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Mun, glad you finished the game. But I'm beginning to think I'm a burden to you...with you constantly pulling me out only to do nothing because you can't find anything for me.


You feel the same way about me? Why?
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Mun, we've known each other for some time. You've played me for years on end...and now I see you're serious about playing me again.

But seriously, after all the crap I did canonically do you not see why I won't fit in anywhere? This most recent game is merely showing light onto how...I suppose, insecure I can be.

I guess I wish you the best of luck. You could have given up on Archanea lore a long time ago, yet here you are still building on it.


You're thinking about letting me get captured in a game if you play me for reals? Heavens no. You may as well voice test me for eternity and put me nowhere if that's your plan. I guess, stay focused.

This is the fourth time already. Am I really worth more than a burden to you?
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I'm not going.

[It's said with strength and finality and irritation, like someone's been poked and prodded about the idea quite a lot over the past few weeks.]

I'm not going to let you make me think I've failed everyone just so I - just so I might hurt someone I don't even know, someone who hasn't done anything wrong! This is horrific, and I won't have any part in it! Not the cosmos, not the afterlife...not even these "ships" you keep insisting are going to "happen". A sailing ship doesn't appear out of nowhere!

[Lucina no honey that's not what it means]

What can I can I make you stop? This is madness...
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Mundane. Might I speak with you?

[Stand up straight, adjust the cape a little bit, square the shoulders...gotta make a good impression, after all.]

I'm still not sure what purpose this serves, but I don't mind giving it a chance, if you'll have me. Though, there are many of my fellow allies you have yet to recruit. As soon as you're able, we should get back to the task at hand.


Should I be concerned that you find "challenging fate" to be amusing? It is of grave importance and does not warrant snickering. Though I understand you have other responsibilities, I do hope that the aversion of a terrible future is a cause not lost on you...
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Dear player-great job kicking ass in my game! Now, you've just gotta play me.

And I know you can be pervy, but maybe try to do something besides smut? Just sayin', some adventure could be fun. Like these games things, they seem-

You mean they won't even let me *in* one yet? Come on! All because people didn't play the original game that's almost as old as you? Well, you'd better find something fun for me to do. And hopefully find some of my friends, too.
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Me though? Are you sure you wouldn't rather use one of your usual muses? Or is this because of the whole Leo Takumi thing.

[Don't you judge me, woman.]

Now why in the world would you think I was judging you? I think it's adorable that you've suddenly grown so fond of my little brother.
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You're right. The RNG on FE6 is atrocious.

Still, you need to use your head about this and not be so defeatist.

Your lord is average, but there's the fun. So, you'll need to stop throwing him in with the muscle. Keep your chosen units strictly cavaliers, archers, and mages. You have a wall. Use it. When you struggle, spend time at the arena.

[The virtues of turtling.]

And do try not to lose any more soldiers.

Still annoyed? You could always play conquest again.
Or put far more effort into getting me in Heroes.
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Are you sure about this, dear? You haven't even finished... what did you say it's called? Conquest? Whatever you call it, don't you think you should at least see that to its end? Especially since you said you want to do that Revelation thing.

[Sigh] I'm flattered that you thought enough of me to do this, but I will be here once you finish our tale. It wouldn't do for me to be taken away from the war effort before its end, would it? What would Corrin and the others do without me?
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...What a bother. I was in the middle of my break - and a nap. A really nice one, with a really nice dream. There weren't any messes for me to clean up, and I was the coffee king. It was great. [Dwyer yawns.] Don't expect me to start picking up after you, Mun. You're a total mess. You're not even focused on the things you have to do. At least I know how to're kind of a disaster of an offense.

[A pause. Dwyer lets out a huff of a breath, leans on his staff.]

...I think I'll put up a pot of coffee, though. If I'm stuck here, I might as well.
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Ah...well, it seems you did let me out to play. I do feel quite honored, considering how many other muses you've been bringing out lately. Here I thought you weren't going to give me the time of day.

Yet here we are. Don't you worry, sweetie. I'll play nice with everyone else. I promise.
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So you're getting a 2DS and the game that helps you grasp Valentia better.

Good. That's what I wanted to hear. This tells me you're serious this time.
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I don't have time for your 'games' and indecisiveness Mundane.

Ike still has needs for me in our world and it will be remiss of me to be caught up in your foolish plans to procrastinate from your work. Also, this matter of me not being in your 'app game', think nothing of it. I will be there in time.

[ At least he hopes he'll be there... Being too far away from Ike, unsettles him greatly. ]
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Hey, if there's something funny about this name, you've got to tell me, okay? I want to get the joke, too.

I could always figure it out myself, I suppose. I'm sure to come across the reference eventually... who knows, it might be fun! Could you give me a hint? Or should I just start guessing?
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So you want to do memes with me.
I understand the concept, you don't need to explain. Individual throwaway pieces of writing for you, experience for me.

... problems? No. You are going to keep me away from the embarrassing ones, I trust. It wouldn't do well for a member of nobility to be...

"No promises?"

[ his hand tightens on Brynhildr.]
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I am happy to accompany you, of course-- but certainly, milady, it you would do you far better to have Lady Lyndis, or Lord Hector by your side for these adventures into strange new worlds? They were, after all, the more. Favorable choices.

[It's not lost on him that he's comparatively unpopular. :( poor bab.]

But... as [A FATEFUL CHARACTER ROLL???] Saint Elimine has willed me into your capable hands once more, I will do my utmost. Upon the house of Pherae itself, I will.
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Oh no, I'm not complaining about my screen name. Bah, you think I'm that silly? Oh? You do? Yeah, well you see how bad it sounded when I just said it right? Look I'm just a Khan trying to do his best, and you're not making it any easier on me. Gods, Flavia would be crying tears of laughter if she saw this.

Did you even plan on doing anything with me, or were you just so amused by your own 'wit' that you felt the need to broadcast it?


You can't be serious... I'm not really the romantic type you know.
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Um... I'm flattered that you like me, but I'm sure there are far more interesting people you could have chosen . I'm really n-not that impressive, or fun...

Oh, wait, I think I get it. You chose me because they'll all be fine without me. I understand... Th-they've got plenty of healers already, and I don't contribute much. It'll be better for everyone if I'm not in the way.

I guess that means... I'm in your hands. I'll do my best.

Well, mun?

Oct. 29th, 2016 09:26 am
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I'm not surprised. You finally have interest in playing me again.

But the ultimate problem still remains: Where? And how exactly do you plan to manage that when your ability to stick to a plan is about as bad as me getting captured by random brutes?

(She's still clearly annoyed that she's been captured a lot in the past.)

There's your problem. You lack a plan. You emphasize you want to play me again, but can't put enough time in to actually do it. How do you think this is going to play out?

(OOC: Rusty mun playing one of their favorite muses. All tags welcome, because Est's probably going to be hitting herself in confusion a lot from doing this.)
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[Insert a lot of odd growling, low and... possibly confused. The feelers at the back of Kamui's head wriggle slowly, the beast's posture at attention as s/he looks around.

[With what little of Kamui's mind is left s/he dimly wonders what s/he's doing here.]
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Hm. I suppose you could do worse than this.

Don't let your softhearted nature impair me from doing my duties.


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