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Well ain't this a treat!

Ya know, I've been in plenty of people's heads but this is the first time it's ever been this literal.

And a No-Maj at that! You sure you're all No-Maj, honey? I ain't ever seen a No-Maj do something like this.

What a trip!

But speakin' of trips, I can already tell you ain't got plans to send me anywhere, but do you think I can see Teenie, or how about my honey Jacob? Even Newt would be a nice sight for sore eyes.
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Bloody brilliant.

So this notion has entered in to your mind, and now you seek to follow it through? I'll grant you that you have had more harebrained ideas than this one, and while I am appreciative of the fact that you're looking for a game that isn't too troubling, the fact remains I do have a life to live. ... but some of it does sound appealing, I'll grant you that.

I still suggest you think it through a bit more.
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You're arriving a little late to this party, don't you think, Mundane? And let's face it—it's not as though you actually know all that much about me, aside from what can be surmised due to my position and Grindelwald's muster-passing impersonation.

Needless to say, your intention of 'making stuff up' doesn't exactly fill me with glee.
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I suppose I'm just here because you're feeling nostalgic, with it being twenty years since the first Harry book came out.

[ she sounds almost annoyed, but then smiles. ]

Time certainly flies.
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There is no excuse for hatred or ignorance. I often find they are entwined - one fueling the other. [He smiles faintly, amused.] I admit I am biased when it comes to the people I like, but I do try my best to never turn anyone away.

Some make it terribly difficult not to do so - as you well know. [The amusement fades and his gaze hardens.] Those who use Dark Magic willingly and for the purpose of harming another are often difficult for me to welcome, but perhaps they need the warmest welcome of them all.
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Who doesn't like Muggle movies? Especially if they're cheesy! I know it's a bit early for popcorn, but what about some fruit? Those oranges look lovely.

[And a royal mess! But Lily has her magic, so why would she worry about that?]

The weather will be nice later, too. Why not go for a walk? You'll be in good company if you do. Of the four-legged kind, of course!
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It goes without saying that I find every world fascinating. [He steeples his fingers and peers over his half-moon spectacles.] I am a Gryffindor at heart; I do not mind adventures, though age has taught me some caution, I think.

[Has it really? He merely smiles.]


Feb. 25th, 2017 08:09 am
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So what happens now? Do I go off on my own and look for my friends or - ?

[She looks around, tugging slightly on her Gryffindor scarf.]

I wish I was wearing Muggle clothes. I must stand out like a sore thumb in these. Could you give me a hand?

If not, I guess I could use my wand, but I don't want to accidentally ruin my uniform.
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I don't know exactly how ta tell you this, sweetie, but that boat has sailed; months ago.

Anyway even if the bandwagon was still rollin you should be lookin at Tina. She's the smart one, always was. She was a Thunderbird ya know. Her and Mr. Scamander are brave an strong and they are gonna have all sorts of adventures.

I'm just, well I was just a glorified secretary. I don't think I'm gonna be much in the way of fun, unless you want to step out for giggle water sometime.

Don't worry, if ya get bored of me I understand. No hard feelins, I swear.
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Cinnamon roll? I don't get it.

[Don't worry Jacob, it's a future thing.] Hey you think we'll meet Newt or the others?

[You mean Queenie, right?] Y-yeah....
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Look, I'm not saying it isn't nice that you're thinking about me - I do appreciate it - but I'm not really all that morbid, am I? You're talking about coffins and -

I know it's a song! It's just...

Depressing. I think I have enough of that with Voldemort.
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I think it would be fascinating to meet them! I have noticed that time seems to be of no consequence, but are you certain I will not be changing the past or the future? I really must be absolutely sure. I would never forgive myself if I -

What exactly is so funny?
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... You're naming me now little miss?

I appreciate your, ah, creativity but... It's a tad too late for that, don't you think? Children these days are more concerned with other dark wizards.
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This...this is a bad idea.

[Credence keeps his head down and his hands curled together, helplessly picking at the cuffs of his jacket in a measured effort to avoid eye contact.]

I'm not...I mean...why me?

[He finally looks up, eyes pleading and voice small.]

Why me?
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It's been a long time, hasn't it? I appreciate it, actually. We come back to things every so often, as the years go by... and in a way, nothing really changes. Maybe dying just turned me into a boring old man, but I'm alright with things moving that way.

... Still, I wouldn't mind getting out a bit more, this time, yeah? Things are getting interesting again.
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[ By all appearances Tom is having a very one-sided conversation with himself, growing warier and more aggravated by the second.]

Not a day passes that I don't think about that repulsive witch who forced my hand in marriage. [ He doesn't quite realize what he's saying, only that it is far kinder than the word he keeps to himself. ] I hoped she might die agonizingly during childbirth, her and that abomination she expected I would raise.

But it seems I did the world a horrible disservice by not killing her myself before she had the opportunity to christen him Tom. [ As if he could have done it... He could kill her no more than prevent his own murder. A truth which he remains oblivious to. ]
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You sure you want to do this, Sugar? I mean, didn't you just pick up someone new?

Are you trying to get yourself a whole collection of cooks? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind, I'd love to help, especially since it seems you like cooking just as much as I do, just seems like there's an awful lot of us, and some of us don't like sharing kitchen space.

And as long as you understand it's probably going to be a while before we find anybody to play with, I don't mind waiting.
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You keep saying you don't have the time for me, yet here we are. Maybe all both of us really need is a little push.
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I've had enough of games. I think I'd rather not play yours at all.

I -- I think I could make you stop, if I wanted.
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Wait, wait.

(Oh boy. "She is rather angry, isn't she?" He looks down slightly.)

I have no memory of creating such a thing...

(He nervously tries to think of something to say or do. "Yes, she's definitely angry at me about this." A slight internal sigh.)

You can't just punish someone for something they haven't yet done, right?


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