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All this time, she's been here... and she never once told me about this 'plan' of hers, or that she was even in the present at all.

{ She helped him design the Eclipse Gate for the sake of defeating Acnologia. Sure, he couldn't go back in time like he wanted, but something good came out of it. Did she really think he wouldn't have been at least mildly interested in a possible Plan B to defeat Acnologia, especially after Igneel's Plan A failed? }

I have no idea what a 'Deus ex Mashima' is, mundane, but I am intimately familiar with the concept of 'disappointment.' If she had so little faith in me, I see no reason why I should not respond in kind.

{ It begs the question; would he have even invaded Fiore at all if he had known there had been another option to defeat Acnologia? Who knows. It'd just be another contradiction, only one that had a small chance of being avoided. }
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I... I had no idea.

[She can't get over the fact that Precht decided to abandon her son. He could have raised him. She would have helped. Of course, given what Precht became afterwards, maybe it was for the best. But maybe the child could have helped him become someone different? Maybe Zeref wouldn't have had to kill him?]

Of course, Mun. It is sweet that Zeref named him after that particular month.

But... why did August choose not to tell him?

[She supposes he never tried to tell her because he thought she was dead and when he eventually found out she was alive, he figured it was too late to tell her. But Zeref? ...Did August think he had been abandoned because none of them actually wanted him?]

If we both survive this war, I hope I get to talk to him.

[Mavis-mun briefly considers telling her muse that August suggested in a chapter 509 than only his mother could defeat him, but she decides to spare her muse for now.]
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Mundane, find Gray. Clearly, I've been too lenient with him. ...And maybe Natsu, just to be safe. [She's okay with going up against someone like Zeref with a plan, but trying to do that without a plan (multiple times) is just suicide.]

I realize that my current situation looks rough, but I refuse to allow any further harm to come to Wendy. I'll figure something out. [What about Gildarts?] ...It's Gildarts. He'll be fine.

...Oh, and be sure to remind me - if Jellal tries anything like what Gray just tried to do, I will hunt him down, either in a place like here or in the next life, and make him apologize.
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I hadn't foreseen this either, Mundane. In his current condition, he has to know how this is likely to end.

{ Zeref should be frowning. He isn't. Actually, he's smiling; a sort of melancholy, knowing smile. Gray really does have a lot in common with Natsu. Almost like... brothers. }

I hope, at least, that Natsu can take comfort in knowing that this will be over quickly.
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I see you're thinking about putting me back in a game, mundane. I figured this would happen eventually, so I've prepared a to-do list.

[Is that really necessary? I mean, it seems a little...]

Number one: complete an application. Looks like that won't be an issue in this case, so I'll consider letting it slide if you follow the rest of the list.

Number two: find more people from Fairy Tail. [The series or the guild?] Precisely. The First is already there... [And Zeref!] ...Don't remind me.

Anyway, the First is there, but more people from the guild couldn't hurt. Natsu and Lucy might have left this place recently, but I'm sure we can find them again. Having Jellal, Kagura, or Millianna around would be ideal as well, though I'd be fine with almost anyone from back home. [Aside from Acnologia. Or Ichiya.]

Number three: don't slack off. From what you've heard, the guild itself is there, and a lot of work will need to be done if it's just myself and the First.

As long as you follow those, we should have no problems with each other.
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And the winner is... )

This is clearly a sign that I need to train more. Mundane, you'll have to find Natsu and Gray - I'm sure Lucy and Wendy could use the practice as well. Maybe even Juvia - it will make for a nice team bonding exercise! [... All of the people she just mentioned, run.]
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Roronoa Zoro, huh?

I've heard a lot about him. If they think I'm a match for him, I look forward to seeing his swordsmanship in person!

[There's a lot to talk about for her own canon, but none of it has been good (from her perspective, at least), so she doesn't have anything to say about that.]
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...Don't ask me, Mun.

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

[Part of her wishes she could ask August or even Zeref about it while another part of her is afraid of hearing the answer. Of course, Mavis being Mavis, she knows curiosity is going to get the best of her eventually.

She sighs.
] ...I wish I could talk to Zeira right now.
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{ A long, awkward silence. }

... There are indeed worse fates than dying at Larcade's hands, but I was not meant to 'end' that way. There is still far too much to be done, regardless. { Another, even longer silence. }

You choose to focus on the strangest details, mundane. His relation to me is irrelevant. He knows his role. That's all that matters.
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It was not a difficult calculation to make, Mundane. I had been puzzled, at first, as to why His Majesty would not allow me to perform my duties and dispose of his opponent for him, only for His Majesty to deliberately hold back and then express regret that the battle did not result in his death.

