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An alternate universe, huh?

[She grows quiet after that. Her ever present smile never fades, but the corners seem...odd. Wrong. That expression's even more fake than usual, but it isn't a hollow smile. There's something to it, though certainly not happiness.]

Naw, I think I'll pass! Thanks for the consideration, though!
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S'bout damn time, lady! Only took damn near two years- and now you're back knockin' at my door all of a sudden??

[if looks could kill...!!!]

Forget it. I'm not down for getting jerked around.

[Ryuuko didn't choose the thug lyfe etc etc. except she kind of did but.... details....]

The hell kinda greeting did yah really 'spect? I ain't kissin' no ass. If it's a heartfelt reunion you're lookin' for try picking a different character type.

[the tsun is stronk in this one.]
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Betrayals and murder and despair? Oh my! That really DOES sound fun. And I'd get to see it all up close!

Just one teensy problem.

I'm the Grand Couturier, I can make all that happen on my own!
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We are gonna have so much fun, aren't we, munny? 

You know what I meeeeeeeeeeean! 


Dec. 28th, 2016 07:34 pm
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What gives, Player? You bring me out because you heard someone else being called tenkousei? Lame...

-- Hey! Don't give me that two's company crap. It's still a lame reason.
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I see you have put forth a decent amount of effort into this. Perhaps you are serious after all. Still, I will not accept anything less than your best. Failure is not an option. I will not be made into a fool and neither will you.

There is one more thing. You will not subject me to those... questionable places you have considered for some of the others. If your wish is to send me somewhere, at least consider somewhere reputable.

That will be all.
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You need to seriously check yourself. This is crazy, even for my standards.

I'm trapped in here with Sis (who's still lecturing me by the way) and Jakuzure (thanks for the double dose of attitude), and you're considering adding another one of us?? Please don't tell me it's the–


...and you wonder why I'm cranky. Sheesh!

Look, just because you actually like going the extra mile and doing all the prep work, doesn't mean another one of us has to spawn in this headspace of yours. [geeze, you say it like I actually have control over this, Ryuko...] It's more congested and crazy in here than getting to Honnōji Academy on No Late Day.

–and speaking of Honnōji Academy... Don't listen to Sis anymore. It's her fault you went so crazy with this. I swear if you watch the show one more time I'm going to loose it. It's beyond the point of being cute or flattering anymore.
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So you saw the last, last episode and what, decided to take me for a ride?

That's kind of lame, you know.
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I'm pleased we could come to a mutual understanding. 

I look forward to the fruits of our partnership. However, I will not tolerate anything less than your best.

But you knew that, didn't you?
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Senketsu's just going to lay in the middle of the floor, not moving at all until someone he can communicate arrives, but he wonders what this place is.

Some white void...? He can't even begin to imagine how he got here. Unless... After he did THAT for Ryuku... Is this really...?

Well, nobody seems to be around at the moment, so he'll just wait around until he can talk to someone.]
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Don't you dare start with this bullshit again unless you really mean it!!

Bitin' off more than you can chew doesn't do anybody any good, and I don't wanna end up gettin' dragged through the mud just 'cause you suddenly feel like havin' me around again.

You'd better get yer head screwed on straight before you even think about takin' on more commitments!
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Homeless!? HOMELESS!?!

What are you talking about Mun?! Of course I have a home! Didn't you see it on the back of the truck? It may be a small and beat up, it may be shabby and drafty and the walls are so thin you can hear just about everything and there are holes in the walls for rats and bugs and peeping toms but it's still a home! My home! And home is where the heart is! And my heart is with Ryuko and it's bursting with boiling blood full of hope and joy and the love of my family and most importantly croquettes!

And so it is with a full belly and a full heart and an empty wallet that I invite you to my home mun! It'll be a little cramped, a little cozy, a little tight with all of us in there but the more bodies there are the more warmth there is to keep the cold out at night! And if we keep the cold out of our hearts then with our blood boiling there's nothing we can't do together! TOGETHER! TOGETHER!
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There it was, munny! Live on your TV! I think my performance deserves an Emmy, don't you? ♥

Now do something more with me already!
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I don't care about any of these damn 'games' and I sure as hell won't call it 'home', so why don't you just leave me alone?

I'm starting to think all you muns are nothing but trouble.
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You seriously hopin' for my friends to show up in that incomprehensible world, with that absurd "test drive"? Give 'em some credit, will ya?

Besides, wouldn't it be easier to figure out how to get me outta there?

...Oh. R-Right.
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Mun-chan! Mun-chan! Mun-chaaaaan~~~

[She waves her arms frantically, as if she really needs to give it her all to get her Mun's attention.]

Look, look. I know we only met the other day, but can we go over there, where all those trucks are?

[She points at a wonderous festival of culinary delights. Twisting around, she stares longingly at the center of dancing lights, bustling people, and sultry scents wafting through the air...]

It all looks really tasty...

[--Then, an idea hit her. Squaring her shoulders, she faced her Mun---and, with a quick grin, dashed off into the wonderland that is known as a food truck rally.]

See ya later, Mun-chan! I've gotta check it out!


Nov. 3rd, 2014 02:02 am
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What a fascinating concept.

You would take me from my own world and place me in one completely unfamiliar? Strip me of my own will and agency for your entertainment? Ahahaha. Ahh, but you know me, dearest Mundane, and you know that I won't be the least bit happy with anything ordinary. Give me a world filled with beauty so I may alter it with beauty of my own. Give me people so that I may clothe them with their sins and my will. If you will not give it to me, then I will take it for myself.

Let us discuss our plans, hmm? You already plan to send me to visit my beloved daughter and her little friends over in that city. Yet you have no application ready. Tsk tsk, that won't do at all. Best you get on that right away, you hear? Excellent.

Our partnership will go very well as long as you are so compliant.
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[So this just really raises one question.]

What the hell is a waifu? And why do you keep laughing?

[...alright, two questions.]


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