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Not much of a grand introduction, but I guess it will have to do. Honestly, why the long face? And no, that isn't a pony joke, please. If we're going to work together, you'll have to amp up your humor by, let's say... 1,001 percent. To start with.

Now, as I was saying, I can't fathom why you look so displeased to have me in your crowded head. It was only a matter of time - everyone has a little chaos in them, some more than others. In your case, it's the perfect amount. Once you start realizing that, then we can really go places.

Oh, you think I'm only for PSLs and memes? How quaint, you think you're in control of the situation! Aren't you just the cutest, let me pinch those cheeks of yours!
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[ Dictating as she writes with a quill: ]

Dear Player,

Review your time management. Focus a little more on your friends. And don't spread yourself so thin! Perhaps you will see the solutions more clearly if you step back.

You can do it.

Princess Celestia.

[ A pause, and she taps the feather pen against her chin... ]

P.S. I wouldn't mind one bit if you let me stretch my wings more often.

[ The letter rolls itself up and disappears with some obligatory magic sparkles. ]
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Hey mun?

Now that you have some time off for a few weeks maybe you could find some time to maybe do something with me? I know you've started watching the recent season of mine and the other ponies' adventures now so you really kinda don't have an excuse.

Also I know you're totally hyped for that one Equestria Girls special that's coming out soon... something about your two favourite unicorns hanging out together?

...What in the name of Princess Celestia is "Shipping fodder" anyway and why do you keep accusing me of being it?
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Now, now, it's QUITE alright, Mun, Darling. I know you've been busy with your... lion robot show lately. What with setting up Pinkie Pie with that new beau of hers- and I MUST say they really are an adorable couple!- and prepping that princess of theirs for the emotion game, you've been a busy woman.

Honestly, I'm honored you gave me a journal at all- Pinkie's been your star muse for YEARS after all- and you've put SO much work into making my "style" and "icons" look pretty, of COURSE I'm pleased! And now that I'm here, I can't wait to play with you and the rest of your friends!

[... Heh, you're right. Thanks, Rare.]

Of course, of course! But now DETAILS, Darling! Who's this "Lance" you've been talking about "shipping me" with? You can't just lure me over with a potential love interest and leave it at that, that'd be CRUEL!

[Ah, well...]
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Guess you could say it's my birthday.

You can make it an awesome one by rewatching my canon, like you've been wanting to. C'mon mun, make it an awesome one.

My friends hanging around here would be totally awesome too! Just don't let Pinkie Pie explode everything.
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I'm really flattered you're thinking of me. Especially when you almost picked Princess Luna. She's got years more experience of this whole 'reformed villain' thing than I do.

But if I inspire you, don't forget what that feels like. Don't be afraid to reach out or take the little steps. They're what happens on the way to the bigger steps.

Like this place you're probably sending me. Talk about empathy magic! I'm gonna be in way over my head. But if I can learn more about myself - well, I'll definitely give it my best shot.
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I meant it when I said that my past was not today, Player. I... guess it isn't beyond me to wonder what kind of person would take pleasure from seeing hearts broken and friends torn apart.

But it's cruel, and it's wrong, and I don't need any further reminders of it. Especially not ones that will hurt other people in the process.

...and those titles you have in mind... Redemptive or Remorseful... just throw that back in my face. They're another twist of the knife. Why do you want to do this?
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Oh em gee, player guy, that sounds AMAZING. That's like an all you can eat burger bar of people hating and turning on another BEFORE I even soprano at them. I will like literally never go hungry. This is gonna be sooooo much better than Aria's dumb plans.

Iiii'm not too worried about the whole kill or be killed thing for reasons you kind of never forgot? I am soooo laughing forever at like all the nerds that think I'm just the most aderpable? Because that just means it's easier for me to wrap them around my hoof-fin-finger whatever, it's not like the canon is super clear on it, has anything actually contradicted the comics yet?

Oh, oh wow, does that mean you have to canon review with your ex? That sounds amazing, I'll go get popcorn while you two listen to me sing. You know you want to hear it, Player.


Why did you expect me to mention tacos exactly? I mean Taco Tuesday is great, don't get me wrong, but so's Fried Stuff Friday, and Sloppy Joe monday, and... man I could go for a sloppy joe right now.
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Player, do not fret about getting my 'voice' correct! I believe the wtching of the episodes in question might assist you in this. As for this 'username'... I am somewhat fond of it. You shouldn't worry, you already have someone who is deeply interested in these PSLs you speak of. I am certain you will find others!

