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You are staying up much too late if you are considering who in other universes I could "hand their own arses" to.

(Even if I agree you might be talking about somebody who needs it.)

So, stop thinking about Doomfist and Freeza, whomever they are, and go to sleep.
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...Why are you grinning so much? [His eyes is focused on that mousy looking girl with the bright poofy hair.] You and the "puppy" would get along well.

Maybe it's best not to let you meet him.

[Because honestly, he wouldn't be able to handle all that unbridled energy. Zack is more than enough for him to deal with on a normal day.]

So what is all this about? You're unfocused.
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Hey hey hey,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting an airbag into a microwave. As long as it's done outside and I'm not standing anywhere near it when it goes kablooey, it's perfectly fine.

And you think I wouldn't have thought this whole thing out beforehand, didn't you?

Oh ye of little faith!

[Responsible adult needed ASAP.]
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Ah, so the interest your friends take in things you can't partake in has sent you thinking back on all the good times, hmm? Like when I remade the entire planet in my image upon becoming a god?

[He sighs.]

Good times... Hm? No? Then why am I here? I'm a busy god y'know. I have things to blow up and cultists to empower to blow things up! I can't just sit around on my kiester waiting for you to do something with me. Though I wouldn't mind having another go at that street rat that stole Terra away from me in the whole war of the gods thing.

He and his little sky pirate friends would be fun toys to break. Heck I wouldn't mind putting a little color into those black leather-clad nimrods as well, even if you are worried about 'spoilers'. The heck do I care about spoilers? Everything is gonna end up a smoldering crater anyway.

[Gasp!] Did I let the big ending slip~? Oh, silly me.
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Hey, I don't like waiting on everyone else any more than you do, but would you relax already?

They'll be here.
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[He doesn't even say anything, just glares for literally minutes.]

What's the point?

[After giving him a taste of his own, silent, medicine, Vincent makes a small, annoyed sound.]

There isn't one.

[Another long pause.]

I was fine, sleeping. [He must do these dramatic pauses for effect.] I belong there.
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[This not-so-charming prince rudely shoves his mun forward with a smirk as he steps out onto the scene. Noct is feeling confident, too confident. He has enough confidence for the both of them considering his mun keeps trying to sneak away.]

C'mon, already! You've been waiting for this for a long time too, right?

[He's not letting her escape after finally convincing her to let him out.]

I'm not going back to that 'headspace' of yours, so you better get used to it.
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It's been an awful long while, but I hope you won't get ahead of yourself. I know that I can be overly cautious, but preparation is important. It's... not that I'm nervous, really.

[ Although she holds herself like she is. Too stiff, shoulders and back straight even though her arms are folded and hands pressed tightly to her arms. Eventually, she does remove one, just to emphasize her words when she speaks, adding in vague little movements with her hand. ]

I just think it would be wise to think things through. I'd rather not take the lead, so I would appreciate the company of my friends if that's at all possible. I'm still adjusting and learning from my mistakes. [ It takes a lot for her to admit this. It's a difficult confession because it means accepting her failure earnestly. ] I... am at my best working alongside others, helping to hone a plan rather than direct it myself.

[ It wasn't as difficult as she thought it might be to say that, though she allows an audible sigh to escape her. Subtle, but still out of her control. It's something she's learning to accept and move on from. Everything isn't possible to control and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. ]

I hope that you'll take my request into consideration.
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It's been years since you thought to have me out like this, mun. I was... actually getting quite lonely! But I wonder... why the sudden change of heart? What made me wake up like this? I don't even know if I can do this anymore.


But we can try.
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No amount of Lords of Verminion matches could prepare me for what you have in store for me.

Yes, I do appreciate the prospect of being in a land without constant war in strife. After everything that's happened so far, I wouldn't be adverse to some rest. Even so, Eorzea waits for no one. If the Warrior of Light is not there, then...

I can only hope time somehow works in a different fashion, so that I can eventually return to my duties without pause.

...It will be nice to see him once more, however, even if I do not want to let go a second time.
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Aww! Missed me, huh?

It's alright, munny-poo. It isn't exactly easy to shake off this Al Bhed girl, so I don't blame ya.
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So, I broke your heart early and you nursed that wound all the way to here? Tch. I'm not sure this is going to make it any better. There's a lot I don't want to relive and a lot of living left to go. Watch what you choose to touch on.

[Any canon point acceptable. Potential spoilers.]
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So you would send me to space. An interesting concept, I do agree, and from what both you and I have experienced the people there are very kind. It seems peaceful enough.

[ There's a pause, before Luna offers a small smile. ]

You'll hear no objections from me. By your hand, then, I suppose.
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You know mun...

You have a problem and I'm staging an intervention.

I love you mun and we've been together for a really time but this time I'm putting my foot down.

1. Leave me out of your shipping and squealing about the Chocobros. Nooooooot my business and I really don't wanna know! So you read your fanfics but leave me out of it. Let the babysitters have their fun!
2. It's okay to think about another game but we're not done with the one we're in. Let's see how things go over there before making any new plans. I knooooow mun, we're being impatient but we should really wait.
3. Um... given my experiences in Valentine's day events from previous games we've been in, can we... not play along?

But otherwise, let's think up some fun stuff to do in the little time we have left at Melodies, yeah?

Anything is fine by me!
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Out of everyone to bring up to the surface, you've decided on me? Honestly I've thought I'd be buried for an eternity, not moved elsewhere for whatever you're hoping for. Are you absolutely sure about this? I don't exactly feel as if I've atoned enough yet.

[and he will never be content with it no matter how many times he's told he's forgiven... sigh]

Just don't have too many expectations if you decide to stick me in one of those places. Remember what happened last time?
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Usually the end isn't something everyone seeks. The middle feels better - there are less questions and less finalities - but in my case...

You chose well. (Her tears are not allowed to fall far before she is wiping them away.) Don't mess it up.
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Huh? [He squints a little.] Wait a darn minute here! Just what's goin' on---

[The former Cavalry Captain squints his eyes some more as he stares at his mun. It's been awhile, a long while. He can't even remember her name anymore. Doesn't help that the broad keeps changing it.]

Well, smack my ass and call me a 'chocobo'! I didn't expect to see you again!

[Shoot! Rygdea is actually happy to see her. It's been years.]

What brings you back to this neck of the woods? Boredom? Nah, you don't get bored easily which means....

[Dramatic pause!]

You're lookin' for trouble!
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You shouldn't be ashamed for being as invested in our journey as you were. After all, any good story should leave an impact on those that partake of it.

If you need to... to grieve, I suppose would be the best word would be for it, then please, do so. You know you have others that feel just as strongly as you do.
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I wonder which one of us is more surprised at my being here.

You seem shocked, but it's really very pleasant for me. Look at all the room I have! And things grow here!

It's odd to feel so..unconnected with the world but also it's very free.

I'm free.

So, maybe it's a good kind of surprise, right?

We can do this, together.


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