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I appreciate the sentiment but we both know the only reason you're bringing me out again is because you haven't played the new game. How about you start a replay of the first one? It's not like you'll do much with me on here anyways.
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Yeah. I know what day it is. Thanks.

[He's a little somber today but there's a thoughtfulness to his expression as well. Remembering better times perhaps?

Joker tips his beer back and forth a bit before scoffing and lifting it up.]

Here's to you, Commander.
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You should go.

[ aka yet another femshep. mun is debating replaying the games sooooor at least coming up with aus for the third because wtf. ]
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This is a goddamned farse is what it is. You sit there, dithering for almost two months, and now you drag me out of a perfectly good retirement just to say you don't know where to put me? Seriously, kicking something like this around for help deciding is just pathetic. Fine then. It's not like I'm not well paid for this shit, but if you send to me another blasted sex island, we're going to be having some god-damned words.

Last time I was stuck in one of those places, I was bored out of my skull.
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You know, I thought the whole "saving the galaxy" thing might entitle me to a vacation or... six, maybe, not whatever it is you're thinking about, because I sure as hell don't trust that look on your face.

[ with good natured weariness, ]

And for the record, I don't want to know.

Spend enough time preparing for disasters, you learn to wish for a few surprises.
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[Not even a "hello" or a "it's been a while," thanks Miranda.]

You and I know better than to hold any formalities. You've decided to disturb me after two years, and I, for one, have no interest in whatever you have to offer. There's still work to be done, and I'm not going to get anything close to complete if you insist on your constant nagging.

Now, either prove yourself useful and actually do something, or let me get back to my work.
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What's so funny about my dreaming about a little boy and then having three things to choose between?
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So you're just gonna make this some kind of tradition, huh? Better not get bored with it quick.

Least you still remember I'm around and that you've got some reviewing to do; it's getting dusty up here and I could use some stretching out. Just try not to focus too hard on making it line up perfectly with your first go, alright?

[This gets added in a little bit later...]

By the way...don't get all teary-eyed on me just because of one little thing. I'm standing by what I've said.
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[she reaches over and turns up the music volume until the WUBWUBWUBS are shaking your skull.]

--Sorry, can't hear anything you're saying, this loud dance beat is too sick and these ship models aren't gonna assemble themselves!
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Do you think you can actually control me? I thought I'd endured enough delusional people already.

Hm. I can entertain your idea. For now. Don't presume that this "partnership" is going to last.
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I do not believe this is the wisest course of action. I am currently aware of three commitments that require your attention. You are procrastinating. I understand the appropriate course of action is to oversee your work with an old-style cattle prod.


...that was a joke.
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You continue to waste your time. I am not your "brothean" nor do I wish to be.
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I hope you stay unsure, because there's no way you're taking me to any place that doesn't let me use my omni-tool. You of all people should know how bad that is for my business. [Especially of the cloaking variety.]

And no cute animal sidekick would ever make me change my mind on that. Nope.
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Oh, now you pay mind to me.

[A filtered sounding sigh]

I suppose its to be expected, not being the favorite. How often has that happened? Its not like I ... like I said anything though.

[Waves hand]

Don't look at me like that. I am not talking about anything! Its just.. a very big galaxy now...
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Well, well. Look who decided it was high time to start paying attention to me again. You can't just leave someone sitting there like that for ages, it's not - It's not humane! It's been almost two years! Did you even realize that? I did!

Wait. What... what do you mean you're thinking of sending me somewhere? That desolate place? You can't be serious. There's no extranet, there's no Shepard, there's nothing there! ... And of course you think that's exactly why you want to send me.

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Oh, well it's not as bad as other places if you really had to take me away from home. They wouldn't think badly of me would they? I could be useful at least.

I...I know what it's not the same but it's almost like the flotilla. No one can go home even though they want to.
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You're taking me away from my squad for this? Are you insane? I've got too many important things to do to be dropped into the middle of another war zone.

... What do you mean, Admiral Tali'Zorah is already there? Did you think that kind of lie would sway my decision? Leave me on Palaven, I have a communications tower to get to.
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You got some guts, human -- skippin' right past the easy stuff and goin' for as pure of a krogan as you can get. But stop lookin' at me like I'm a squishy little baby pyjak or I might have to introduce your face to my gun. 

And I dunno what's so great about rubbin' yourself all over a tree, but watching the fallout? [Grunt snorts in laughter.] That was entertainment. 
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After everything you've seen in those games, you really want to put me in that kind of a setting?

[ Someone sounds like they can't handle it? ]

No, I think I'm- capable. Of course I am. I'm just not looking forward to anyone making any comparisons like the ones you made.

[ Hey, it's not like it was obvious the guy was going to be such a pain in the ass when he first showed up. ]

No, you just went ahead just because of similar hair and his shoddy acrobatics. [ Okay, there may have been a point there... ]

Just promise me that if it's not me, but one of the other guys I share space with, that none of them have to die, okay?


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