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Stabbed in just a week's time of arriving.

That's a record, even for me.

Usually it takes at least four weeks to a couple of months.
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This is not a well conceived notion

I say this as someone who has extensive experience with notions that have fallen all along the 'not a good idea' spectrum.

But you know that and appear to be considering it anyway, which is not going to end well; for either of us.
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As much as I appreciate the efforts you have made to bring us to this moment, your timing leaves much to be desired. Have they not already moved on?

But I suppose I should enjoy the opportunity to be present.
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You've been playing with this idea for three years now. I've been perfectly content being left to my own devices.

[ And yet, here he is, being tossed at occasional memes and now dropped here. Forced into talking. It's clear that Will is not pleased, though it's more exasperation and mild annoyance than anything else. He'd really preferred that "being left alone" thing he's had going. ]

Look, if you're trying for some kind of pep talk to get more comfortable, I'm not the right person for that. But I think you're aware of that. You're only doing this to get some practice in, right?

[ There's a quiet sigh and some sort of resigned nod. He's plenty aware of the fact that he hasn't got much choice in the matter, regardless of how much he might protest against it. Easier to save his breath. ]

All right. Although "writing me from season one only" for the time being while you "get a handle on my voice" may make this more of a challenge for you. I would imagine most will be written from farther along than that, and I'm not so sure that I want to deal with that.

[ The idea of seeing or hearing about the future is not one that appeals to him in the least. It is, honestly, a potentially terrifying thing. Not that the present is great, but Will's fairly convinced things will only get worse. ]
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Look, not that it isn't super-flattering. But you haven't watched the show in what feels like about forever, let alone the season you want to take me from. You really have no grasp on my voice at all, and you know it. No offense.

I thought you were done with actual games anyway. I think you're only just trying to create another distraction for yourself. And that's not even getting into what I'd be expected to deal with there: the whole 'turning into a monster' thing.

Though, I have to admit, you are right. I'd be more likely to find it fascinating overall than freak out.

At least...not entirely.
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I don't think the right term for my new friend is my new stray, at least in this instance.

Am I hopeful I'll be able to keep this one? Yes. Strangely enough, I am. Then again, me and hope have a strange agreement on how it effects my life, mostly bad ways, really.

And to push your worries aside, no, I won't let Hannibal get to him. The kid's broken enough and I don't want to be the reason it gets even worse.
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[On going to [community profile] hadriel]

Sir, I'm an agent now. I have the Bureau to answer to, and I don't have anyone to vouch for me if I disappear without leave.

...[Mostly, she is ambivalent about the "horror" nature of the game, but is too proud to say so.]

You'll have to take this up with Jack Crawford first.

[Throwing his name around, as if it changes anything.]

Sir? Are you even listening?
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[ Making his voice deeper and scratchier than it actually is: ] You cannot stop the changes. Surrender and bear witness to a great becoming.
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What do you mean, you don't know who my father is? My uncle is my father. That's what Mum and Mommy said. What part of this is confusing?

[ Well you see Max, there was this meme... ]
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My, what a busy boy you've been. Do you think you will be able to manage?

[ You ruining people's lives in two different games with solid cast-mates, and someone in a musebox about physical intimacy? Yeah, I think so. Thanks for masking your skeptical condescension as concern, Hannibal. ]
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And what, precisely, do you propose we do here?

[ We. As if I have anything to do with the price of tea in China. I want no association with your shenanigans, Hannibal. Take some personal accountability for once. ]

There are plenty of opportunities. Do you feel prepared for them?
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You know, if you're going to actually play me, you're gonna have to finish switching me over. That means getting me real icons, and getting over that blonde woman you were so fond of. If you want to keep her too, that's gonna be something different. I'm not just gonna sit pretty while you waffle about it. That's not me and you know it.

Lord knows I've got enough to worry about, with how fast and loose Bryan's playing with our lives. If we're not Detective Graham or that Cannibal from the news, then we're disposable.

I know you respect that, but I sure as hell don't have to.
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Missed me, did you? [ Then, without leaving a pause for an answer: ] Rhetorical question. I mean, it didn't take all that much to set you off.

I'll confess I did miss having a certain degree of agency. Sad, that this is what that entails considering my present circumstances.
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You want to send me to a place with no way out, where they release monsters...

[Things of nightmares, true monsters - not like her.]

I think you should be in this psych ward instead of me. Haven't I already been through enough? I get to be trapped in my own personal hell 24 hours a day. I have unlimited access to nightmares, why do I need to add more onto it?

[Her hand drifts to her neck, one of the few moments where it's bare, missing what had quickly become a security blanket for her to cover her past from prying eyes. A hint of panic enters her voice, eyes going wide.]

My scarf -- If you send me... I'll have my scarf, right? You wouldn't...


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