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It's been awhile, hasn't it? I have to say I find it a little curious with the sudden interest in me again. [ Arms are going to cross here. ] Wouldn't have anything to do with a certain plot coming to life for a second time around with a younger version of me, would it?

[ Jean, don't call your mun out like this, that's rude. ]

Well, I guess I don't have much of a choice in the matter, do I? Maybe we can figure something out this time around. Probably should after all the trouble you've gone to.
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You wanna send me out into a city that's rebuilding and think it'll be fun... You realize that's been my life, right? Walking through the ruins of what used to be a happy place that people are now just trying to make the best out of a shitty situation. I don't settle down anymore, I lost that luxury. I don't make a lot of friends because they just tend to die and what if... What if something happens and I can't go back and fix it? What then? I'm done being haunted by the screams of the people I've lost.

I'm done. You hear me? Put me back in whatever little box you pulled me out of and walk away. It'll be easier for both of us.
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You're certainly patient. [ the pressure she puts on the word stops just short of necessitating italics. not quite an insult, since it's a trait she possesses as well, but definitively farther from a compliment. bitter about the wait being worth it while her own goal remains unaccomplished, maybe for sure. ]

the mildest of spoilers )
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AYO guardians 2 spoilers here yada yada )

Too soon? The fuck you mean it's too soon? Shut you mother-flappin'-yapper and get me a "DAD OF THE YEAR" mug, pronto.
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Let's not deny this.

You know you want to.

You're bored just leaving me wasting away doing nothing.

You know you want to put me somewhere. You want to think I can "change," despite all evidence to the contrary. You really are a masochist, aren't ya? Yeah, you like this. You just want to have someone truly challenging you around. Why do you keep denying it?

Give up already, and submit. Complications will sort themselves out. You'll see.
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Well. Would ya lookee what we got here. Been a while. Guess yer other little playmates ain't cuttin' it, huh?

Shame, because we could have had some fun by now. That is, if one of us hadn't lost track of the ship. Yer missin' all the fun, kid.
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So, name change.

I mean, neither of us was really attached to the old one, but this one ain't much better, mostly because you're acting like you think I don't know what it means and I do. I definitely do.

Guess it never occurred to you that I might not be the 'angriest' anything if you stopped doing things that piss me off.
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Madame Mundane, surely there is more to occupy my time than flowers. With so many little ones soon to be born, there must be something to make our new home safer, more secure.

Especially if one day my sons are to return. Perhaps if we can make the town comfortable, they shall remain next time.
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This is not Canada.

And the place where you're trying to send me isn't Canada, either.

Stop it.
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—Oh, but it's a writing exercise! I'm not real, you're just negging yourself right now. Like you did with all the other monsters in your head. 'Cause that's normal.

You know they have a word for this [ and she's suddenly clinical in diction: ] pattern of behavior, right?

[ Lenny grins lopsidedly, unfocusing her eyes and twirling her index finger in a loop-de-loop by the side of her head, before snapping back to authoritative. ]

Face it, babe. I'm in your head. And you can hem and haw and, and throw in references to the rest of the clown car instead of hitting the gas, but I'm not going anywhere! You think I like it here in this dump? Trust me, if I had my pick of real estate — well, champ, you ain't it. [ Him. ] But I'm here. So stop debating what's "real" or not like it matters and give me the wheel before—

That's more like it. Don't worry. I brought the sign.
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So, uh - [clears her throat.] I know you think this is a good idea, but I kind of have a bad feeling about this.

No, I don't have any scientific, empirical data to back that up, but part of making a hypothesis is having a hunch on where to start, right?

[She let out a sigh.]

I really should just get back to work. I mean, there's no guarantee that I'll -

Never mind.

I should really just . . . get back to work.
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 ... More bad people.

[Intimately familiar with those types. She scrapes the claws from her knuckles together thoughtfully -- a grating sound to anyone around, like fork on fork, or a spoon on teeth. Her version of nails on a chalkboard, albeit innocently (until someone complains, of course). She's wondering what ways the caging works there in the Pines, even without small cells or rain-clouds or Las Vegas or potato chips.]

When can I remember?

That I can hurt them and run.
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What?! Are you kiddin' me? He ain't so tough.

Throw me in there and I'll show you somethin' real Incredible.
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 Oh, mother of -- 

Yes, Father has told me this story countless times. No, I will not be telling it to you or anyone else before it is time. Stop asking and leave me be.


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