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I... I didn't mean for all this to happen. I was just sick and tired of being ignored and forgotten all the time. But Wash, but Earth... I... I

Why make such a fuss? This is our chance! Our chance to get back at those who wronged us all! A chance to make them pay! A chance to begin my crusade to destroy the universe once more!!!!

No, no. This isn't right O' Malley. You can't do this. You're not real anymore. You're just a piece of what once was!

Perhaps. But which would you rather have? Am I merely a memory of the Alpha's anger riding your mind and body about once more, free to do as I please? Or am I merely something you have made to cope with your own true feelings?!
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Okay, normally I would have absolutely no problem joining a mental contingent of bad-assed ladies, but I've seen the other muses you usually go for; it's like being surrounded by a bunch of Sarah Palmers. One was more than enough.

[Welp too bad because you're here now, buddy.]
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Good. About time you started thinking more like an ODST.

[Rook's bouncing on the back of his heels in anticipation, if mostly to curb that urge of simply pacing back and forth. Now that the mun's brought him back out again, staying 'quiet' doesn't seem to be much of an interest to him anymore.

He just wanted to get back into the action as quickly as possible.

Worry about replaying my game later. Not like you can't just beat it in a day, given how many times you've gone through it.

[Still an important thing to do, Rook. :/]

It'll be fine. Just get what you can done, then review and add later. Simple.

[Yeah, sure. Maybe if you'd stop taking up all the headspace.]
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[It takes a significant amount of time before there's a shift of weight. The helmet turning, and gazing in such a way that was oddly expressive for something that usually concealed a person's face and emotions. Wasn't hard to see that he seemed less than delighted about the sudden attention in his direction, all things considered.]

Don't know what you're expecting from me. [He stretched an arm upwards, before the other one was following closely behind with a satisfying pop of his elbows.]

Not like I wasn't enjoying the permanent vacation or anything.
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I think this could be awkward for some people.

But, thank you for bringing me back, maybe there is some good I can do. A second chance would be good.

Just don't make it hard on people, ok? Some have already been through it, they've been through enough.

So keep looking, I'm sure something will turn up.
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Now, you and I both know that nothing good will come of this when you're excited. So calm down and think, and we'll get somewhere. Patience isn't a bad thing at all, even if you're meeting new people and others want to get involved. Just focus for now on Chief and his story, mine's long since over with and when the excitement dies off from that then we can discuss places.
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Can't wait, can you? I'm patient, but you're borderline belligerent.
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Yeaaah, I really don't see how this could go wrong. Sure, yeah, superpowers, that's not conspicuous in the least.

And when the whole- the whole thing come to light? That's on you. It's your op, after all. You make the call.
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Dear writer,

I understand well your interest towards me and my actions by the report of Codename: SURGEON, but the circumstances towards me coming yet again into the face of danger is no longer a possibility we can contend with.

My part in my war is concluded, and though I await my punishment for crimes against humanity for desertion, there is only so much one can do for a war before strain or an end to military creativity at face of constant fire sets on anyone, and with all due respect, abridged educational material in the matters of tactics and strategy do not make for a battlefield tactician.

I should remind you that there are no 'games' that allow for one to conserve nor gain military resources nor personnel, let alone space vessels or battle groups, so you should know by now options will become heavily limited with little to do at the face of otherworldly beings.

Please reconsider your decision,

Preston J. Cole
Vice Admiral
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You are a real glutton for punishment.

[ Pot...kettle...]

Archaic insults too? Wow you really are a fun one.

Look all I mean is that either I'm in the middle of war, I'm degrading rapidly or I'm dead. There is no good way for me to be here.

[Maybe. I found a place you could be whole, even have a real form.]

I'm a construct, an A.I., ok a brilliant A.I. but still. You aren't seriously thinking of putting me in one of those places are you? Think of the damage I could do if things went wrong.

[ And think of the good you can do if things go right.]

Which one of us is prone to rampancy, because you sound kind of crazy. But, ok, I guess we can at least take a look.

[Sure, what harm ever came from-

Don't finish that question, it's just asking for trouble.
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You're kind of a dick, you know? I really don't care if you have "feels" or anything. What you watch or do is none of my business. Likewise, don't go pulling me into your BS. If you hadn't noticed, that whole "Project Freelancer" is kind of a touchy subject for me. Bad enough Church kind of went off the deep end, or that there's a robot version of me running around. I don't need to watch it all go south again.

It's enough to know... "Carolina" got out of there. That's... the main thing.

[OOC: AU'd Tex/Noble Six]
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I'm just glad you finally did it. I'm designed to work all day, you aren't. You were burning yourself out there and were well on your way to whatever the human equivalent of rampancy is. Other people see the toll this year has taken on you even if you don't, listen to them. They care about you.

And take it from me, my main job has been looking after a headstrong, stubborn workaholic. Granted that describes most Spartans but this one more than the rest even. When people outside of you start to see the signs, it's already becoming a problem. Don't shut them out, it's incredibly hard to not be able to help someone you care about like that.

So, just a couple more months right? Ok, you can do this. Just don't lose sight of the goal. And if you need a little back up you know where I am.
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[She's somewhere between completely unamused and curious, but she's sitting here and tolerating her mun anyway, a gun settled in one hand.]

I'm not sure what you're calling "cute" about me. Looks to me like we're kind of busy right now. Both of us better get some sleep before all hell breaks loose.

Don't forget what you came here for. We'll be waiting.
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And so.

You come back.
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[ Corporal Miller is watching the new footage from roosterteeth.com, and after an allotted four minutes into the video, she slaps a hand to her face. She's sighing. ]

They let just anyone become a soldier these days, don't they?
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I appreciate the chance to meet him, ma'am.

That's all I had to report.
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You sure about this? [Sounding all kinds of uneasy, but given his track record with magic faeries, it's no surprise.] As much as I hated the castle's antics at times, it at least had some elements of normality every now and again.

But this place? [He sighs.] Looks more like a magic infested circus to me.

[And don't even get him started on the dragons.]
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Who the hell's the new guy and why is Chief suddenly getting second billing?


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