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Looks like someone's as simple-minded as ever.

Don't get the wrong idea, girl. I'm not surprised. You humans are always so quick to forget: bloodshed begets bloodshed. It doesn't matter if it's real or not — a pattern is a pattern. Every time a group of you plays at murder, it sparks another game, and that makes another still. You repeat the cycle over and over again, and no matter how much fake blood you spill, it'll never be enough. There aren't many things more predictable than how easy you make yourselves to use.

But that's why I'm here, isn't it? It's an improvement over the last, I'll give you that. Now, are you going to finish your work, or are you going to waste my time and yours? You know how I feel about losing.
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Listen, lady.

Just 'cause you managed to dust me off doesn't mean a damn thing. I'm not going easy on you this time and the places you have in mind are pretty messed up. So don't think I'll be going along with it all, especially when you have Al to look after in that Quarantine place. Besides, Al's more important anyway and I got other stuff to do. Y'know, like avoiding that creepy Nico kid sitting up here too.
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Thank you for dusting me off. I know it's been a while, but Brother really needs me. You and Brother's mun have talked, after all. Besides, it'll be good to see him again. And make sure he's getting enough sleep.
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You don't really think this is a good idea, do you? Be honest. You left years ago, and deliberately left me behind. You did that for a reason, right?

His canon was more popular, it was fresh and new. You didn't want to let people down, they wanted a canon mate. Which is the reason I'm here again, isn't it? Don't you think failing the first two times with him was clear enough?

We're not all that different, if you couldn't hack it with him five years ago, what makes you think I'll be any better of a fit there? Just because I come more naturally to you?

Don't be ridiculous, you need practice before you go jumping into a game, it doesn't matter which one of us you plan to drag into it. I guess if it's got to be one of us, it might as well be the one you're more comfortable with.

I guess I should be grateful you didn't start me out with a giant dog.
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Hey now, don't tell me you're going all soft on me! Well, not that I can blame you. I'd miss me too if I were you. Who wouldn't?

But don't think I'll let you drag me just anywhere. I got some standards, you know? So if you're planning on doing this again, you'd better send me someplace I can actually take over.

[Greed... is that really the important part...]

Hey, I'm just saying, if you're gonna drag me to some other dimension, you might as well let me go all out. You can't expect me to restrict my avarice to just one universe, can you? You know better than that.

C'moooon, it'll be fun for the both of us!
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Hey, nice to see you again, and no.

Appreciate the thought, but I'd rather stay dead than deal with your shit.

[Yeah, well, at least I don't piss with my leg up.]

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Look, lady. I don't... cuddle or whatever the hell this city is about. But if you're insisting on sending me there, you better make damn sure Al and Winry will be taken care of.
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Why is it my problem if you can't stop thinking about my show? You're the one who decided to watch it five years after it finished! What did you expect?

I don't want any part of your games. I've got far too much to do at home and this won't help with any of it.

Go bother someone else already!
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It's....that day again, huh? But it all worked out in the end, right? Ed kept his promise. They both did.

[Which is clearly the reason she looks like she is all but about to burst into years. Of course. Because happy tears are also a thing guys.]
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Oh. We're here again, Mun-san?

Maybe this time you can find my daddy. [Hand on hips as she puffs herself up to full 5/6-year-old height. She's kinda short though.] I never got to show him Coco.

Hey, Mun-san. If I'm active.... Does that mean we'll go somewhere? Will it be fun? Can I learn more naughty words? [:3c]

But.... I'd have to leave Coco behind. That's not fair.... [Why is life a meanie? :<]
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Maybe you should go back on hiatus. I enjoyed the downtime. It was pretty nice. No crazy world-breaking monster-gods. No homunculi. No Fullmetal screeching at me. [Not that Edward does that often, but... semantics.]

... No coffee. That's something we'll have to address. The rest of it, though... That was all great. Feel free to go on vacation anytime.
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Mun, I appreciate you want to try me and everything but... this username is a bit too much.

I can't show myself like this.
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I fail to see the logic behind this. I don't care just as much as that little abomination you have in here. If he desperately wants those idiots who call themselves soldiers by his side, then he should find them himself. Let him beg.

[Because it's funny, and this stinks of doing a favor for that upstart as well.]
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I fail to see why you would want to take me to this kind of a game. Especially when you haven't done anything proper with me for years, let alone never in this language. It's not like I can stop you and getting out of your head space every once in a while might be fun. I just fail to understand your logic.

But I sincerely doubt your canon point decisions and would like you to reconsider if you do choose to take me to the game. It would not be fun. At least not for me.
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Hello to you too, Miss Mun~! Long time no see, welcome back -- or should you be saying that to me? Let's say it to each other and that works well, right?

No more journeys in the world of Pokemon? That's fine, everyone needs a fresh start sometimes... Even if it's a weird change after all of our years there. Don't worry about it, let's try something new!

But really, you didn't even think about sending me to Genessia before you met Ed here? ...Seriously? [What the hell kind of a logic is that? Seriously considering other games before but not this??]

Well, I guess they always say that it's better late than never. Maybe we'll find some others to join too? I might go insane if I have to be alone in there with Ed, Ling and Greed, who even looks like Ling's twin. [this Greeling in different bodies thing is not going to be confusing at all, nope.]

Anyway! It's great to see you too, I'm glad you're so excited about me again. Don't be so nervous, I'm sure we'll be just fine this time too~! [Some things never change, huh?] And I can't wait to see this new place, so go type my intro there, okay? Yes, good. No, I'm not taking a "No" for an answer to that.
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If the only reason you're interested in me now is my "price," then I recommend you leave. Drop it all and walk away.

My goals haven't changed, nor has my resolve. The only change is my eyesight, and in the end, that doesn't change a thing. Not to mention you know this is a temporary situation, thanks to a certain doctor.

You're wasting my time. Now, if you'll excuse me . . . [begins feeling around for his study notes on the side table. they're all about the country and people of Ishvala]
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Yeah great, so ya finally decided to pick me up. Let's skip the usual crap, okay? I've been around the block and believe me, it gets old. I've just got one thing t' say.

[he WHIPS out his hand and points at seemingly nothing]

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Honestly, dunno why you're bothering. Let's be real, lady. You stick me in those meme things, but that other brat, the one with the teeth's taking up most of the space up here. Even that dragon guy's gotten shoved to the back.

So when it comes to finding some place for me, it's best if you don't waste our time. I mean, it won't likely last, y'know?
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[Hughes shakes his head, an obvious look of disapproval on his face.]

Look, I get it. You're sick and bored and would like something to do. And I'm glad you're thinking of me rather than your other... muses, I think is the term you were using? It's been some time since we really did anything interesting in the Nexus. We've both been busy with life recently.

But I have to warn you off of doing anything while you can't think straight. Nothing good comes from a muddled head. Just relax, play some of those video games you always talk about while you lay on the couch, and try to get some more sleep.

And for goodness sake, eat something. No excuses, either - you're going to waste away if you don't eat something while you're sick.
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I understand you're excited but please slow down Mundane.

Explain first: what exactly is rock music?

I listen to the radio; I know jazz and it has nothing to do with stones.

[ooc: Brotherhood!Roy. Tags from the 03' cast are welcome.]


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