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Perfect, because all I need is even more crazy fucks with superpowers.

Go die on a ditch, would you?
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I know you thought about trying me out from when I was younger, but think of it as an upgrade! Now you have a distinguished actor-looking gentleman to class up this head of yours! Eeheehee!

[While Joseph's thrilled to be picked over his younger self, he can't help but grumble about the choice of username:] Too bad "yournextlineis" was taken; I'd have preferred that. [At least he didn't wind up with a hand-related pun...] Still, as long as there's no planes out there, I shouldn't have to worry about that happening again. [Watch - he'll immediately run into Starscream, or a sentient plane, or something.]
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Hey, don't get all worked up about it. When you're dealing with a beautiful face like this, you've gotta make sure that everything is perfect. I don't blame you for waiting around until you could get your hands on icons that did me justice.

Speaking of that, though...fifteen, really? There's over forty more sitting in your computer right now. I get wanting to keep me all to yourself, but you really need to think about everyone else. We're going to be spending a lot of time together, cutie, no need to worry about seeing me.

[ he hitting on his own mun? quite possibly.]

Why not put all that energy to better use and start looking for my girls instead? No way I'm gonna be able to travel this far from Morioh without them. Even with company like this, I'd go nuts thinking about what they might be up to. You know how it is.

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I'm not interested, so I'll be taking my leave now. Things like this... they're too complicated. Too stressful. I don't like things that might make me lose sleep, so please understand this is nothing personal.

My peaceful life... I'd much rather just go back to that. Good day.

((ooc: played from the beginning of DiU, but spoiler compliant!))
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I ain't the prettiest girl in town, so I can't say I'm all that surprised there ain't, like, tons of fanart?

[But boys like a girl who can kick their ass! I have it on good authority!]

Yeah, girls that look like Josuke and kick their ass. Big eyes, big boobs, big butt!

I'm not mad or anything. It's life, yanno? Just means a dim girl like me has to work hard at other stuff!

Now, if you really want me to pick a fight over something...

I get the feelin' you weren't thinking of the car when you picked this username?
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Ninety-six?! Are you serious?!? I can't be that old yet, even technically! I just came to terms with my sixties, and I'm already halfway past it!

[cue a lot of groaning, grumbling, and indecipherable muttering]

... Hmph.

Well. Whatever! It just means I'll need a bigger birthday cake! We've gotta put all the candles somewhere, right? Heheheheh.
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Well, isn't that cute of you, you ugly child? Maybe I should shut your mouth once and for all.

[ 🙂🙂🙂 ]
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Why? I am but your normal office worker who just wants to enjoy his quiet, peaceful life in his hometown... Why would I want to go on adventures in other worlds and such nonsense? There is nothing remarkable or extraordinary about me at all.

What do you mean by Friday that will be proven untrue and lots of people will know who I am?!

[Starts biting his fingernails hard.]
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Eighty-four icons in three hours? Is that supposed to impress me? In a single night I can pen nineteen pages of manga, and you think your meager accomplishment is worth any praise whatsoever? How many of them did you draw yourself? How much sweat went into your work? Did you feel euphoric when at last it was all done and laid out before you? If not, then you really can't begin to understand what it's like to truly create something worth being excited over. Know your place.

But... no, I suppose that may also be for the best. If your amateur hands tried to craft my image, I'm sure you would never capture me properly. I won't congratulate you for copying and pasting a series of squares, but perhaps there's some credibility in someone as average as yourself accepting your limits. Though it is something of a waste, since you've only used fifteen thus far. Such a lack of foresight... I'm feeling secondhand embarrassment just being near you.

Moving on. Now what? Believe it or not, this arrangement doesn't inherently frustrate me. If anything it's a viable opportunity to broaden my experiences. Find me something interesting, would you? My readers deserve only the best, so I can't let you settle for anything less.
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This is fine, right? Right!

There's no reason to be worried about anything. I might not be very smart, but I know that this will be all right. Are you doubting me? Well, don't!

See there? Spooked the worries away! Ha!
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Ah! You're saying it's today? Well, as well as I am, it wouldn't do if I didn't at least put a good word in for the chap!

[Oh well. Even while he's stuck in a murdergame, Speedwagon could at least take a moment to remember what was important.

One hundred-forty eight... Seems like it was only yesterday he was getting kicked in the face.

Here's to you then, Jonathan! Wherever you are.
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Do you even have a plan here?

...didn't think so. Good grief...
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What a quandary it is, to deal with lesser versions of yourself. Especially ones that do not possess the same beauty or power as you.

But no matter. I have reached HEAVEN, a place where the Joestars and their feeble powers cannot reach me. They are like leeches gorging on blood, their Stands only exist through my immense power!

Hamon, Stands - all useless, useless, useless! And not even Jotaro Kujo and Star Platinum can beat me when I can just erase them all! The world below and heaven above is mine to take!
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...Forgive me, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by calling yourself my "player". Did you want something from me? You're American, right? A tourist or-

...Oh? Player as in playing my "character". Like [There's a pause while his eyes give a good once over.] Hmm, that's...a bit presumptuous of you, isn't it? You look nothing like me...

Hmm? That doesn't matter? ...Well, I suppose you've done this before. If you say so. A buon anno to you as well. I suppose this means we're allies, so I hope we get along in the coming year! I trust I'll be paid for this. If you don't mind, I'd like the conditions for this in writing as soon as possible. Please let me know when it's finished so I can bring my lawyer with me to sign it as a witness.

Also, if I may offer a tip; maybe working on your impulse control as a New Year's resolution wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Thank you.
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I have to say, this isn't really what I imagined passing on would be like. But...

[she draws the vowel out playfully, tapping her chin with a finger in mock thought. the teasing doesn't last very long, as Reimi's face splits into a warm smile almost immediately.]

It's kind of a nice change anyway, don't you think? It's been so long since I could leave the alley, I bet there's plenty to keep me busy! And I might even get to see Little Rohan and his friends again.

[and that is something that she's looking forward to most of all. no Kira, no fear of looking up to see the face of someone she loves contorted in pain as they ascend to the afterlife...and immediately broadcasting her cutesy nickname for Rohan to everyone on this community. it should be a nice reunion for everyone.]

There's no need to be nervous, alright? You've already come this far, and I'll help you the rest of the way. We'll have a great time together.

[someone must (mercifully) be unaware of their username, because she probably wouldn't be giving her mun such a spirited pep talk if she were...]
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I hope it doesn't get to my boy's head that his part in this whole story has been confirmed. Or his hair, for that matter.

It's a little embarrassing to admit, but looking back on it - we were living our lives in circles. I was, which is why I was so overjoyed that he came back to me when Jotaro-san visited us. It was a time of great sadness back then...

People are going to be visiting our quiet town Morioh in great numbers. There's not much to see, but I hope they'll enjoy themselves.
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You seem most exuberant, Ms. Mundane! Has something happened?


Ah, I see! Hopefully I won't disappoint you. You must be so excited due to the opportunity to find more "icons" for me. Is that correct?

...forgive my ignorance, but what kind of human programming is an "anime"?
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You would seek to use me as no more than a mere piece upon your chessboard? Your sheer arrogance is truly a force to be commended. [Whoa there. Pot, kettle.]

Such a childish game is well below me, and yet...perhaps this is just another form of 'gravity'.

...Very well. I'll entertain your foolishness for a while yet. But it will be you and not I, Dio, who accepts responsibility for the outcome.


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