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[His is lounging on a tree branch, eyes closed and one ear perked for any unusual sounds.]

My world is dangerous enough. If I wanted a different challenge, I could just follow Kagome through the well.

[He stretches one arm over his head, frowning.]

Even with all the demons, my Japan is better; safer for her. I know what to expect. [Most of the time? He snorts.] I will be going back no matter what you say.
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 Got real creative with that username there, huh, mun?
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It's not like I care what you want anyway. You're not the boss of me, lady.
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Don't you have other commitments? Stop wasting my time just because you've become sentimental. I'm not interested in any of the scenarios you could imagine, nor have I ever been, so you would do well to leave me be, human. I'm not about to humor you.

That mechanical monstrosity you seem so fond of fawning over should satisfy you well enough anyway.
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You would have me believe that you have intentions for me just because you are re-watching the final chapters of my story? Be not a fool. I have no time for such flights of fancy. Go pester Inuyasha if you truly wish to have a plaything.
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So, I take it that I am stuck with you. I do not understand your fascination. You and Jaken have much in common.
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[Looks at username and then glares at his writer]

You are not amusing or clever. Stop snickering.
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You intend to keep me as I am? I was free of this sham of a body and now you have put me back.

[What can she say? What can she do? Her spirit is too tired to fight.]

I would rather this happen to me. [The others can be spared, surely.

Her lips twitch, faintly amused.]
No, you cannot trick me into thinking this is the afterlife.
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Hey! Listen! Just because I'm more outspoken than the others DOESN'T mean you can just haul me out whenever you get angry! It's not my fault you lost the... CD thing... for... software for.... picture editing. Whatever the hell that is.


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Oh? So this is the part where I'm supposed to thank you, is it? I suppose if nothing else I should applaud your taste, but I can't find it in myself to applaud your thinking. It's been well over a decade since you last revisited my story, has it not? And as of now you are only... twenty of these "episodes" in, meaning you have made it approximately one-ninth of the way.

Which is very troublesome for me. Technically I haven't even met Sango yet, to say nothing of the many other important (although less so) occurrences that shaped my fate. So perhaps instead of sitting there choosing my words for me, you could return to the task at hand and get me properly up to speed? This humble monk thanks you in advance for your no doubt immediate cooperation.

Ah, and about this inappropriate username... no, on second thought I think I understand! Even with your limited progress through the series, you must understand the purity of my character and nobility of my intentions. It may be that I judged you too harshly, mundane. I'll reconsider my hasty opinion at once.
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Keh, don't be stupid.

I've been to Kagome's time. There ain't anything there actually dangerous enough to need me to take care of it.

[Why else would he be going there but to stab some unwanted demon guy in the skull, right??]
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If you're going to complain, what's the point? You've already written half an application and you know you're not losing me any time soon. It's not like you haven't been playing people from older shows forever. Your main muse is from a show even older than mine!

So stop complaining about "2005" and either finish what you started or forget about it! Even if my canon isn't old enough to be retro yet, you're having fun, aren't you? It's stuffy up here and I've been locked up forever! All you've gotten is encouragement. Your friends all already know about it so it's not like there's any point in trying to pretend. Stop being so stubborn!
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I have grown heartily tired of your pathetic attempts to play this Sesshoumaru. Cease in this latest to bend me to use as a plaything for your amusement and return me to my home.

[He is grumpy and - though he of course would never admit it - he misses Rin. She has grown on him, and it's been quite some time now since he's seen her. And that's as frustrating as anything, for he does as he pleases, and here does not have that opportunity.]

You have decided once again to attempt to play me without even the pretense of a canon review. The mind of a human can have no hope of comprehending one such as mine, but you do not appear motivated to even try it.

[Your dad, Sesshoumaru! That's the reason you're out!]

... hn.
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 Eeeeeh, what do you mean we're ridiculous? That's just something a stupid woman who can't appreciate the quality of our grand show would say!

Really, just because we went to hell doesn't mean we have to sit still and not do anything, right?

I'm only sad Inuyasha did go back to life after all.... Haaaah, it can't be helped, I did the same thing before after all. Well, sooner or later he has to die. Too bad I won't be there when that happens, but he'll come down to us afterwards, so I'll just hold out for a bit.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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