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Complete and utter royalist propaganda. Terrible propaganda at that. [Take a seat, he's feeling impassioned by this-] I have three main complaints.

First, the overstated metaphor of the entire narrative: the land where a prince does not rule his people is cold and barren- winter in the middle of summer. The people without their 'rightful' ruler are little, small-minded, scared by the mere mention of magic and other superstitious nonsense. Yet once their lord returns the sun shines and the people are overjoyed.

Second, the lesson this arrogant prince is completely incidental to his true crime. His treatment of the servants cursed alongside him, and, we can safely assume, the people under his rule. His love for the young woman shows no sign of redeeming this fault as he returns to his opulent lifestyle once his humanity is restored to him.

Which brings me to my final, and greatest, complaint: they set the young woman up as a progressive and educated ideal for the masses, only to have her fall in love with the prince- the very symbol of their oppression! We, it must be inferred, are likewise to see the monarch as an at-times boorish but kind-at-heart and benevolent force in our lives.

Bah. How any reasonable, well-informed person can be entertained by such insipid pandering to the crown is beyond me. It is intolerable.
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The words 'liberty or death', shouted against the oppressor, Louis XVI, were meant as a motivation for revolutionaries to seek their ideals at all costs. Enough was, as they claimed, enough. These words should not be taken as indicators that a death itself, and a fixed afterlife should become barriers to these dreams.

This fight for freedom against the enslavers of humankind will not be stopped at the grave. It is impossible for it to end there.

I will not allow it to end there.

[Chill is not a word in his dictionary.]
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You proved yourself unreliable. Very well. It isn't as though I was enjoying myself. However, you really should take your obligations to activity checks more seriously. You say that you want my voice. Well, if that's the case I wonder why you had the problem with keeping up to begin with.

I know, you don't want the structure. You want freedom. I can't fault you there, only, do try to keep on top of things.

And yes, if you could find my friends, I would be grateful. We both know that I was lonely there.
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Since my earlier reservations were...ignored, by you, can I at least persuade you to find a place where one of my friends might be?

Their presence would make things a bit more tolerable. And...honestly, they likely need some sort of supervision, depending on who is where. I would prefer for us all to be together, but, I understand that is likely impossible given our circumstances.

I would also find it less of an inconvenience if there were medical lectures to attend. Or any sort of scientific lecture.
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It has been a few years, has it not? Are you quite certain you want to pick me up once again?

Perhaps we could reach a compromise, where I am allowed to sketch my moth in peace.
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You have a limited awareness of literature, politics, and philosophy, either historical or contemporary. This is not the impediment you think it. I do not see that you'll be called on to have me debate those things here; a cursory awareness of appropriate references will suffice. Your ignorance of both France and Paris are excusable, likewise your comically shallow understanding of the revolution. All of these things may be overcome.

Yet there is one thing, an impassable impediment to our present endeavour and continued mutual happiness: you do not drink. Not a mug, not a thimble, not a drop.

In the words of your modern philosophers: I cannot even.
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Do you know, we did not only do it for the poor of Paris whose wishes we apparently discarded, in spite of the July Revolution. They were a catalyst, and perhaps one that we used as the main focal point, but all of us, our band of brothers, also did it for ourselves.

I cannot say I would conduct myself much differently, as that which drove my actions was the calling of necessity, but there we are, then, aren't we? Hypocrissy, perhaps, but living in a world against the constraints of our consciences was not quite living either, was it?

...I can only hope that they, and she would not have found me lacking. I know enough that my brothers, and you, do not, and there is comfort there, no matter if it's deserved or no.

I doubt that any others understand, but then, perhaps, they were not meant to. Those who need it know enough, and perhaps that is all that matters.
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You know perfectly well what you've done, Madame Mundane (No Cher for you, not now) and perfectly well why I am furious right now. Not only do you let a newcomer come in and replace me in the affections of the one person who was willing to at least pretend at liking me, you've also given other headmates, most notably your precious favorite a chance at something that was, this time, supposed to be mine, that you had promised and plan to fail on delivering because something better has come along for Enjolras, yet again.

First, I lose someone I cared about to the man who destroyed what could have been my republic, and now I lose my chance at being alive, at being real to someone who I love, even though I was supposed to go next.

But then, I'm not as real to you as they are, am I? I am not allowed that chance again while they will have many.

It is good to discover where I lay in everyone's estimation, at least, I suppose, including yours. I did think you held me in some higher regard than that, but my mistake, I suppose, anyway.

It will not be the first time I've been shoved away for something else, now will it?

I hate this and you, and that all there is for me to do is once again accept it and perhaps get ready to move on from here. No point in staying, is there?

