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Whew! That was a close one, huh?

I knew Master Roshi would do well out there, but he did way better than what you thought, mun! He even got Beerus to respect him! [...Might not want to say that too loudly, Goku.]

Still, maybe he should take a break for now - we don't wanna risk something like that happening again.
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 I appreciate what it is you're trying to do.  Sort of.

...but I don't have time for this.  There are people who need me.  I can't abandon them now.
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I don't know if you realize this, but it's a little exhausting to keep being brought back from the dead.

If you plan to do something with me, just please make sure it sticks.


Jul. 23rd, 2017 10:03 pm
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I-I don't know what you expected, I...

Big sis...she's the one who's gonna beat everyone. She's the strongest in our whole universe. She's much stronger than I am.
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The Saiyans in Universe 6 are really strong, huh? I can't believe one of 'em went Super Saiyan 2 so quickly! An' that other one... That form seems really familiar for some reason, but she didn't even flinch when I hit her!

There's still plenty of time to bring out their full potential - I hope they ain't done yet!

An' hopefully I get to fight Jiren for a bit next time. Other people'll probably get in the way, but even seein' a little bit of his strength would really help!
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Do you believe a God requires worshippers, mortal?

I will simply give you the privilege of being destroyed after the rest.
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Aw man - why'd they end it there?!

It feels like it's taken forever, but it's finally here! Universe 6 Saiyans, the Pride Troopers, all those other universes... I wanna see what everyone can do! Nobody better hold anything back!

Hey, mun! Think you could sleep for a week or so? I dunno if I can wait that long to see what happens next!
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Too bad we don't have more time to train before the tournament starts! If Gohan's this powerful already, I'd love to see how much stronger he can get! An' I'm sure that everyone else has a buncha tricks up their sleeves!

Episode 93 spoilers )
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You mean I might get to fight that Superman guy? [It's a bit more complicated than that, but...] All right! It's a shame I won't be able to go all-out, but it'll be great to see what he can do!

Oh, an' I know you wanna see Mr. Satan show up, but I don't think that's a good idea. With me, Gohan, an' Videl at this Legion place, who'd look after Pan? Chi-Chi would get really mad. [Actually, just the fact that you three are gone might get her annoyed.] ...Uh, can you delete this last part? [Nope, posting it now!] No, wait!
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I don't get it. Isn't it sort of a weird time to try and pull me into things? With the way things are going, a lot is going to change from my timeline or whatever you want to call it. Gods, universal tournaments...

[Goten lets out a low whistle.]

So much for a peaceful ten years. At least dad will get a good work out. No way he could ever settle down for long.

[Uub being the perfect example of that.]

As long nothing gets in the way of my dates, I guess a little bit of action wouldn't hurt.
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Okay, I get it. You're excited with new shows coming up and can't wait to see me in action again. I still don't get how I ended up as a park ranger. I suppose it's something or I'd be laying around all day like certain sister.

So, with the new shows releasing... Will this guarantee me a spot somewhere in one of your games? No wings this time. OH-! And make sure there are cars available to drive. Really, you and I had used to have so much fun together.

[A sigh.]

People out there, lend me a hand. Convince this girl to drop me somewhere cool and fun. Anyone tries to suggest otherwise well... Trust me, you don't want to do that.
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[16 watches his surroundings, face straight, expression even. his gaze barely flickers, rather he just turns his head this way and that. Blank void over there, blank void over here. Blank, blank, blank. Hmm.]

This is not Earth. [He remarks in the barely emotional tone he usually uses. If he was confused, which he was, it's not entirely noticeable.]

I would like to go back, if that is alright.

[A twinge of emotion brings his gaze up.]

There are no birds here.
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[ Since his voice test, Freeza's pretty much had it with this headspace and the one keeping him here. So while she may ramble on about looking for a proper fish out of water setting that'll give him incentive enough to play along rather than explode things or alternately sit around and grump and don't act like that's not what you mostly do, you lazy, petulant little tyrant, he's being remarkably patient, visible to anyone watching. Those eyes seem to get steadily narrower as she suggests maybe a place that will NERF his powers, force him to socialize -- and yeah, he's had enough. That said, his answer comes out probably more polite than his expression suggests. ]

...I don't think we'll be doing any of that.

New arc!

Dec. 15th, 2016 09:34 pm
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This is so exciting! So that universe tournament is happening after all?

It'll be great to see how much Gohan's training's paid off, an' to see Master Roshi and Tien in action again! I ain't too sure who that "Ranger" guy is, but he's gotta be pretty strong too! [He looks a lot like Android 18, which is a bit strange, and he thinks he's seen this person around places like this, but Goku can't recall who he is. Probably because he's never fought #17 before.]

And if the eleven other teams are this big, that means there'll be... [One, two, three...] a lot of really powerful people! Dunno why Monaka ain't there, but maybe he's busy. [...Sure, let's go with that.]

Hey, mun! Once this starts, can you do that "updating" thing? Okay, thanks! [Goku's not even waiting for his mun to reply - his mind is racing with the possibilities of what they could be dealing with.]
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Dearest mundane,

I must admit, I'm impressed by your cleverness, as well as your tenacity at wanting to "puppet" the real me and not that crude joke version that you're all too fond of. However, your rash nature and inability to commit to anything cancels out any positive "brownie points" you may have earned.

[S-shut up.

Zarbon does a casual head flick to drape his braid over his shoulder. Beautiful as always. Sob.]

Prove to me you're worthy of my inhabiting your headspace. Because at the very first sign that you're going to soil my reputation - or even worse, Lord Frieza's...

Well... You don't want to wind up like those Namekians, now do you?

[I let you out to play and this is the thanks I get?]

Exactly. Now run along, my repugnant mundane. We both have much to do - and my time is worth far more than yours.
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Dunno what was with that Torishima guy [It's Mashirito... never mind, you won't remember it anyway.], but it was great seeing Arale again! Guess her bein' a robot explains a few things, and it was a fun break from that boring job!

An' what's baseball? Is it that thing that Lord Beerus ate? 'Cause I don't want that. [Sure, Beerus seemed to like it at first, but Goku doesn't want to be stuck with those after-effects.]
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I suppose you're expecting me to thank you for the medical treatment -- if you're even the one responsible.

[ ...Whenever that was supposed to have happened. All he remembers is floating in space -- the phantom itch of missing limbs and the slow crushing reality of his defeat dawning on him in his last moments of consciousness -- and the less of that he lingers on the better. Now that everything is fine, there's no point, is there? He is Freeza. He is alive and well. He has outdone his ancestor and fully recovered from battle with a Super Saiyan and sitting at ground zero of a planetary explosion. So now for the easy pa-- ]

And do stop your fussing. [ Really. How condescending. Even if there were reason, even if anyone were to dare worry about him -- that's what parents are for. ] You obviously went to great trouble to arrange this meeting, and given the circumstances, I'm at least momentarily inclined to indulge you.

[ His eyes narrow. ]

So speak up: What do you want?
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Well, it's not like I couldn't use a vacation...

But I don't want to imagine what might happen if I'm separated from Lord Beerus, either.

[What he's really saying is that guy needs constant supervision.

The job of god babysitter is full time, after all.
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I'm surprised you're not bringing the newbie out here. Then again, I guess there was no way anyone could hope to compare to my charm! Hee hee.

...Just so we're clear, I'm definitely the stronger of us two.


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