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I was trying to save a helpless old woman! What's "sad, pathetic and kind of creepy" about that?

Look, on the bright side, at least you liked most of this book. Gonna need more icons for, uh, all three of "me" if you ever do a canon update though.
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Oh child, you're hardly prepared for this. A few current appearances does not good characterization make. Finish your Inhuman history lessons and then I'll see about allowing you to send me someplace.

As far as the user name goes, you and I both know that I am no longer queen. We're a democracy now, however well that's bound to work out.
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 Oh, mother of -- 

Yes, Father has told me this story countless times. No, I will not be telling it to you or anyone else before it is time. Stop asking and leave me be.
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You mean to say I have the opportunity to go to Hell? Were it but one consonant, you would be making all of Asgard very happy. [except no one knew you were even gone, little buddy, for like. ages]

I've since accepted it, but sending me there . . . well, I would again be fresh. Still with feathers in my throat. Nasty business for all. Are you prepared?

. . . Well, so long as I can partake in the usual shenanigans.
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Yeah, I'm excited too. It looks cool and all, but... Did they really have to steal my best friend and give him to Peter?
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--I'd prefer to remain decommissioned. [Not that she expects her preferences to be taken into account, but she's apparently expected to voice her concern anyway.]
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It's cool that you thought of me and tried to write some stuff for me, but like--you can't use it til May? You should do other stuff instead. I don't mind if you put off arranging things for my inevitable nervous breakdown til then.

Or like, put it off forever. I'm just thinking about what's best for you.
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I don't deserve to be here. You, of all people, should know that.
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I should start charging for all the philanthropic advice you've had me spewing as of late. I'd make more cash than when I signed all that Harry Styles merch.

[ Who has got two thumbs and is proud of recently being Less Than A Total Shit because of Dick Grayson's influence? This humblebragging troll god. ]
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Well, well. It's that time again, is it? The search for some place to send me, some place to torture me somehow. I'm finally free. I've been given a third chance. Or is it fourth? Honestly, I'm losing track. Regardless, though, I'm not interested. Sure, I made that promise to Ororo to come for her someday, but that day doesn't need to come anytime soon. I intend to enjoy this new lease on life. I'm tired of playing the villain card, tired of being the scorned woman. I want to move on, make something new of myself. When you're ready to do that, we'll talk.
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Okay, I can understand missing the kids. They're good to have around. And I wouldn't mind seeing Williams either. But... really? You know I'm not a family type. Why would you want to go looking for trouble?

Please don't tell me it's character-building. Can we look for other familiar faces? We have plenty of choices, and I like most of them. Or at least it would be less painful to see them again.

I'm not being picky. I'm not being picky! You know, you're the reason we can't have nice things.
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This is really cool and all, but you know Patsy and I are workshopping that name, right? It's not gonna be Telekinian forever. Or even right now. Mostly. Kind of. So just be prepared for that to change. Cool? Cool.

I also really hope that everyone's right and that this hero thing works out. I'd for this cool outfit to be a waste.
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Hey, hey, hey. Hey now.

I understand you're upset. I get it — I'd rather be gone than be messing with people's lives, too. Had enough of deluded men messing with mine, after all.

But look on the bright side! At least I'm looking snazzy in that suit.

The mask is stupid, though, can't argue that.
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If Laura's not there, I don't want to go. She's my family. She said she wouldn't leave me, so like...what makes you think I want to leave her?

...okay, so getting the nanomites out of my body would be amazing. I'd like to not die from them. Sounds cool. But, still.

[ A pause and a faint 'hmph', nose wrinkling for a moment. ]

Taking Jonathan is small consolation, all things considered, mun.
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This is not easy for me, either.
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I'm not laughing at you. Setting goals is a good choice.

You can be very determined when you put your mind to it.
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Do you ever look at your life and think that maybe things have gotten a little weird?

I'm not complaining, but your vacation plans have been kind of... out of the way. Can we aim for something with more civilization? A good WiFi connection and a hot tub. You laugh, but hot water jets are therapeutic.

Friends are good. I'm glad we have friends. I'm happy to have the support, really. But when your plans for me include "find a unicorn" and I can't say that the plan is crazy, then maybe things have gone into that weird corner of reality we try to ignore exists.

All I'm saying is for once can we have nice things? And I'm glad you're excited. I guess.
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Do you intend to do anything with this sensitivity to magic, or just use it to knock me for a loop every time we get near a magical planet?

[It's called slow burn plot, Kurt. Besides, I can't do much with it; you grew up in a world with no magic and no Margali. Your ability to use it is pretty well shot.]

So no. Wonderful. Why are all your ideas for me driven by the desire to cause me suffering? Like this desire to see a Damask in the Fleet; you realize if you should ever happen to cajole someone into playing her, her first act will probably be ripping my mind to shreds?

[I know, it'll be great. Although with her lack of canon, I probably have a much better shot at convincing someone to play Bobby. Or one of your X-Force team-mates! Won't that be fun, Kurt?]

...I hate you.
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[Standing in the center of a white room, Deadpool waves at the audience, or rather in this case the readers.] Hi there! Obviously I don't need any introductions, the red and black suit, the gorgeous body... but probably the writer on the other hand...

[Wade, I think you are supposed to call me Mun, or something...]

[He raises a brow and looks upward.] I am not calling you Mun, Yodie. [Looks back towards the audience and gives a slight shrug of his shoulders.] It's a personal choice... like pineapple on pizza.[He gives a nod as if that would clear it up.]

[Wade, we're digressing...]

You're digressing Writer-Person-Yodie-Thing-Mun, I am just a "character". [Using hand quotations to emphasize his amused sarcasm.]

[Wade, do you want to go back on the shelf? Because this is how you go back on the shelf.]

[Points back upwards while looking at the audience.] See! See what I have to deal with?! Bossy-Britches-Archer-Wannabe wants to stick me back on the No Love but Self Love shelf. I can't go back... [Dramatically falls to his knees, raising his hands wildly in the air.] My people need me! [Takes a deep exaggerated inhale and then lets out a wailing sob.] WHY?! WHY MUST YOU FORSAKE ME?!

[Oh for the love of... Would you cut it out?]

[Reels back and falls on the floor, clasping his hands to his chest.] It's so cold! The room is getting dark... [Gasps for air and coughs, reaching a hand out into the air] My body is going numb... [Makes a quick glance at the audience] A perfect time to perform "The Stranger"..



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