By then our fun will have doubled... no tripled! If you need my assistance, I will be here as always.
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...So you really think Twilight would count this as part of my friendship studies?

Make a new account for me and get me to make new friends on this weird bit of multiverse known as [Squints eyes as she inspects the Dreamwidth page, she looks both up and down at the huge white page with the black font and attempts to make peace with it.] "Dear MUuuun"?

Whatever you say mun! I just well you know how I get about these kind of things. What if the people here don't want to talk, Or what if I make WAY too many friends at once I don't know how to handle them all?!

Okay, just breathe Starlight... you'll be fine.

You've managed just fine up until now I'm sure making friends someplace that isn't Equestria won't be any different. [Gulp and a swallow.] I hope.

[OOC: Mun saw Part One of the season finale today due to being in the UK So I'll avoid spoilers unless you're comfortable with them.]
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[Discord floated down on his cotton candy cloud, letting out a "tch". Laying across the fluffy confection as he perked his brow.]

Took you long enough to pick me up. What were you waiting for anyway? You and I both know, I'm. Just. Your. TYPE!

[Poofs from the cloud as he strolled across the ground, gesturing.]

But ofcourse you always were so insecure, "Oh! But how can I, a simple mortal play an all powerful and amazing Spirit of Chaos! Oh, that guy over there, he would do a better job, or she could, oh but not I! No no, I simply can't!"

[Folds his arms.]

Well. La de da. Someone is a barrel of laugh-What do you mean those weren't your words, ofcourse they were! I'm paraphrasing is all!

[Rolls his eyes as he gave a sigh of expasperation at his mun.]

Fine, whatever you say. Excellent choice on the user name by the way, I love the Wile E. Coyote joke you've done. I would say perhaps you should have gone with the "chaos reigns" joke, but you're the fox, not I.

Not to mention, that reference is totally not PC, I mean I am rated for a general audience... But I supposed we did make a Doom reference, so perhaps not.

[Waves his hand.]

But we'll break 4th walls later, come now! Let me have some fun in one of your museboxes, I am eagerly waiting!
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Hey! Player! Stop acting like it's the end of the world! Look, I know things are down, you've got no one to really talk to openly, and you're super depressed but COME ON! With a muse like me, you've got tons of potential friends on your hooves, I mean hands.

It's like when I had to do the grunt work for the Wonderbolts after that totally embarrassing thing we will never talk about again. Everything will work out in the end. Even if it looks like your dreams are shattered, which this thing wasn't even your dream in the first place, everything will work out. Right? Right.

But I am really bored. Could you like, i dunno, maybe draw or something? You like that, right? We can totally think up fun things that will work for you, player. Promise. Just stop with the sudoku. Watching you try to do those boring numbers faster then 2 mins 25 seconds is REALLY boring.

Maybe go to sleep early? Nothing like a good nights sleep to start your brain up again. I nap ALL the time. It's my third favorite thing to do.
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Oh goodness! I'd be crying if I had a nightmare like that! You did the right thing by reaching out to the person in real life, from that nightmare. You called it, "being grounded in reality"?

[ She goes next to her mun, nuzzling the side of her face before taking a step back. ]

Maybe now you can start cooking, or finish up on your cleaning? Might help take your mind off of things.

Oh! And thank you, I'm happy you liked the one with me and Pinkie Pie! It was really fun after all!
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Hot diggity, it is an honour you chose me, little miss mundane! Oh, don't you worry about nothin' now - these things are better late than never, sugar cube!

I know in my heart that we'll have all sorts'a fun together, you 'n I!
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A-are you sure? You said you didn't think I had enough "canon" earlier...

A chance to make new friends would be great, though!
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You're really bad at this.

[A long moment of silence and the teen just staring before she speaks again.]

I mean at the whole trying to "play" me thing, that is. It took you over three days to even write this.

So yeah, you're bad at this.
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Twilight's usually better about giving ponies second chances.
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.......Yeah, it is kinda weird that Fluttershy was afraid of the manticore in Trixie's show. Didn't she help one when Rarity and the others first met Twilight?

I would've thought she'd be more upset that Trixie chained it up than be afraid of it.
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Well, well, well... 'tis time for Trixie's glorious return to the spotlight once again. You may all be wondering why Trixie hath chosen to... ahem "befriend" such a pony as Starlight Glimmer. And well...

Hm... Didn't you know that a magician is to never reveal their secrets? All will be made public soon enough.


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