{ Invel adjusts his glasses, and continues. }

But it all makes sense, now. Why His Majesty insisted that I stand down, why he was able to melt my ice, why the Emperor wished to die fighting this boy.

And now that I've found the Devil Slayer, the least that I can do is ensure that he embraces his true power. If, of course, I am right, and he truly is the one who will defeat E.N.D.

Considering his link with His Majesty's magnum opus, wouldn't that be ironic?
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Look at the board, now, mundane.

{ There's a prideful tone to his voice; victory is within his grasp. }

The Black pawns moved all of the way across the board, and White will soon find that the only winning move left for them is not to continue playing. But... { Zeref frowns. } I will admit...

... The object of Lejenca is to take the Goddess and keep possession of her. I would have preferred to have never lost her in the first place.

{ For a moment, Zeref appears on the verge of tears again; but as quickly as his mood had fallen, it was back. }

There was a time when the fairy's heart could have been given to me, willingly. It was taken from me, that day one hundred-- sorry, ninety-five years ago.

My opponent is the only person I've ever considered my equal, the one who could stand not against me, but with me. It's her turn, now. Let's see what she does. It's not too late to call Eileen off, after all.

Unless she truly does have one last trump card up her sleeve. Natsu may have failed to kill me, but Mavis... She has always been the one thing I've ever had left to believe in.

{ Zeref takes a seat, folding his hands in his lap. }

There's one thing I know for certain: When the dust settles, there will only be one Dragneel left who will be remembered as the hero of this story. Which will it be... Red, Black, or White?
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[After what happened to her in that chapter, Erza's standing there with a blank look on her face, blushing heavily while trying to process it.]


[All sorts of thoughts are whirling through her head - "Where did that come from?" "Wait a minute, was that my first kiss?" "How's it going to work with three of us?" - so she's having a bit of trouble speaking at the moment.]


[So, how do you think Gajeel and Mirajane's team is going to do?]


[What about Eileen being raised in Ishgar? That seems like it could be pretty important.]


[...I'll come back later.]

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What the hell is with that smug look? This isn't over yet--far from it, actually.

That Fairy Tail woman and her friends may have defeated me but they're no match for Lady Eileen. I don't care how similar she and Erza are, as soon as they meet her they're done for.

[ Is he doubtful about that? Nah, never. Maybe a little. ]

Move along now, Mundane. You're wasting my time.
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[Well, that was a doozy of a chapter. Any thoughts?]


I held them off for as long as I needed to; that's all that matters.

[Aren't you curious about all of that possible baaaackstory?]

Whoever I was before, it doesn't matter. The only thing I'm concerned with right now is dealing with Zeref's forces. ...And watching Neinhart get a much-deserved beating.
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Yes, mundane. I know.

{ He's... more than a little peeved at what Jacob did. Irresponsibly using a spell with that wide of a radius where it could have possibly teleported Brandish as well - forget Marin, nobody likes him - aside, Zeref has another, far more important reason to be angry. }

I explicitly ordered them not to damage the Heart. Whatever he's doing, he had better hope, for his sake, that it works.

Chapter 467

Jan. 4th, 2016 07:56 am
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...That was a much longer wait than either of us expected, but it's good to know that things are looking okay for Lucy. At least, they're as good as they can get at a time like this.

Now I just have to hope that Kagura can last until I make it there. [Knowing Kagura, she'd say something along the lines of "don't worry about me, I've got this covered", but Erza can't help but worry.] ...And while you're torn on the matter, I have to agree with Happy - there's got to be a better way to defeat Zeref than Natsu sacrificing himself.

It's hard to say which way these battles will go, but all we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


Sep. 3rd, 2015 11:54 am
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MUN-SAN. Juvia wants to request that you stop throwing her around in those type of memes, especially since it's never even with Gray-sama! What on Earth is he going to think of Juvia now if he ever comes across them?

[ WELL??? ]

[ ... ]

Don't look at Juvia that way! You know exactly what she is talking about!
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...I'm glad that Mavis made friends who can look after her. I can't hold her back from growing up anymore, after all...  But don't think I'm ever letting them out of my sight!  Especially that rude Yuri...

I... Will always look over Mavis's guild. That's the promise I'm making. Even if I can't do much... 

Fairy Tail needs it's fairy, right?
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So you found out the truth...

Well, it's not like I was keeping it secret from you on purpose! I didn't want to know either, you know... I'm pretty sure Mashima wasn't sure, either!

Honestly. Of all the things Yuri could have done... that was probably the best he could come up with.

I guess we'll just have to make up for things in Genessia! Assuming you're finally ready to make posts with me?


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