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Who doesn't like Muggle movies? Especially if they're cheesy! I know it's a bit early for popcorn, but what about some fruit? Those oranges look lovely.

[And a royal mess! But Lily has her magic, so why would she worry about that?]

The weather will be nice later, too. Why not go for a walk? You'll be in good company if you do. Of the four-legged kind, of course!
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It goes without saying that I find every world fascinating. [He steeples his fingers and peers over his half-moon spectacles.] I am a Gryffindor at heart; I do not mind adventures, though age has taught me some caution, I think.

[Has it really? He merely smiles.]


Feb. 25th, 2017 08:09 am
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So what happens now? Do I go off on my own and look for my friends or - ?

[She looks around, tugging slightly on her Gryffindor scarf.]

I wish I was wearing Muggle clothes. I must stand out like a sore thumb in these. Could you give me a hand?

If not, I guess I could use my wand, but I don't want to accidentally ruin my uniform.
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I don't know exactly how ta tell you this, sweetie, but that boat has sailed; months ago.

Anyway even if the bandwagon was still rollin you should be lookin at Tina. She's the smart one, always was. She was a Thunderbird ya know. Her and Mr. Scamander are brave an strong and they are gonna have all sorts of adventures.

I'm just, well I was just a glorified secretary. I don't think I'm gonna be much in the way of fun, unless you want to step out for giggle water sometime.

Don't worry, if ya get bored of me I understand. No hard feelins, I swear.
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Cinnamon roll? I don't get it.

[Don't worry Jacob, it's a future thing.] Hey you think we'll meet Newt or the others?

[You mean Queenie, right?] Y-yeah....
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Look, I'm not saying it isn't nice that you're thinking about me - I do appreciate it - but I'm not really all that morbid, am I? You're talking about coffins and -

I know it's a song! It's just...

Depressing. I think I have enough of that with Voldemort.
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I think it would be fascinating to meet them! I have noticed that time seems to be of no consequence, but are you certain I will not be changing the past or the future? I really must be absolutely sure. I would never forgive myself if I -

What exactly is so funny?
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... You're naming me now little miss?

I appreciate your, ah, creativity but... It's a tad too late for that, don't you think? Children these days are more concerned with other dark wizards.
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This...this is a bad idea.

[Credence keeps his head down and his hands curled together, helplessly picking at the cuffs of his jacket in a measured effort to avoid eye contact.]

I'm not...I mean...why me?

[He finally looks up, eyes pleading and voice small.]

Why me?
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It's been a long time, hasn't it? I appreciate it, actually. We come back to things every so often, as the years go by... and in a way, nothing really changes. Maybe dying just turned me into a boring old man, but I'm alright with things moving that way.

... Still, I wouldn't mind getting out a bit more, this time, yeah? Things are getting interesting again.
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[ By all appearances Tom is having a very one-sided conversation with himself, growing warier and more aggravated by the second.]

Not a day passes that I don't think about that repulsive witch who forced my hand in marriage. [ He doesn't quite realize what he's saying, only that it is far kinder than the word he keeps to himself. ] I hoped she might die agonizingly during childbirth, her and that abomination she expected I would raise.

But it seems I did the world a horrible disservice by not killing her myself before she had the opportunity to christen him Tom. [ As if he could have done it... He could kill her no more than prevent his own murder. A truth which he remains oblivious to. ]
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You sure you want to do this, Sugar? I mean, didn't you just pick up someone new?

Are you trying to get yourself a whole collection of cooks? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind, I'd love to help, especially since it seems you like cooking just as much as I do, just seems like there's an awful lot of us, and some of us don't like sharing kitchen space.

And as long as you understand it's probably going to be a while before we find anybody to play with, I don't mind waiting.
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You keep saying you don't have the time for me, yet here we are. Maybe all both of us really need is a little push.
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I've had enough of games. I think I'd rather not play yours at all.

I -- I think I could make you stop, if I wanted.
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I won't say thank you. Not because I'm ungrateful — though I think I am, just a little, but I've had enough of people trying to help.

You understand, don't you?
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Wait, wait.

(Oh boy. "She is rather angry, isn't she?" He looks down slightly.)

I have no memory of creating such a thing...

(He nervously tries to think of something to say or do. "Yes, she's definitely angry at me about this." A slight internal sigh.)

You can't just punish someone for something they haven't yet done, right?
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I really don't think this is a very good idea.

Can we... just not do it?
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You're persistent; I've little choice but to grant you that. However, it must be said that you also appear — confused.

If what you're seeking is gratitude, I'm afraid you'll receive no such thing. There's a system in place — certain checks and balances that must be adhered to. Quid pro quo, as it were.

Surely even you can understand that.


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