Apparently, no longer yours,
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Pest? So that's what we're callin' it these days? Well, I never. Gent like me bein' called a pest, an' to think I was honourin' you with my good company. Not that there's much to be doin' round these parts. Ain't even sure what you got planned for me. I've got things to be doin', you know. Can't be hanging around here like I've got all the time in the world.

An' who's this bloke you keep going on about? Nothin' like him. Or Sikes. Me own man, that's me. The Artful Dodger. You, though, your call me Mister Dawkins, we ain't rightly knowin' each other yet. Anyway, why would I want to get involved in some ... bloomin' revolution. Every man for himself, an' Dodger first, that's how it goes.

Anyway, it's in France. Not going there, not on your life.
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Mundane Woman,

I can appreciate that you have some sort of admiration for me. Do not think that I am ungrateful, but your recent shenanigans were not amusing. I do not appreciate my virtue being used as a source of sport or humor, are we clear on the matter?

I trust that we will not need to have this conversation again.

P.S. Not true, Madame, but if it were you would be responsible.
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Madame Mundane,

I believe I have been forced to have this particular discussion with you several times over and I do grow tired of repeating myself, so perhaps, we might try this another way. You have it within your power to give me what I wish to have, and you will give it to me. You may choose whether you do so in the easy way, or in the difficult one, but rest assured, I shall win your petty and stupid battle of wills in one way or the other.

Rest assured I am prepared to make it difficult as I might for you, until you decide that you have had enough of the fight over all of this. You
will see me through and give me what I wish for in the end, but I pray that ending may be hurried all the same.

Consider my request above all else. The next time, I will not make it so nicely.

-A. Enjolras
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My dear Madame,

You know in your heart what is to be done, and what it is I need. Why do you hesitate so strongly, when some things are inevitable and cannot be repaired any longer?

I have seen, I have been through so much horror, it rests upon me like a weight. Would you not let me be free of that, to start again in a world that has not changed me, made me into this? The pair of us deserve a chance at happiness again, not cold and numb acceptance of the terror I've faced. Perhaps I am not strong enough to stay behind after such weight, perhaps my weakness shows at last, and I suppose I am ashamed of that.

But if one cannot move forward from their past, I think only one choice is clear.

Consider it from every angle, and not just your own.

-A. Enjolras
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Mademoiselle, this is... kind of you but why me?

Shouldn't you read the book again? I wish I could read. Maybe things would have been different then.
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You 'ave good taste mam'sell... Though why me? Like this?

Not that I'm complaining. Look like even easier pickings now don't I? I'll show them.
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Let me fully understand this. You intend to take me to a place where I shall turn into a monster? ....It does sound rather fascinating; but I must admit I am primarily drawn because you say Enjolras, Grantaire, and Joly will be present. Pontmercy, as well? Then I must go, otherwise the poor pup may get eaten alive by our fierce lion.

...Well! Perhaps I will turn into something exciting. A vampire would be wonderful, very Byronic. Do keep it in mind.

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Well. That's something.

I know who'll be taking full advantage of it. And who won't be.
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We have been many things over our years, madame secretary, but I think, most honestly, we have been friends. Perhaps that is what is making this decision so difficult to make. It is the fault of no one, except perhaps my inability to find a place in the new and changing world of our Island, that drives me toward wistfully considering other chances, new opportunities and places we might work together.

It has been a pleasure, working together and meeting wonderful new people in that world but I think, maybe, my opportunities are limited. I stayed in order that I might see a world under deprivation and evil change, and now that it has, now that the people there have begun to grow, even if I do not always approve of the direction they are taking, I suspect that it is time for me to move on. You do have the other fellow to allow YOU to stay, and he is suited to it more than I. Perhaps it is time to leave him to it, instead.

There will, there must be other chances and soon. I could hardly stand to stagnate in your head, no matter the horrors you foisted onto me in the beginning, but as the last world that I left did not suit me, the present conditions of a world I have come to love have changed so much so as to make me not suited for it either. I do not hate it, or you, or find my existence intolerable, but I feel that I might do more, BE more, in another time or place, perhaps starting again altogether.

I suggest we take the rest of this month, and perhaps the start of next, to re-evaluate the conditions where I am, and the conditions that may suit me in another place.

Please, might we seek new opportunity together and close this chapter with smiles instead of tears?

-A. Enjolras
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So... where do we begin, eh?

First off, ye let me grow up. Now that, I'm actually alright with. Ain't like I was gonna be angry at not getting shot down - an' did ye have to keep the gettin; shot part? You do know that hurts right? A lot! Ain't complaining, but... Bloody hurts! Anyway, not what we're here for, even if I don't rightly know what's got into your mind wiv this idea.

