lame that it took your paths separating ta do it but I get it.

So whaddaya waitin' for? Let's get out there an' find my friends! And uh, re-read some of my story yanno? You're kinda sketchy on the details . . .
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You're too excited about this, kid. So my icons reflect my status as a loyal shinobi in this timeline, but what happens when you want to play me from canon timeline again?

I've been with you too long, to be used to things like that. And for my sake, tone down the yelling about Ameyuri-senpai. You're giving me a headache and embarrassing both of us with it.

Of course I'm looking forward to the chance, even if she doesn't come to stay permanently, but don't get your hopes up for her or Zabuza-kun. Don't be stupid; prepare for the--

Do I have to slice you up to keep your attention? Thinking about Kushimaru-senpai is not preparing for the disappointment.

With as few of us still being played as there are, hoping for someone who appears so shortly in canon is asking for it. You'd be better off hoping for Mei-san or Ao-san, or even Suigetsu-kun or Choujuurou-kun, than the other Seven Swordsmen that were around when I was young.

Not that I wouldn't turn down a spar with any of them if they do show up, eh?

Now do us both a favor and focus your efforts on preparing for Naoki-kun, who definitely is coming to the game, and the plans you've got going for my hopefully short stint as an envoy and that war you're encouraging the start of. Get me that spar with Hokage-sama too; you promised me that, kid.

((ooc: crossposted to [community profile] dear_mun, naturally))
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Really, thanks for dusting me off and pulling me out of that dark hole you call a headspace. It was starting to get really stuffy up there. But do you really think this was a good idea? I mean, it's been a few years since you've been in THE game, never mind A game.

All things considered, is now really the best time for it? The series is over, just leave it be.


I mean. Yeah... I miss them all too, but...

[ Sighs, a frustrated slant to her frown and a deep furrow of her brows. ]

They're not even the same people I used to know. This place is different, isn't it? It's been a while, yeah, but I still remember what an... AU is.


Alright, alright. I know when I'm fighting a losing battle. [ Crosses her arms with a pointed look. Because she is SO judging you, mun. ] I just hope you know what you're doing...
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You're quite amused, aren't you? All the different ways you're considering to destroy my humanity...

[He really can't find it in himself to be genuinely concerned.]

Enjoy yourself. It's not as though you can actually hurt me. Physical monstrosity? I would be joining the majority of Akatsuki as such, you realize. Feeding on the life of humans? What do you think shinobi do? We live on death already. This will only make my nature obvious to those with no deeper perception.

Congratulations. You want a monster. I already fit the bill.
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How long has it been, you ask?

Too long.

I am Jiraiya, the Toad Sage, and that's not all! In the North, South, East and West, the legendary three ninja's white haired frog-summoning child! And I demand a paradise, with a bathhouse, with amble bosomed woman, sake and warm weather.
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If this is your idea of better, brat, you need to re-familiarize yourself with the definition.

Even if those naive plans of yours are possible, do you know how to wage a war?

[The smile is sharp and bitter.]

Let's pretend for a moment what you want could actually happen. What happens after? Who will lead the splintered remains? Who has the acumen and charisma and the desire to unite in truth a country torn apart by civil war yet again?

You don't have an answer do you, brat. "If" doesn't count. But I'll give you this. If you and your co-conspirators can bring in enough support and the right mix of talents, I might consider following you.

Until then, my true loyalties lie where they always have, with the real Fourth Mizukage.


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