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May. 26th, 2017 04:31 pm
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Well hi there mun! Ha ha!

Gosh, this is just swell of ya! Not... too thrilled about the short joke though. [Because everyone makes the short joke, mun... everyone.]

Well, I think this is gonna be the start of a great adventure!

And I know ya can do it! I believe in you!
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I mean, I'm just saying, maybe you should slow down? You're gonna burn yourself out at this rate.

You've got two games, one of which is new, and a bunch of homework. And you're graduating in like a week! Which, like, that's all really great!

[He counts all of that on his fingers, then wiggles the fingers he counted.]

But also it's a lot of stuff, so maybe you should take a step back before you take on anything else? There can be too much of a good thing, you know.

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Look, I get you've been looking forward to this for a while now. It sounded interesting on paper too, but-

[He hesitates, shaking his head. This is not what he's fought for all these years.]

... All those people...

[Of all the things he thought he would be broken over, the sheer devastation wrought by Kalki's destructive plan was not one of them. He'd spent far too long trying to forget the Tower, forget the sight of his worlds destroyed, and now it's happening all over again.

'At least you're not alone this time, right?']

Yeah, I guess... but knowing what's ahead, and what I won't know back there...

Can't say I'm excited about that reunion.
self_replication: (This invoice is wrong)
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As excited as you are to be re-working the AU and many of the changes you have made have piqued my attention, and I do look forward with the utmost fascination to the intriguing details I'm to experience, you have been rather remiss with a number of points. Allow me to expound.

I am still branded a traitor, and you and I both know, as should the rest of the Organization, I am a scientist. Replication myself simply comes with the territory. On top of the erroneous assumption that I am not to be trusted because I've sent such a creature in my place before while I remain to tend to experiments that should not be left unsupervised- you have that detestably ignoble lout still destroying my work wherever he finds it, leaving little, if anything, salvageable. Though given the grade of items I am forced into working with then abandoning, it's regrettably understandable.

To say nothing of this nonsense that I even have a heart- I distinctly recall losing it-, and the nonsense at Oblivion was simply that. Nonsense and mere slips on my behalf. Certainly no mere acts of emotions. They died, I could not save them and not for want of attempting it, and now the Riku Replica is wondering around with Zexion's element under its command, and as pleasing as it is to know it is as every bit as successful as no. i, it still should not have happened. To say nothing about how each believe I am dead, too. [....And away from Awkward Topics that are still far to fresh in his heart mind for comfort.]

I don't suppose I could talk you into working some manner of destruction upon my Proof of Existence Panel? I have no desire to be Dusk'd or worse if found, nor have keyblades pointed at myself yet again. I'm certain you'll agree it can be hazardous to one's health.

Or, perhaps, allowing me to either view, or access the memories of the 'Xemnas crashes into the 'Coder' incident. I do believe it would be a fascinating study on why one does not neglect to install a forcefield around it.
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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

It's about time I get some recognition around here!

[That's your takeaway, Donald? Out of that whole thing?

Oh, what am I saying? Of course it is.]

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I know you miss me but it's okay. I'm sure you'll find somewhere for me eventually. And, for now, I'm working hard and I know Mickey and everyone else, I know they'll keep my friends and the worlds safe until I can leave again.

Until then, I'm alright. Really. I'm... at peace, I guess.

Voice Test

Feb. 1st, 2017 12:26 am
dreamdropped: (☆ lucid)
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Finally! I thought I was gonna die from boredom! [Over-dramatic Sora making a landing in 3, 2, 1...!] Now where is everyone? You said anyone could be hanging around here annnnd -

[He peeks around the nearest corner, hands folded behind his head.]

...hello? I don't bite, I promise! [Unless he needs to with a certain Keyblade.]
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[personal profile] anywayhereswaterwall
Aww, why'd you wake me up for? It looks like you can do all of this writing stuff yourself, right, so can I go back to sleep? I was having a really awesome dream... I think. Uh, ask again in five minutes?
shadowedheart: (Default)
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What exactly do you think you're doing? When have you and I ever talked to each other? [The answer is never.] I really don't want to be a part of any of this. Just forget all about me.
hightiderising: (missing ache)
[personal profile] hightiderising
I... dunno. It might be nice to see everyone again, but... What if I hurt Sora? I've never been around him before, for real. They probably don't even want me around. I'd just mess everything up.
skyofreverie: (☆ Casual Relaxing ☆ Watch)
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It's been a while, mun.

