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Yes yes yes, I know you're very pleased and excited. And no, I don't know why your pre-order hasn't arrived yet, but consider that it does have to come from the UK, since you insisted on buying that version. Besides, you already know my story, a little longer a wait won't hurt you.

Don't look at me like that - you've no time to take me anywhere, and I am quite content to be left in peace.
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Yes! Yes, I am angry! Damn you, I play your game and allow you your entertainments, but now you would force me to kill! You would give them a Eru damned Silmaril to tempt me with! Have I not suffered enough? What is it that I have done to cause this sudden burst of cruelty?

And then the "power" I am gifted with! What, you would make a mockery of Finrod's sacrifice too?

[ technically Mags, that power has nothing to do with me... ]

I don't care! Damn you, why?
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Finally getting around to letting me out, are you? It's taken you long enough. I knew you'd need a rest from your tall and flighty fools eventually- and don't argue, girl, I'm fond enough of elves when they've earned it, but even the best of them are flighty.

And we need some good dwarven company, or you're likely to float off after them. We won't find my own folk or those of Nogrod, from what you've said, but enough of Durin's folk seem to be wandering about these worlds. A good ale, sensible conversation- maybe a chance to kill a dragon rather than wound him?

[Noo, not you too.]

You knew what you were getting into, girl. Don't tell me otherwise.
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{He uncurls lazily, molten gold eyes cracking open to reveal the fire within.}

Are my wishes so complex that you cannot understand them? I thank you for returning my treasure to me - it smells even more of Dwarves and a Hobbit too - but I will thank you for naught else and I will not grant you any favors.

{His smirk is positively wicked.}

Did you think I was generous? Clearly you do not know Dragons.
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You seek to send me somewhere further than this space you control. Is it a whim? You have had many, I know. I hear all that goes through this small space.

Your reasoning is the hope my half-brother would follow. This is not one of your brighter ideas.
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Nay! I wish to speak. I am King of Greenwood the Grape! You may not tell the king what to do, human.

[Says the elfling prince wearing a stolenborrowed rowan crown... and drowning in his father's robes.]

Well... I will be when I am this many years. [Legolas holds up all of his fingers, allowing the crown to slip off his head. Whoops. He'll fix it later. Or place it under the cushion of Thranduil's throne.] Old like Ada and the mountains.

Please, I do not wish to be so far from Ada. [He isn't above waterworks.] Can we look for a home?
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The trials grow ever more complicated; I do not fear them nor am I prepared to beg for your mercy or the mercy of any other. {In one world, he will learn magic to strengthen himself, though such powers will be treated with care by him. Magic can be good - heroic - and so Dark that it acts like a disease on the caster and all of those on the land.} I only wish to see my friends if the journey is not difficult on them. Can you assure me such is possible?

{He looks quizzical; unmoved and unconvinced.}

If not, I would rather the fellowship remain on Middle Earth. At least there the danger is known.
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Wake me not in this unfair, foreign land! I do not dwell or linger in a place she is not nor do I look kindly upon he - or she - who brings me thus a fate. You have, unwittingly, snared a King and I shall not show you mercy. Even if I - by your words - "cannot kill you", I can spend many days, many hours, many minutes injuring you until you tire!

I am of an immortal race and your century - less so in most cases - is naught but a passing afternoon to me!
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I do not need to speak with my useless brother. Cease claiming I do.
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I do not want to go, my Lady. It is selfish of me, I know, but I like the island and the people there.

And...Nelyo needs me. Do not part us again.
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 Or is it two? Did you ever make a decision on the other game you were recommended? 

Yes? Good; you can listen to this a second time for your other muse's sake. 

I understood not getting in the application last week. You were busy, you had commitments, these things happen. But you did promise it would be done, and the deadline for this week passed nearly a day ago. 

Now I've been faced with more...unfortunate delays than this. But you need to get this done. And I think you need a deadline-or an incentive. 

Why don't we agree to not seeing that play about someone else's monarchy until you have this done? 

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I wish to see everyone again - only, I do not know if it is wise. The different worlds can change us and not always for the better. I will return to Arda one day; that I know. I can be patient to see them.

(Even as she paces and frowns.)
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Ah now, I was having an excellent time being left in peace. Surely you can wait until the book is published? Although I would not object to spending time with either my lady or my friend, as I know full well who you are hoping to draw out. But you could wait just a little while longer, you know.
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My Lady. Am I so needed in this new world and Age that you summon me here?
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So you have finished it. (He brings a hand to his chin, eyes unfocused.) What aid can I give anyone in that state? They will assume I am mad and maybe I should be, but that isn't the image I would have chosen for a first meeting.

(It's blood chic!)

Do you amuse yourself? If not, I'm afraid your efforts are entirely in vain. (Because he is not amused.)
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I am...comfortable enough. I wish you would send me home. I know I won't stay there long, but to see last one of my wishes.

Besides the story needs to be finished. Uncle Bilbo started it and every story deserves an ending, good or bad. I like to think this ending is good.

[Frodo looks worn and tired, yet he is as polite and well-mannered as can be expected from, well, an adventurous Hobbit. A rare breed, truly.]
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A new adventure, that is what you wish to call this? That is well and good, however I am needed elsewhere. I would prefer not to tarry over-long.
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[ Snarling ] Tell them to play mix and match with someone else's names!!

((ooc: in reference to this))

Voice Test

Oct. 8th, 2016 09:17 pm
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I said farewell to the world I loved best; why would I wish to go to any other? [Dwarven stubbornness is legendary, of course, and since he is a King, he has it in spades.] What do you mean I could see them again?

I do not believe what you claim.
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At last! Here we are at our first true post! I've been patient in regards to you other tasks, but I think it's time we started. This hasn't been so hard, has it? I know you've had your concerns with this new hobby, but I believe you overthink these things. 

 ...And before you take that as a suggestion, the journal name is fine. Please stop worrying; slightly mangled Quenya hurts much less than some of your suggested alternatives. Or did you really think I'd prefer thinking about my death every time we spoke?

And you see? Done. Now when do we find something more daring than Bakerstreet?


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