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 You're too concerned with how I pick my words. What's important is what the meaning is, not how I'm saying it. 

...what do you mean, the way I talk says something about me? I don't.... talk weird, do I?

Anyway, what matters is my decisions. All you need to know about me's what I do, not in what I think or what I say. "A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do."

No, I'm not saying anything else. Stop looking at me.
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Metal Gear Survive? Huh. What will they think of next?

[Boss relaxes whilst inhaling the musky smoke of his cigar, exhaling softly above his head. This dude is pretty chilled but his mun is jumping over fences right now because he's excited about the new game.]

Don't know why you'd want to re-live that hell back at the base. The men we lost, the memories torn into our minds that day. We lost everything. Yet, you want to play a game to do that all again.

[Was he angry? Vindictive? Possibly. Yet, his face remained impassive.]

Zombies? This is even more crazy than Metal Gears trying to kill everyone. If Kaz and me are in this then I want to fight for our reputations and the men. All the guys at MSF deserve a better chance. You'd better not screw this up.
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Metal Gear Survive…?

[ Did you think players were pissed at the new Metal Gear announcement? Then try to imagine just what Miller’s thinking as he sees how Konami is ridiculing the death of his friends and comrades — Worst, using their demise as a shameless money grab, dirtying their names with this fantasy. His pain is palpable. ]

Why mundane? Why did you bring me back as a muse? Just to suffer?

[ Hrm Kaz, we're not here to reenact the game you know-- ]

The chapter we’ve lost… The episodes we’ve lost… Won’t stop hurting... It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it too, don’t you mundane?

[ ... ]

Konami sent us to hell, but we’re going deeper, take back everything that we’ve lost. We’ll pull in dwrps, posts, tags, just to combat Konami. I’m gonna make them give us back the franchise!


Jul. 1st, 2016 05:37 pm
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I've been asked to put out a request for other people from my world at [community profile] victory_road .

Consider the message delivered.

[thanks, Kaz, don't be overly verbose or anything.]
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Hngh. I don't care about games. I want the taste in my mouth. That's right. Haven't eaten a raw snake in months and I want one. [This guy is hungry for a raw snake because he gets a craving now and then.]

Huh? You think it's disgusting? It's not. You gotta survive with nothing out in the jungle and snakes are a good source of protein. [Yeah. Kaz would agree.]
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[Boss lit up his Cuban cigar and inhaled deeply, before exhaling softly.]

So, you brought the demon out in to the open, huh? What took you so long?
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[Yes, this requires a long moment of silence, punctuated only by heavy breathing.]

You always struggle here. Why come back?
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You expect me to be impressed that you finally finished the game? Well, I'm not. Anyone could do such a thing. It's just a dumb game involving my pathetic excuse for a father, Big Boss. Hah, he's nothing to me! Nor are you. All adults are idiots.

My father will die because he is the one who caused me to be born. A failure. Why? It's all his fault and you know it. Don't look at me like that.

[Eli is angry as usual.]

I wish Mantis was here.
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Hngh. I don't see the point of being extra jolly just because it's Christmas. Waste of time if you ask me. It's just one day out of many. [Because this guy can be a grump at times.]

So, you decided to bring me out into the open at last? Good. It was getting pretty cramped inside that head of yours. [He lit up a cigarette and took a deep drag on it, before letting the smoke out above his head.]

Could be worse I guess.
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No, I don't dig your ideas about placing me into some sort of amusement game. I'm a soldier, not some kind of pawn to be placed at will in your sordid imagination. The Boss needs me at Mother Base and that is where I'm going to be staying. [He pinched his nose and sighed.]

A sex game? You have to be kidding. Do I look like a male escort to you? No. I damn well am not. [Because geez, that's just....not happening.]

Nor am I going into any homosexual relationships with any of my comrades. The Boss? Miller? Jesus Christ, man. Have you lost all of your senses? [He loves the Boss and likes to flaunt it but won't openly admit that.]

I'm a Diamond Dog. Soldier. Ok? Get that into your head.
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I would be worried about what you plan to do with me but I think anything would be better than what I might go through, or have been through.

Alright. I'd like to see what your plans are. Just don't let me down. The last person whose judgement I trusted... I'll just say I'm a little disappointed in how that turned out. We'll see what you have in store.

At least there had better be some nice looking women out there.
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What? So, you're putting me into a game now? As if I haven't got better things to do. Will Snake be there? What about Mother Base? I can't just leave everything because of what you want.

[He's not that happy about the whole game scene.]

You say there might be foxy women there, then....perhaps it won't be so bad. I still need to be with Snake though, no matter what. We're buddies.
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...gunslinging wildcat? Really? Is that the best you could come up with?
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Hngh. So, this is it, huh? Well, I thought you'd have more imagination that that. What the hell.

[He'll be lighting up his phantom cigar and taking a few well-earned puffs on it. He's never been a man of many words and will continue not to be so. Why waste your life talking when you can be doing useful things instead. Such as raiding outposts/bases and stealing music tapes and resources.]

You want me to Fulton a bear? Huh. That's different. [Yep, he's up for it but will take his time. It's hot in the Afghan sun, you know.]
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But this is hardly the time.
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I know for you revisiting those games is like meeting up with an old friend, but for me it's more like living through my lowest points all over again.

[ Not exactly his idea of a good time. ]

... So, kid, now that you've gone to all the trouble of setting this up, what do you plan to do?

[ To him, there isn't much point to all this if there isn't also some kind of follow through. ]
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Extracting vultures, mice and what? Voles? I'm trying to build an army, not a zoo. You're wasting the Boss's valuable time in Fultoning anything. Honestly, it costs GMP and our money every time you Fulton extract. [He sighed.]

No private zoo, ok? Ocelot is already silently laughing at all of this.
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It's hard to give my opinion.

What I wanted for everyone was to live and fight for their own beliefs, not for anyone else. In a way, they're fulfilling that. Both of them.

But...I'm not sure if I agree with how they're trying to achieve their ideals, either. [A beat.] Both of them.

At least...the next generation will do better.

[Solid Snake, anyway. Not sure about everyone.]


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