This time I'm not even gonna protest because you found Riku and Nami again so that's a reason to celebrate rather than complain. How long has it been since I've seen them? Let's see... it's been over three years for the both of them, right? A lot can happen in three years, but I bet they're both the same. I've probably changed a little bit, though. Maybe a lot. Who knows? The point is that we can be together again and the first thing you do is send me back to the Facility? Even if it is just a little thing for catching up, don't you think we've been through enough already? You're also using me to try to find other people to come "hang out" by having me come on here. That's not really celebrating our reunion. We should have balloons and cake and streamers and music and all that stuff. I even promise not to sing!

[Siiiiiiighs and ruffles his hair.]

Also, I'm concerned that you're thinking about finding another world for me to go to considering I know your taste in games when it comes to putting me somewhere. You're not gonna settle for some happy world and we both know it. You're gonna look for one where you can make more terrible things happen. And no, you can't try to convince the others to come too. We both know you're in contact with more than just Riku and Nami's muns but you shouldn't ask them to come either.
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 Shucks, I thought you were a lady, but.. happy birthday mister dad!

... Oh, me? Are ya sure? ....

... Gwarsh, I guess it is my birthday! Whaddya know! I suppose I was feelin' a little older today... Think I grew any since last year?

But I bet there's a bunch of other folks out there with birthdays too! Let's give 'em a hand! Yahoo!
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Hey! Lemme know if you want any help with... whatever this stuff is. I'll just be over here, uh, researching things online. Very, very important things. For the Organization, y'know. Absolutely not just clicking the random article button over and over... that'd be really silly, right?

Um, anyway, bye! Good luck with the-- the writing thing! Use those words!
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So you missed me. Even kept my old name I see. I can't blame you - after all, I am the guy to hang with if laid back is what you wanted.


[Shuffles world cards nervously.]

You aren't thinking of putting me into any of these places? [He looks suddenly very concerned at the prospect of something that might be actual work.] Though if it's low key, I won't complain about a vacation.

Eh heh heh...if Saix is reading this he should know that I'm only joking -really! I kid, I kid. I' working real hard over here. Work,work, work...

Just whatever you do, make sure it's somewhere I can play my sitar. If you decide to do anything. Which you don't have to. But if you do, yeah, make sure there's room for my sitar. And junk food. And a comfy couch would be good.
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Hey, mun. Don't sweat it, ok? I mean, I appreciate the whole giving me a chance and all and really, you don't need to worry about me. When have I not been able to take care of myself?

Don't actually answer that!

So don't feel sad, ok? We'll meet again!
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What are you mad at me for? I didn't ask to be here, either. You knew what you were getting into when you decided to start from the beginning, I don't care what you expected.

If you're going to do this seriously, you should really finish reviewing at least the first game...

And yeah, I know what you're like. You're not allowed to try your hand at him, too.
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So instead of letting me die peacefully, you bring me back with ideas of sending me to some "game" or whatever you call it. You're really something, you know that? If you're just going to torment me, I'd rather go back to being dead. And to answer your question, no I don't want to see anyone else especially him. So stop trying to annoy me even more than you already have.
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... It's been a long time, hasn't it?

But I know you won't let that stop you. You never have before.

I'm not scared. Why are you?
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[See Xemnas. See Xemnas giving his player a very dry, unimpressed stare.]

I fail to see the humor in this. Indeed, this... "Flowey" is a peculiar creature. One might even argue that it is a Nobody.

However, any similarities between our goals are coincidental at best. Thus, I see little point in your desire to draw me dressed as a flower.

However, I suspect you will do so regardless. Such is the nature of mundanes...

[Still, what a waste of valuable time, yielding little reward in exchange...]

I will say this much: it would be a fascinating research opportunity. These... monsters and their "souls" are fascinating in their lack of resilience. What would become of them if they were to cross paths with the Heartless? Would they generate a Heartless at all, or simply crumble to dust?

One thing is certain; no amount of mercy would hinder a Heartless' assault.


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