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Are we really going through this again?

You can't take me anyplace and I honestly don't want to go anywhere, in fact I'd prefer to be left alone.

[Sigh.] Not that me saying so will stop you. Unfortunately.
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This is just... Actually, it's not as bad as the last thing you brought me out for, but I suppose it's hard to top that.

...Do you think I could get my hands on the Time Stone and stop myself from creating Ultron? It might mean that the Vision wouldn't be created, but I'm sure I can think of a way to make that happen regardless.
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Wow, been a while.

Thanks for the swank new icons, but remember the rules. No games until AFTER you finish that class. I haven't died of boredom yet, so a couple months here or there won't make a difference.

I mean, it's been how long since you dusted this account off? Sheesh.
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I guess it's about time, huh?
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Really? We doin' this again? Whatever happened to your whole 'oh no, I suck at RPing I'm gonna stop forever' thing? 'Cause that was pretty lame.

Not that I'm complainin', actually. Any reason to get in some action is a good enough reason for me! 'Course, I don't wantcha to fizzle out on me like you did before so you better be sure you know what you're doin'. No one likes a person who gives up too quickly.

If you're really serious 'bout this, then I expect'cha to put in a hundred percent effort into scouting out the place y'wanna send me to. A good Hunter's supposed to get all the information on the mission before starting, y'know?

So, we good on everything?

Good. Now get moving!
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Well, even if it was an afterthought, I'm glad you thought to bring me out today!

I know there's no guarantee any of my children might come out to say hello, given this is so last second, but I'm certainly eager to see them.
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I think we both knew that this has been a long time coming.


If you're worried about yourself? Don't. We both know you've got more to you now than you ever have before.

I look forward to what happens next. Heh, and yes I say that knowing you, and the way you plot and play, better than you know yourself.
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...well, this will be interesting.

But... perhaps you should think this decision a little more thoroughly. It would not do to disappoint your friend, now would it?
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You brought me back there?

I mean, I'm grateful: you're revising the old headcanon posts and keeping your game count small; you're being smarter about this than you were last time.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to question your 'game' choices.

[Note: He was brought back to Maison de Portes.]
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... Are you serious about wanting to play me again?

[ He looks legitimately curious, as if the idea alone is kind of... incredulous. ]

I-I mean, not that I mind or anything! It's just... are you sure that you're over everything that's happened? Me being stuck on the moon, my sequel being canceled...

I can keep waiting if that's better for you. It won't kill me to wait longer, honestly.
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I think we have waited long enough. Was this not your original intention from the start? To give me this... particular form?

The humans and supers alike will learn that rather than worry about 'good' versus 'evil'... they should seek the 'evil' within their own kind. I, and I alone hold the key to a new age... a new age of machines! None of them will be able to stop me, not while I hold the power to level their precious metropolis.

You shall see. Sit back and enjoy the show...
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... Well, that sure happened. It really could've gone a lot worse, but... So many people got hurt. The city's pretty much wrecked. It's all kind of horrifying, I guess?

What a welcome to the game...
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I'm glad you're finally ready to buckle down and get this stuff done, Mun! I know you're still uncertain, but you can do it! I have faith in you.

...No, of course I don't want to relive the worst part of my life, but I know it'll be okay. I won't be alone.
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... You really don't need to make an Etrian Odyssey AU for my canon, you know. Excuse me for not thinking a deathtrap labyrinth tree is a fun idea. No Persona AUs, either. And speaking of ideas, don't think I haven't seen you throwing around that fic idea of me being kidnapped--you only know that one detail of how the last game ends!
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Okay, I have to admit, I'm kind of impressed you managed to get both of those apps done. I still don't think trying for two games was your best idea, but... it's nice to see you excited. And having fun is the important thing here, right?

... Although I think you cut it a little close with all your putting it off. Next time, could you try to not do that?
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... Whoa, hey, hang on now. No.

I know you're excited, but isn't that too much too quickly? Shouldn't you at least get through the other two games before you get serious about apping me to one of these places?

Only taking me from the first game isn't really an excuse... What if you want to canon-update me? I know there's been talk about you doing it when you play me in a game--don't think I haven't seen those discussions with two of your friends about that canon point and potential canon update. ... That's really not funny, by the way.

Memes and PSLs aren't a problem, but if you really want to play me in other places, at least finish the other two games first.
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... Oh! It's really been a while since we've done something like this, huh?

[A pause.]

It's fine if you're not up for sending me to a game, you know. I'm okay with just being pulled out once in a while!
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I thought you were done with me, considering you killed me about oh... Ten years ago? Ah, whatever. You can't really ever get rid of me, can you?

So do what you want.
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...Were you expecting otherwise?

That would have been foolish.


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