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Wait, so I'm gonna go to space?! [She's definitely imagining something like Robot Unicorn Attack, judging from how big her eyes have gotten.]

Can I bring Waddles? Will Dipper be there? He better, he'll be so mad he won't get to be a dork about space stuff. [--Also because it's just -- weird when Dipper's not around. She'll pine, even if she's not gonna admit it.]

Ohmygosh, will I get to meet cute space guys???

Voice Test

Jan. 7th, 2017 03:15 pm
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Okay. First of all, this is weird. Like, seriously weird. Also, you need to change that journal name. Of all the possibilities, you pick that one?


I mean, was pinetree taken? I would be been happy with pinetree. But no. You go with...

I'm going to grow up, you know. My voice will drop and it won't fit anymore.


It will too change!

[Nice voice crack, Dipper.]

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Wait, so you could give me a pony and you're not going to?!

[...Also I'm sending you to a whole different dimension and--]

Yeah, I know, I get it. This is, like, the third time? I'm pretty much used to that. But this? Oh, this is a whole new low. You can't just not give me a pony! Oh, I am so protesting this. Maybe I'll even go on strike!

[I... don't think that's a thing you can do.]

Um, sorry, what was that? I can't hear you over how on strike I am!
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So, like, do you have an offshore bank account? Some kind of... valet/butler guy to do your shopping for you? Don't tell me that to buy stuff you have to go to the... what's it called, the mall?

Ugh. Call me if you don't wanna get trampled in a Black Friday sale.
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OK, I'm looking at this and lemmie tell you what I like:


Yeah. Nothing. I just got my life as relatively free of supernatural crud as it's ever gonna get and now some jackwads are draggin' my family back into it! With superpowers! You think I'd ever let Mabel have superpowers?!

...Fine. I would. But the point is I'm seeing way too many "use the kids as meat shields" opportunities. At least tell me they use the teenagers instead!
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....So, this isn't one of those kind of games, right?


Kidding! But like, dude, that other game was fine for a while - I mean, I died once, but yeah I got over it. And this one's got weird animal stuff happening doesn't it? Like, tails and junk? That's a new one.

[She thinks about it for a long minute, then sighs.]

Look, just... let me know that nothing too weird is gonna happen if I end up in a game again. Sure would beat hanging around here.
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What?! I am not! I...

Look, miss, you need to stop fussing over me like I'm ten years old. I don't know how you got your hands on my journal, but you read what I went through, right? Yes, I would rather be back home but this is hardly my first time in another dimension. I'll manage. The last thing I need is for Stan and the kids to get dragged into this mess.

... Actually, never mind. The last thing I need is for Bill to find me!

Speaking of which, you had absolutely no right to play with my memories! Piphron was making things bad enough. What compelled you to make me live through two of the worst moments of my life again?! I don't care that I met people in the process! Did you think I'd forget what you did if you gave me jelly beans after?! Well, you're wrong! That was completely uncalled for!
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My, my. And he calls himself a dream demon? And he fell for such an obvious trap? Really, if I were dealing with identical twins, I'd have thought to be sure which one I was diving into.

[ The baku is going to poof up some dream tea and sip at it. ]

But that's absolutely none of my business, is it?

[ No, she's not going to mention that her mun's wife laughs at the fact that she could be a perfect look for a human Bill Cipher. She's just going to sip her tea and be smug. ]
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Oh, yeah, this should go well. Pretty sure you're not up to snuff, kid. Why don't you give this dumb idea a rest and lemme get back to beatin' up oversized sushi?
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I have only good feelings about this.

You're up awfully late, though. You sure you don't want a heaping glass of Mabel juice? My treat!

[Please don't poison me.]

Always the joker! I'll go get you some right now!
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When you get to be my age, a year hardly seems like a long time. You've still got a good thirty years to go before you need to start worrying, kiddo.

[There's a small laugh before Ford shakes his head and sighs.]

I don't suppose I can get you to let me retire peacefully and work my way around what's happened in this world the last few decades, huh? Not with the way you're eyeing off that "game". I'd say you're better off sending that young man you're thinking of, but we both know you won't listen. You're about as stubborn as Stanley.
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Yeah, so, I think it's pretty cool of you to bring me out here like this. I know you're not really considering sending me anywhere, but...this isn't half bad.

I've seen a few of the places that we could go and I have to say that I would rather just hang around in limbo-head-land, most of the time. But if you wanna take me somewhere really cool, we should definitely go somewhere outer-spacey! Outer space! Outer space! Outer space!

[ she chants and cycles her fist in the air. ]
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Awww, now miss player-lady, ma'am, it sure is peachie to be out of your snug lil' headspace. Yes, it sure is!

I saw we celebrate the occasion with a planned trip to anywhere where my little peach crumpet is!

[ smile, smile, smile ] She is gonna be there, right? Ooohh!! My sweet Mabel!! Lil' Gideon is comin' for you!


...and winks. Adorably. ]
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It's finally over...

[... And that's all he has to say about it, for the moment.]

As for that mansion-- How long do you think you can keep this up? What do you think anyone will gain from what you have planned?

No good can come from picking apart someone's memories and I don't appreciate the "irony." [He uses finger air quotes.] If things like this have to happen, just get them over with and next time, leave the kids out of it.
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And I thought Pine Tree was stupid! Wow!

SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW, SMART GUY? I'd give you some suggestions, but it looks like ONE OF THOSE ALTERNATE ME'S really did a number on this place. Good luck dealing with that! 'Course, I could grease some wheels if you'd like - I'D JUST NEED A FAVOR DOWN THE ROAD!

[Yeah no. That's not happening.]

SUIT YOURSELF! Just don't come CRYING TO ME when things get hard!
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So I'd say it's about time but we both knew this was coming. Even if you didn't answer my calls and you totally ignored me every time I wanted to, you know, hang out as a player-character thing. But that's okay. I forgive you. It's just good to be back! It's really, really cramped up in your head.

But it's okay. We'll make up for it. After all, this new game is going to be amazing. Even if you totally missed the chance of a lifetime not signing me up for the stage. I mean, c'mon. I was born for this kind of thing.

... Do you think we'll be able to get Dip to come, though?


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