I get past the barricades - an' nice, yknow, lettin' me see people die an' then losing me faith in any type of revolution. Fanks fer that, ain't ever sure how I'm gonna fank ya. So, get past the bloody barricades, grows up, moves ta London ta get away from France an' her bloody prison galleys... an' end up seeing a bloke what kills people so some lady c'n make pies? That other people then eat?!

...We sure this is a great idea, Mun? Only, I'm finkin' you may be a bit wrong in the 'ead...

[[ooc: Have a grown up Gavroche who somehow ends up in Sweeney Todd. What even is his life?]]
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No, truthfully, I hate you. I hate you and I have every reason to do so. You continue to force me to remain in a place where my freedom is restricted beyond any reasonable levels, when every month since this trip to the worst hell I have ever known, I have begged you to remove me from that place of suffering beyond any I have ever personally known.

I am aware that it makes me lucky to have never have known worse tortures and persecutions, but when there is an easy solution towards removing myself from it, and you refuse to let me have it, I can very safely say, Madame, that you torment and oppress me beyond any stretch of reasonable behavior. I will contend, too, that even Malicant, at the worst points of my capture, would not have sought, or loved my misery, nor caused even half as much pain or suffering towards me personally. That you continue to drool at the concept of forcing me through such a disgusting display further proves your deep disturbances and your complete lack of regard for anyone, save for your own amusement.

There can be no regard for any, male or female, adult or child, countryman or one who hails from somewhere lesser, who seeks to ravage the soul and spirit as you do, and I refuse to pay it to you just the same.

You might make me suffer the agony of having every moment monitored, of having to beg permission from my captors for each unhindered breath I take, breaths that are allowed only in minute increments and of the most shallow sort, but there are things which neither you, nor any "agent", nor Combeferre, as brainwashed as he has become, and as biased as he is in his preference toward them, can force me into doing and being and I intend to see them out, no matter what the consequences.

They may chain me up in the temple now, and may restrict my movements and my speech beyond anything reasonable, but they cannot make me eat, or sleep, or carry on supporting their oppression by "working" for them. And truthfully, I should think they will be pleased that I plan to spend my days in starring at the walls of our disgusting cell, as I will be doing exactly what they intended with their idiotic decrees of dragging me into a prison I cannot escape, which is being restricted and tortured. I do not, however, have to gift any of them with any real response.

Had I known that such a fate awaited me when you determined you were going to place me in that world of suffering and pain, I would never have agreed, for there is nothing, anywhere, and no person anywhere to make any of this worthwhile. Instead, I shall be sitting here and loathing all of you complicit in my torture for the rest of my life, or rather, death, or whatever it is, with you.

-A. Enjolras
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Today is your American Day of Thanks and I, most assuredly, Madame Mundane, am not thankful for you. I was, I suppose, to a point, that over in Teleios, you managed, at last, to negotiate with the moderators who play my captors to allow me to have something of my soul back.

[It was an all game event, Enjolras. Everyone in game got something and all it required was the mun telling the mods what you would like. It's not a torture chamber there. ]

I will also, no doubt, look forward to the months ahead, given the ability of expression I've had given back to me, with a real press, and a paper, and I was thankful to have found some sympathetic individuals, even a few who might become new friends there, and I do wish to speak with the Lady Jane again, and soon, and all in my life there is slowly, but rather steadily, improving, and I realize that I ought to feel some measure of gratitude towards you, and in the matter of that place I do.

But in the matter of my other world, of the Island that has been my shelter and my home, given me a daughter, the younger "siblings" that I never knew that I would like to have, and that I have been proud to defend and fight for, and even found a new career in, you have finally managed, finally managed, to use my deepest fears and regrets against me so very effectively that I have literally no idea of where to go from here, and have no desire other than to curl myself into a shaking ball for days, perhaps even a week or longer.

Trigger/Content Warnings: Torture, Zombies, Enslavement, Imprisonment. It's not a good time on the Turtle for him right now. )

I will not ask how you could do this, because I suppose by now that I know your cruelties are not reserved to those who are not me, but this is so deliberate, so terrible, and so complete that I do not know that I will function there again, though I very much wish to as the new world comes in to play. I will however ask you, yet again as many of us seem to, What In HELL Is Wrong With You?"

I simply do not...I have not... There is nothing to be done, and I will never escape him after, even if I walk from there, and I know that now. I still live with what was done to me in July of a year ago, and still have wished to die with it, and now you bring me this new, and incredibly varied, infinitely worse version of events to cope with.

So, No, Madame, I am not thankful, I am far from grateful, and you had better have a good way out of this one, I assure you, if you ever wanted my respect again.

-A. Enjolras


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