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Thanks for the new icons, mun!

Does this mean I getta stay for a long time?

Oh, and, we need some more fun stuff to do in Nautilus. I'm gonna put a bombchu bowling alley in that new castle we're living in. Maybe if everyone sees it, they'll understand it's not actually dangerous.
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Okay, mun.

We've gotten along pretty well up until now. I really think we need to stop trying to make me an expert speller and stuff.

Can't I spend that time, I dunno, fighting those giant spiders in the West or, going fishing, or, napping? I mean, at least all the spiders'll do is kill me and eat me. Dying of boredom is not humane.

So, what do you say? Think we can just nix the school stuff?
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I don't mind working with others and not going looking for the guy on my own.

I promised I wouldn't, and I won't. S'long as everyone there from Hyrule is safe. Oh!

Yeah, speaking of Hyrule, d'you think anyone else from home might come? I think Malon would really like it there, since Epona is there. [No alternative motivation there, nope.] Saria and Darunia would like it too.

....Ruto? Uh......sure......she'd probably like it?
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You don't need to panic, my lady. They are asking for revisions to our application, not rejecting you outright.

And you had your own concerns about it's quality, if I remember correctly.


I have enough of that from Link, thank you very much.

Now hear me out: we should wait, at least, for just a bit longer. Your elven king is settling into his second game, and I have enough in Nautilus to keep me content for now. Deal with those, and then work on your revisions in your own time.

Write your moderators back, thank them for their opinions, and revise the application afterwards. I am sure they won't mind.
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[She's seen how her clan carries on, and oh boy.] It does the heart good to see the my girls grow so unimaginably strong. That was always our destiny. I'm not surprised. I'm overjoyed, really. [Heh heh...] Beautiful sisters in arms. [And also... a small consideration..] It's nice to see Hyrule giving them their just dues, as well. I can't imagine how long it took for them to be considered equals. Can't blame them for being leery about letting others in after all we've been through, can you?
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[dead eyed expression. pouty frown.]

I don't like either of these options.

[Well, too bad Link, because your mun is trash.]

...that isn't my fault.
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So, you've come crawling back. I'm not surprised. Few who have tasted true power can resist its allure, you are no different. You want what I offer, but in ways very different than sycophants like Zant I will grant you. I would even go so far as to say your admired Zelda would be sickened by your true desire with seeking me out.

You enjoy the struggle. You enjoy seeing Hyrule brought to the brink, to see hope driven from all but two and to have them pushed to their limits. While you may enjoy that struggle, I do not take orders from you, and in time Hyrule will fall. Courage and Wisdom erode with time.

Only Power remains constant.

[OOC: Breath of the Wild characters are welcome, I only ask that spoilers be kept to a minimum beyond the series givens.]
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[personal profile] miphasgrace not fret for my sake. Even if I am not destined to have a permanent place in this world, or wherever else you wish to take me...

If I may say... I am happy to simply be here.

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I'll grant, you are very persistent and not without some skill and experience yourself but I have a great deal of work ahead of me. As do you, you have made very little progress thus far. It makes me feel a great deal better about my own progress.

And regardless of what you want, I have a duty to my kingdom and my people. I hold it more valuable than all the knowledge you might offer me.
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...You're going to send me somewhere?


I have somewhere to be.

[Link sighs in slight frustration, but ultimately resigns himself to his fate. He's a go with the flow kind of guy.]

Hyrule needs me.


If you're not going to change your mind...send me somewhere that I can help people.

I am a knight, after all...
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I get to be grown-up again?!?!

For a whole week?!?!

And Shadow and Zelda will be there too?!

....this is going to be GREAT!!!
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[Only a single eyeroll.]


[And he's looking to the side...]


[And finally he gives a long sigh.
That means no.

Go back to your game, dammit.
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Wow, we're actually doing this, huh buddy? Didn't think ya had it in you to go so far as to actually want ME around, but who are we kidding? Who else would get you all the money you want?

...What do you mean that's not what this is about? What else am I gonna do if I can't-Okay, well I don't technically have any wares left to sell, no, but that won't stop me and Sheerow from finding some good ol' things here and there that could fetch us a nice rupee or two cause some wayward adventurer didn't happen upon it before we did. Look, no matter what world you come from or go to, there's always something people wanna buy.

Yeah, I got my early retirement and all, but if what you're sayin's true then there's the chance I'm not gonna be able to bring all my hard earned cash with me, so gotta be prepared to start from square one. And believe me buddy, I've got this. Heh. Maybe I'll even pick up a sword myself and see about getting me some of that action all for myself, skip out the middleman, you know? But.... probably not. Let's not get too crazy here, alright?
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Okay, I'm all for trying new things. But, being in a school for a week sounds really, really, really boring.

No weapons or anything?

And everyone is gonna think they're students and not know they're Wakened? Mun, people are gonna try to beat the crap outta me.

...well, yeah, try. I can still fight.

Can't we just skip this one? Please?
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Really? We're really doing this?

Because I gotta tell ya, mundane, I'm fine with the three of us. Its nice to have made a decent first impression on Link and Zelda.


Of course I'd like to see mine again. Hard to say if the feeling would be mutual though, ain't it?

...fine, do whatever, but get the idea of enabling villains out of your head?
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I didn't think an autograph would leave such an impression. I guess it must have been really helpful, after all!

Hm? What are you looking at me like that for? Do you know me from somewhere? That's... odd. Is there something else you want to talk about?
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I don't think I need to be put in a game right now. You already have a younger me in one, and those other guys too.

Besides, I think I'm needed elsewhere.
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Nothing is ever accomplished by giving up. Stay determined. You set your goals and you are in control of achieving them.

All events in life are opportunities to learn; you would be wise to remind yourself of this.
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Commitments aren't to be taken lightly, but both you and I have learned such a lesson many times over.

Even so - your heart and mind ought to be in it in similar magnitude, and for the same reasons. Are you sure you haven't a point to prove? Or is it possible that many players keep secret similar motivations?

Well... I've never had much of an opportunity in either case. There is a time and place for everything.

Perhaps now is my time and my place.


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