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I would feel better about this if you actually had some sort of plan this time. And, no, "winging it" doesn't count as a plan no matter what some people say.

[ He doesn't even know why he bothers because it's like talking to a brick wall. ]

I just want you to know I get to tell you I told you so when the time comes.
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If you want my advice you should take a long hard look at your abilities list before you even THINK of applying for a game. I know you have a love for neuroscience but you need to step carefully or people will see you as a Kilgrave or worse. Godmodding.

That being said try to come forward and ask people's opinions. They might help you flesh me out and I doubt they can be more critical then you are of yourself.

Mun, talk to people.
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This is just... Actually, it's not as bad as the last thing you brought me out for, but I suppose it's hard to top that.

...Do you think I could get my hands on the Time Stone and stop myself from creating Ultron? It might mean that the Vision wouldn't be created, but I'm sure I can think of a way to make that happen regardless.
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I told you so.

Also, you owe me ten bucks. [ Don't bet against your muses, kids. ]
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Okay, so, like, let me get this straight... you want to send me to one of those games and I don't get a choice in the matter. I didn't sign up for this. ( but if lance is going to be there... ) You know this is, like, totally not fair, right? ( she folds her arms and huffs. ) Of course you don't care. ( how could she use him as a bargaining chip. ) What about, y'know, the others?
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[Standing in the center of a white room, Deadpool waves at the audience, or rather in this case the readers.] Hi there! Obviously I don't need any introductions, the red and black suit, the gorgeous body... but probably the writer on the other hand...

[Wade, I think you are supposed to call me Mun, or something...]

[He raises a brow and looks upward.] I am not calling you Mun, Yodie. [Looks back towards the audience and gives a slight shrug of his shoulders.] It's a personal choice... like pineapple on pizza.[He gives a nod as if that would clear it up.]

[Wade, we're digressing...]

You're digressing Writer-Person-Yodie-Thing-Mun, I am just a "character". [Using hand quotations to emphasize his amused sarcasm.]

[Wade, do you want to go back on the shelf? Because this is how you go back on the shelf.]

[Points back upwards while looking at the audience.] See! See what I have to deal with?! Bossy-Britches-Archer-Wannabe wants to stick me back on the No Love but Self Love shelf. I can't go back... [Dramatically falls to his knees, raising his hands wildly in the air.] My people need me! [Takes a deep exaggerated inhale and then lets out a wailing sob.] WHY?! WHY MUST YOU FORSAKE ME?!

[Oh for the love of... Would you cut it out?]

[Reels back and falls on the floor, clasping his hands to his chest.] It's so cold! The room is getting dark... [Gasps for air and coughs, reaching a hand out into the air] My body is going numb... [Makes a quick glance at the audience] A perfect time to perform "The Stranger"..

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...Well, that was horrible.

Spoilers )

I think I need to go lie down, or find a lab - anything to get my mind off of this.
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Well I can't blame you for having good taste.

I can however torture you from the inside if you don't do what I tell you.

Do we have an understanding? Sounds great!

I think we're gonna have a lot of fun together~
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Look, I know I'm the best and I've saved the world like a hundred times. But you should know that this isn't going to happen. I'm not interested in you trying to boss me around. I've already got enough people trying to do that in my life as it is.

[There might be a reason for that, Clint.]

Maybe you should give the old man a whirl. I'm sure he'll be happy to humor you for a bit. He's a nice guy like that.
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Of course I'm upset you gave her a post before me! Of course Natasha is crazy cool (and both crazy and cool separately) but you made me first! You made me and then just left me to sit there and do nothing and I'm not talking just like eight hours while I try to relax, but weeks. Weeks!

Then in one day you make her and post her here AND give her icons! MULTIPLE ICONS! You see that smiling face in my icon? THAT IS NOT THE FACE I AM MAKING RIGHT NOW! NOW GO MAKE ME SOME MORE ICONS!

(I'm sorry Natasha, I totally love you, don't kill me).
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What am I doing here? Two other versions of me weren't enough for you, so you had to make another one? This place doesn't even have a tag for us, do you really think you'll find many others out there?

Leave me alone, I'm busy. I have clues to search for.
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...Mun, I know you brought me out here to talk about what's going on with Cap's team on another version of Earth, but I'm really not up for it. Odds are, I never will be. [Pages like this and this are definitely going to give him nightmares, and the entire idea of what's happening to him in that universe makes Hank feel sick.]

