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We're really gonna do this again? Can't think of what the point would be except to let me know I need to set a better out of office memo.
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I understand your excitement but can you please stop playing that infamous Rebecca Black song and The Final Countdown on repeat?
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[ only a few more days... exciting, isn't it? with a low scoff, she rolls her eyes. ]


[ but wait, THERE'S MORE. it just keeps getting better. fuck everything. ]

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I knew you'd come back 'round eventually. And for more than a sunk cost, too, eh?
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I could be an Albatross. And wear a mask.

[River honey no]

The Red Room would be an acceptable replacement for the Academy.

[okay that's kind of true but]

And I want to meet Captain America. And the Flash. [that's not even the same canon, River]
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It's David Hasselhoff, not Zardu Hasselfrau!

That robot at the end was pretty sweet though.
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Hold on for just a sec. You're looking at games and you're not even gonna give some of us a chance to join in? Why don't you hold some try outs or something first?

I mean I understand you're comfortable with the crazy dude with the bowtie and the Thundercat wannabe but... Some of us might start to think you're playing favorites when you go skipping over us. Just saying... Like, ask the rest of us if anybody else is interested. 'Cause maybe someone else actually is...
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That's your pet peeve Mun? Yeah, I'm not a fan of the sound of people chewing gum with their mouths open either.

Of course I have to give them a pass when they're in a different room or building. I can't exactly lean out the window and shout at the neighbors to learn some table manners.
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So you've told me that this Michelle girl goes by the nickname "MJ" among her friends too, and is basically standing in for me in the universe she comes from, right? But she's pretty much the total opposite of what I was when I was in high school?

Sounds fun. I'd like to meet her.
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Machine gun's cool.

I guess that means they trust me.

Or they just need all the help they can get.

Seems more likely.

But-- doesn't really seem like a reason to drag me back out here. Thought we were done. What gives?
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 Okay, I hardly think a doll of me bearing a 5 o'clock shadow beard and what might constitute as a hair-cut is anything to get excited about. You are literally more riled up about this than those pictures proving I survive until Infinity War, and yet, you're focused on my hair.

...stop staring at the shoes, I was on a foreign planet, alright? Whatever happened, I'm sure I couldn't exactly be picky.
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Whoa, whoa, whoa — wait, are we in? Is this — is it happening?

I mean, I know it's happening, but is this like, for real for real? Because, I mean, I know you've been busy, and that's totally fine, you know? I get it. You saw, right? I totally — like, I. Phew, I get it. Yeah. Yeah.

But this is. Huge. Wow.

[ he places his hands on his hips, inhaling deeply. then, quickly, he holds up a palm. ] No, I'm okay. Don't even worry about me. I am, ah — fit. As a fiddle, totally ready for this. For whatever — you know, comes next. That's me, I'm your guy.

I promise, you won't be disappointed!

take two.

Jul. 11th, 2017 04:42 pm
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I don’t want excuses, alright, I want results. And, hey, don’t give me that crap about the rules [ because, let’s face it, rules are meant to be broken. ] and just find me a new game! [ useless, he murmurs, irritation waning only because he knows he’s got to stay on his mun’s good side. he’s still got preferences about the kind of place he’d like to go to and the sorts of people he’d like to see there. ] You remember our last talk, right, …great. I knew I could count on you. [ ha! ]


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