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I don't know why you're so nervous. You've played other characters like me before. Well, yes, of course they weren't as polite, calm, cool, and collected as I am. But that's the fun for you.

[The writer points out that he has a temper and doesn't know where this 'calm, cool, collected' statement comes from.]

Well there's an easy way around that: don't anger me.

[He chuckles softly. Well, at least one of them is amused.]

Look, you're going to be fine. Everyone is going to be so excited to see any Rhys, they'll forgive any shortcomings until you're caught up. Besides, you read my canon, not like I'm actually in any of the games, so, you know enough about me to get by.

Just take a deep breath and go!
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Of course you're nervous! You picked me, of all people, to "play," so of course you'd be worried about expressing my glorious self the way I properly am. Even so, I know quality, you know quality, so it was bound to happen sooner or later.
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 You can't be serious.

The cat... creature is cute. A lovely gesture, under any other circumstance. But the state of -- everything else? Magic and other powers only present in animals? The Fade gone, my friend gone?

[You forgot the taint's gone! That's a plus, right?]

You can't force me there. It's wrong. Unnatural. It's... exactly like all my nightmares of being made Tranquil.

[Listen, buddy, you can't tell me you don't deserve this. You're lucky you're not dead.]

I would rather have died a thousand times than have my magic ripped from me.

[Kinda SOL there, then.]
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I don't know what you expect of me. You have no job to offer and I don't have any interest in taking part in your amusement.

[His lips curl up into the slightest hint of a smile.]

Maybe you would have better luck with Tessa.
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Well, this is… interesting. Can’t say I’m not flattered, but I really wouldn’t have thought you’d have made me the figurehead of this new venture. Assumed you would have gone more in the pointy-eared, prematurely gray and perpetually disagreeable route. I suppose I really should be applauding your good sense, even if this does lead to more trouble for me down the road.

And  yes, about that. Speaking of, is it too much to ask that you turn the good ship “Trouble and Angst” around and leave me be for now?

… Right. Stupid question.

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Congratulations on a job well done. I know it must have taken an extraordinary effort on your part to achieve this victory. While parts of it may be chalked up to a well timed Jar of Bees bombardment, in the end it is your dedication in the face of overwhelming odds that brought us here. Not to mention the temptation to walk away, quote, “If this game crashes one more time I swear I’ll just pretend I beat the boss.”

No pretending necessary. Here we are. What happens now? Have you decided yet? Tell me if you’ve any suggestions. My schedule should be clear for the foreseeable future.

Two weeks, tops.

Yours Sincerely,
Inquisitor Lavellan
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I'm going to have no dignity left at all when you're done with me, am I?

... Right, right... silly question.
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Right, okay, you, whoever you are, are not in charge of me, got it?

Also, I get to decide what's fun and what's not. Get on my good side, and then maybe I'll listen if you can come up with something I like.
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You didn't actually spare me anything, you said you were "saving it for a special occasion". That is not the same thing.

[ He stares at the subject line hovering above him in meta space. ]

None of that is-- [ Cullen groans. ] Maker's breath, I loathe you.
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It's just a day. You shouldn't cry. It will be over soon.
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Ah, so you wish to make me the butt of the joke again. First, Dorian didn't recognize me and now you wish me to hunt again.

[Mahna looks down at his left shoulder where the fabric of his sleeve is pinned.] I do hope you realize I cannot draw a bow with...

[He pauses, his expression tightening. Perhaps the loss isn't so easily laughed off. Dual-wielding is also out of the question. For a former hunter, he feels quite naked.]

Who would fear a one-armed assassin? I'm sure even the nugs would laugh.
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I do not believe you chose me at random. Andraste guided me to your side because it seems you might have need of me. I have met so many along my journey - some who still hold a piece of my heart. I cannot help but think whatever adventure you might have in store for me will be a fine one indeed!

[ Her voice softens slightly, an almost conspiratorial look finding its way to her face. ]

Perhaps, if it's quiet enough... I might hear the Maker once again.
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Maker's breath, no. This venture of yours is foolish enough as it is; the ridiculous name you've given me only makes it worth. If you refuse to let me return to my duties, "Commander" will do.

That said, I'd rather you forgot about me entirely. Corypheus may be dead, but there are other important matters to see to, and I dislike being idle.

At the very least, you could allow me to spend time with my dog in this...wherever this is. He still needs training.
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Fascinating. I did not think such feats were possible. I have encountered possessions of various kinds before, but with the involvement of spirits, not solely between people.

[He pauses as he considers this, head tilting slightly to the side.]

Very well. Since you are determined, let us see where this path leads us. There are many worlds here, some I would never have even deigned to imagine, even in the Fade. That, at least, should prove interesting.
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You're actually starting to consider this, aren't you? And let me guess, I conveniently missed my opportunity to object. [ Sigh. ] Yes, I suspected about as much.
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We're really doing this, then? Looking for a game or at least people to talk to? [ she sighs quietly. ] Alright then. I suppose it can't be worse than the Blight.

[ ... ]

That wasn't a challenge. Please don't take that as a challenge.
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.. You make it sound as if I'm laying traps. [ a beat. ] I'm not, for the record. And while we're talking about this, don't you think it's about time you-- what's the word.. 'canon-updated' me? I'm not doing anyone any favors by being behind times.

Honestly.. yes, I'd like to see everyone again. [ so, so much, at least to know they're safe. ] Of course I would, they're as like to family as I have outside my clan. But I'm not sure that that place would be the safer option.

Besides, if we wind up trapped out in the jungle for the foreseeable future, can you even begin to imagine how annoyed Dorian would be?
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... A holy war, and dead gods. Those are the options you're presenting me with?

[ Maker preserve him; it feels almost as though the Inquisition's been reborn a second time. ]
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Trust me when I say I know bad ideas. I've been involved in a few. Believe it or not, even a sound-minded dwarf such as myself will make some. Has made some.

And this is one of them.

So let's pack up our things and go our separate ways. It'll just be one more nightmare we can try forget about.
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As flattered as I am for this extended bit of attention, I have to warn you about stretching yourself too thin with this. Take it easy, slow and steady is that saying where you're from, right? Know your limits, only push them when you've got yourself secure footing from where you're standing now.


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