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Now hang on a moment. I'm all for traveling around and exploring everything without a place in mind but this is a bit too far.

Least with the Doctor I know something will eventually happen. What promises can you make?

[So skeptical and just sort of glaring now.]

Can't even take me to that one game you're in, since you already have someone there and, well can't very well play both of us.

And yes he is amused by all this.
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He's spent seventy years guarding a box. That’s a laugh.
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You are all so surprised that I'm clever? Honestly, I'm surprised I manage to survive so long if that sort of a thing happens.

[He is just so very smirky.]

Really it wasn't even difficult, I even tricked you into going along with it. You mentioned constructs and well a bit of research, elbow crease and quite a bit of oddball, offbeat madness and suffice to say- I win.

[Waves off any attempt mun has to speak!]

Twaddle, simply have to rethink a bit or react...retract perhaps and obviously reconsider. That's all, nothing more. Ta!
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What do you mean you need a rewatch? Icons, yeah, I get that - I have more six expressions, you know... but you're already putting me on memes, aren't you? And replaying all those frozen moments Doctor whatever was talking about... Replaying me in your head.

I think I've already moved in.
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Oh, you're back, then, are you? Funny, what a difference a day makes. Or several days. Hours, even. A veritable cluster of them. You know, I never know which come first. Then again, who's keeping score?

Anyway, time waits for no one. Not even me, it would seem. But we've always known that, you and I. After all these years, all these faces of mine you've collected; you still carry on, don't you?

Let's get on with it, then, shall we? Places to go, people to see. Why stop now?
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Stop trying to "corrupt the chibi!" You're going to take what makes him cute and just pervert it, and then where will you be, yeah? And I'm not Jack. No 51st century need to spread out humanity and dance with everyone.

So can we lose the domestic approach for just a bit, and focus on some real things? Music's fine, but you know there's still giant spiders, a lot of timey wimey shenanigans, and fairies to deal with, yeah? Just a touch more important, don'tcha think?

And I would not try to "one-up" Sarah Jane like that! Lay off it already! Get your head onto other things! I bet Bill won't have to deal with these stupid problems. [Huff!]
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... hello there. Hello again, I should say! Thought I might have scared you off. Thought you might have scared me off.

I'm happy to report, of course, that we've experienced a great lack of both scaring and offing. Which is about as much as anyone can ask in these circumstances.

Have we got plans? Eh? Cancel all of them, if we have. Clear the books out, because I! Am! Ready! To improvise!
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Thanks, self. You had to bloody well make her immortal. What were you thinking? You know that isn't a solution to anything! You know it makes it worse instead of better! Were you so cross with her that you decided to torture her for all eternity?

If I ever meet you in person we're going to have some words, me and me. And if I don't smack you around that empty ball of nothing you call a head, you can count yourself lucky.
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Oh, I like her.

Don't go all soft on me now. It's time for someone else to give it a go. You know it, I know it; you'll enjoy every minute of it. Besides, you and I both know you couldn't shut me up properly if you tried.
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Stop stop stop stop! It's bad enough when he licks wood and things, do ya really need to encourage it?

[ALL THE FACEPALMING.] I just want to focus on the musical. You already know the fallout after this is over is going to be intense, stop making it worse! One of him's poisoned, one's abducted by aliens, and the other's running away, and I just wanted to enjoy Grease the Musical without it being interrupted by Phantom of the Opera licking all the ropes.

I can't even go to the library without you makin' that into a production, now can I? Just slow yer roll and stop for once. Bad enough you can't even let me listen to music in peace. And now I have to find a steampunk prom dress on a week's notice?! [Double facepalm, biting back a scream. Evil mun is evil.]
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Well - thar's Doctor Hooves... Why not Doctor Duck? After all they both are handsome [playful eye wink]

(Trailer also David Tennet voices Scooge McDuck)
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D'you really think I've got nothing better to do than wait around to maybe get shipped off to some place I don't even want to be? I'll tell you right now, you've got another thing coming if that's the case!

What am I even supposed to be able to do for anyone in a place like that? And I don't mean being kidnapped or trapped right there with 'em for who knows how long-- how am I supposed to be able to help? There was someone qualified for it standin' two feet to my right if you wanted to go save the day.