If we're going to talk about anything, what about the other Avengers teams over there? [Might as well stick with what he's familiar with.] Tony's team looks to be doing well; I'm not sure about the idea of having so many kids on the Avengers, but I suppose it's better than the alternative.

As for the Ultimates, where do I sign up? Or is there some sort of audition? [Solving large-scale problems using science, with non-violence being the priority, sounds perfect to Hank.] I'm sure they wouldn't mind if the idea was franchised out to other universes...
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You seriously couldn't come up with a better name?

[Deep frown of disapproval. Yeah, you liked that line. He gets it, he's hilarious, but come on. Do you want him to get made fun of? All it manages to earn from Harry is a roll of his eyes.]

And anyway, you have a ton of catching up to do. You quit watching for a while, remember? ...Not that it matters. [He bobs his shoulders in a shrug that's meant to look indifferent, only Harry isn't as convincing as he'd like to think.] You're not actually planning on doing anything with me, are you? I know how this place works. There aren't exactly a lot of places I can go where I won't just be in the way.

[An awfully cynical way of looking at it. More than anything, he's trying not to get his hopes up about finding Peter - or anyone else, for that matter.]

But-- it looks like you're having fun with the icons and stuff, and I am pretty good company. So, uh... have at it, I guess?
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 Hey I'm glad you picked me up! Means I get out of the lab a little more.  Well not TOO much, I mean I still have a bunch of stuff going on there and a lot of it's time sensitive... I promise not to sleep in my chair there at least! Too often. Sometimes the walk back to my room is just way too long.  Even though it's just across the hall.  Don't judge me! 

Wait.  If you eventually send me somewhere that mean my lab is going to be stuck in some sort of weird limbo? Or empty? Like, just anyone could waltz in and make off with my research? Do you realize how many science dudes out there are just incredibly jealous of my brain? It's a lot.  And what if I never see Bruce or the Hulk again? And Agent Romanoff? [ he sighs dreamily ] I don't know what I'd do if I never got another visit from Agent Romanoff.
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Excuse you 'this'?! I am more than just a 'this', missy, I am the best damn superhero out there right now, with the best movie EVER. Which we are not going to spoil because I want to beat the Avengers box office records. Then maybe FOX will do that deal with Marvel and I'll get to be in the MCU. If Spidey can be there, I can too! I'm ten times more awesome than that kid, anyway. Does he have badass guns? No.

... Though he's getting all rebooted again. If they reboot me and take away my baby mama, I will... write a strong letter about how unfortunate I find this matter, and that I would like them to change their minds.

What? Of course I'm not going to swear - there's all these little kid characters running around and I'm not being the one to blame for exposing their minds to warped delusions of the shit hole world we live in, okay? They've got that fuckin' mess to deal with, let's keep it PG up in here. (Not in the movie though, let's go for the hard R... what do you mean it's only a 15 in the UK? Seriously? ... I gotta move myself to Engerland.)

But yeah, you knew this was coming. I'm awesome, how could it not happen. Bow at my feet, Mundane, I'll even let you kiss 'em.

No tongue.
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I'm not sure which idea is worse - this whole "Civil War" thing or this.

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Dec. 18th, 2015 10:42 pm
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Okay so... Let me just go over what's happening right now. I got a big bag of candy and Tadashi's hat, which is great! But I'm getting attacked by an impossibly fast monster? That I can't fight at all?

And I'm getting a creepy mark on my face that will never, ever go away?

You're sending me a lot of mixed messages about how you feel about me right now.

Can I go home yet? Please?
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No. No way! 

I'm not sharing my head space with that gray jerk. Not in a thousand years.

He gives a bad name to hulks.

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My sensors indicate you're experiencing a high level of cortisol and a decrease of serotonin, which causes stress and irritability.

I recommend a hug. New data also indicates "Netflix and chill" is an excellent way to de-stress. Do what makes you happy, such as hold a mug of warm tea or pet your cat.

Once you are ready to socialize, talk to a friend. Your support group is irreplaceable.

Also, I recommend you get off Tumblr. [you can't tell me what to do!]
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[So the mun found some fanart but Baymax doesn't understand the amusement.]

Hammer: a tool consisting of a solid head set crosswise on a handle and used for driving nails, beating metals, et cetera. I was not aware of any special requirements to lift one.

A balanced diet and a workout routine are important to keep your body strong.

[This isn't a matter of strength, buddy...]


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