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This is- wow. I want to say dedication but this is a whole new level. Are bad puns how you deal with existential dread?

... Whatever it is you're planning though, at least just. Let me know in advance. Okay?

[ No plans, bub. None yet. ]

Guess we'll just have to improvise this one.
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I'm not against it or anything, its just weird. You're so comfortable with the other me.

I guess this is the place to see if anything sticks, huh?
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You. Are such. A jackass.

...what do you mean I should be used to it?

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timedoes not workthe way youwantitto
you know that

Why areyouso eager toput me somewhere? youdon'teven know ifican 'play nice withoth ers'
(icanifi need too. iwillifi have to.)
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I know.

I guess - I'm glad you know though now, right? I made it out okay. I could've told you that but, yeah.

It's not really peace. But right now, it's enough.

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Please don't do this.

We were finally getting somewhere. He said we were - We were doing fine. We were getting better.

Things were gonna be okay.

Please don't take him away.
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This was a mistake.

I mean, you knew that before you even started, and you did it anyway.

And I get that. I can even kinda forgive it.

It's nice to have something in common with somebody.
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You know that hurt, right?

And you're just - really set on making everything worse, huh? After all that, it's still not enough.

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I don't know whether I should be grateful.

I don't know what I should do about him.

I don't know what to do.

Did I ever?
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Um, no.

I can't believe you're considering this? I'm so - after all - after everything? No. Fuck no. I was done.

Is it, you know, is it enough that the last every year of my life has been complete hell? I finally have an out where I can not care anymore. You wanna take that away?

You're no better than that thing. Fuck you. I'm done.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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