And since you haven't dragged him out here, and since I haven't exactly got a handy 'everyone goes home' button in my back pocket, you could stand to be honest about whether or not you're doing this for a laugh!
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Let me get this fucking straight. Like golf club straight. A straight as that metal rod and the lines on the end that I'm going to use to beat you with. That level of straight.

Not only do you wish to stick me in fairy fantasy school-land, as a teacher, no less, and without political memories.

You want to fuck up my memories so badly, store them in a watch and try to play me as a second person hiding inside another.

I'd ask if you were out of your bloody mind, but I can see: YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! Fuck! This is beyond madness! This isn't even Spartan levels of insanity! This is literally more insane than if you just decided to give me lycanthropy and make me a god damn double-twatted werewolf! I won't do it!
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There is entirely too much mourning of past times in your mind for me to understand. The past is not lost, even to linear beings - is that not what memories are for? And most of the events you mourn were not even pleasant experiences. Quite the opposite, rather. I would vastly prefer not to relive them in your mind's eye.

Instead, you ought to look to future adventures. Onwards to new experiences; preferably more positive ones, if they are to involve me. Change is inevitable, so you had better enjoy it.

I did like experiencing snow for the first time, though. And being a unicorn.
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Mundune, I'm beginning to grow concern on why thar's more of me. Care to explain? Is the multiverse going to end and therefore trying to gather all of me up in one place?
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I'm always okay. How long will it take to get it through that pudding-brain of yours? I always find my way eventually and it's no different with this. I just need you to stop pestering me.

[What about Nardole?]

What!? Nardole? Are you kidding me? I don't need him. He'll just make me have conversations about serious things. Then he'll complain about the way I decide to try to save planets. He's just too...

[Good at being a companion for you? Good at saving your butt? Good at piloting the TARDIS?]

Okay, yes, he's gotten very good at piloting the TARDIS, even if he doesn't do it the way I want him to, and he's good to have around when I'm in a pickle. But, look, I have plenty of people around me. I don't need any more.

[Long-suffering sigh.]

Listen to me. If there was a Nardole out there, and that's a very big if at this point, who's to say he would want to join me on anything? Why don't you go and update those icons?
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[He's quiet for several moments, tapping his chin.]

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.

[Another moment of contemplation.]

This changes everything you know. To a degree. I won't know, but they will. He will, she won't. It's horribly confusing and absolutely brilliant. Unexpected.

[He breaks into a large grin suddenly.]

Rose Tyler.

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Yes, yes, you're very clever.

[Which is spoken in his most sarcastic tone.]

It's not like they didn't tell you exactly what that was all about in the previews. But, that's not the real issue, is it? The real issue is what are you going to do with me now?

I mean, it's great and all that this further confirms your ability to write me, but you know where things are going in that game. And because you understand how to write me, you know what it's going to do to me.

I know that I don't have any desire to go down that road. But anything else would be - what do you lot call it? - Oh, yes, "out of character". So the question is, do you bow out gracefully now?

No, I'm not going to make this decision for you. You got yourself into this mess and this isn't the kind of mess I clean up. So make up your mind and decide what you're going to do.

[OOC: Spoilers possible in the comments, though not really spoilers if you know S4.]
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This is becoming more and more Beauty and the Beast and Phantom of the Opera you realize. A secret engagement now? That I can't tell one Doctor about or even talk to him about for a month? Which means not telling anyone else, because he's going to be the first I tell. Maybe ONLY. I said it already, if he's not okay with it, I can't accept. So lessee, he's been compared to the Beast, and now the Phantom. You know he's plenty handsome though. This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

And if the Prince "Raoul" does snog a bunch of other women just because there's mistletoe and it's Christmas and it's him, you can bet the Beast is going to hear about it. Long before a secret engagements or anything else.

Can't you focus on the serious things? Kidnappings, torture, cybermen, slavery, accidentally telling him daleks still exist, Lady Me letting slip the fact that I accidentally made Jack have to die and live again and don't even have a chance to tell him how sorry I am; no, you're spending your time on this drama and letting the others design wedding dresses. You muns have your priorities way off kilter.


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