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I don't see why I have to wait a month to set up Torchwood, but fine, it's not like I trust him with money anyway.

But you are out of your bloody mind if you think I'll be a cafeteria worker or wait tables.

Just cross it right off.

I'd rather go back to unemployed traveler according to the Anne Droid, than that.

Yeah whatever, talent agent or ringing up the science research companies to see how they pay test dummies will do fine.

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...well, it's about bloody time, if you ask me.

Sure hope this one has a better sense of direction, mind you.  And decency.  And style.  Could use a bit more common sense, I s'ppose, but I won't be holding my breath there.  Wouldn't be The Doctor otherwise.
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D'you think he listened to me?

[ Bill isn't sure how the whole thing works but if Missy could do it, it stands to reason that the Doctor can do it too. ]
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The new rooms are brilliant mundune. The children are going to love them. However, I don't understand why you're thinking the Tardis needs a bank safe that I could walk into and have gold coins inside. Whut am I going to do with gold coins? In fact - what am I going to do with money? ... You want me to jump in and swim in gold coins?

... Okay... Okay. Oh, you are insane aren't you?

doctor who.

Jul. 9th, 2017 01:57 am
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You never were any good at timing.

No matter which face I wore, I suppose you and I have always had that bit in common.
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Spoilers of course )

And if you think I have the slightest amount of patience for your idea of being trapped in a place again, with even more crippling limitations than the last one, you are sorely mistaken.
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Going a bit overboard aren't we? I mean, I know you like to torture yourself, but you've already watched it three times!

Spoilers and Naval Gazing )

[He claps his hands together loudly.]

Right! On to pressing matters. I'm grateful that you've decided to thread some things out and that you want to write out those little stories about me. But you've honestly got more important writing to do. I know your plan is to not write those things until Tuesday, but that doesn't mean that you can't be thinking and processing them. And really, it's best if you leave me out of the picture, before they all think you're crazier than they already suspect.
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Mundune no.

Eight has been akumaized. Nine has pledged his allegiance to Endos. You don't need to be thinking on how to add me to this list

Stop it. Stop it right now. Just because I'll will myself into a zombie state doesn't mean finding a loop hole.
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I don't know if I'm ready to be a big brother. Can I stay younger?

[oh honey if only everyone had that as a choice]
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Mun why are you surprised by the Doctor's actions. I'm not. He is who he is no matter the face. I am disappointed UNIT took a back seat this time, but what can you do. I'm just glad he's having fun this time around. The whole Missy issue...well the less said about her/him the better. I know I'm not one of those names as lovely as the thought might be that I was. People I care about tend to forget me now and then, 
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So! This is it? I am to be doomed to death by passion at the hands of a pretty blonde?

Really, mun, I'm as confused by this as you are but for the sake of what little sanity I've left- could you refrain from cackling like a hyena at the prospects this brings with it? I am not as 'innocent' as you seem intent on insisting. Body perhaps but mind no- which is something else I lay full blame on you for.

Twenty years you left me in your mind and not even five months of active play; and this is how it ends!

[Dramatic Doctor is being Dramatic. While mun laughs hysterically!]
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Listen, I don't like it either, how do you think I feel? Like I've just cleaned a sink drain with my bare hands. And also like knowing you'll read the end of your favourite book very soon. And also being the book. You know what? Forget all those comparisons, they don't even go to the same thing. There's mixing metaphors and then there's simile salad. And for the record, no, I couldn't be professor of a class in "not touching an emotion" because obviously I'm not particularly good at it.
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So, you've remembered I exist. How thrilling. Do you expect me to be grateful? This isn't exactly my favorite incarnation. Do you know how much upkeep human bodies require? The amount of sleep alone is obscene. I don't know why he likes them so much.

So, are we going to find him or what?


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