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[She floating calmly in the air, eyes closed and an air of serenity all around.]

I understand the nostalgia, considering what approaches...and I might have far, far more mobility than I have had before.

[She opens her eyes, a bit more annoyed than before.]

But I hardly see the effort or need to 'help' mortals. I am happily retired at the mansion and intend to live out my restless eternity watching those who have joined us.
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Well hello dear,

Oh this is just lovely, absolutely lovely!

But you know, I am a busy fairy, being headmistress and all.

At the very least, I need to be home before midnight, I think we can compromise on that, at least?

Yes, I thought so!

And you mentioned I might be able to see all my students? Oh, now that would be just so nice!

And I must say, I love the name!

Now, mustn't dawdle, you have lots to do!


Fairy Godmother
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If I heard you correctly, you claimed that the original film was "superior in practically every way" to ours. So I'm a little confused as to why we are here in this time and place. I've little interest in it, and last seen, you had many other things to consume your time. I'm flattered, of course, and thank you for the use of my human face as well as my more...beastly expression. Though I could do without that, if you'd care to listen.

What was that?

Well, of course Belle's presence here would change things. That's not even a question!

...I suppose it is good to know, from the start, that you do not play fair.
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Hmm... Guess I don't quite fit into either of the Disney tags...

A-anyways. Hi there! I guess a formal introduction would be a little weird at this point. You know me, and I guess-- I guess I have to know you, don't I?

The point... right. The point is, that while I'm usually happy to work with newcomers to the business, I'm not sure how I feel about--

Actually, yes, I am sure how I feel about this arrangement you have planned. I don't like it all! I don't want it, and I'm pretty sure the fans don't either!!

... well, most fans, anyway. This bunch might be one of the weird ones, huh? Good grief.

Voice Test

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:50 pm
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I stand by what I said. He would look good with a beard. [She is entirely unapologetic about that comment.

Her grin fades to a look of intense curiosity.]
You said I could meet book characters? Are you fibbing? How is that possible?

[Says the girl who lives in a once enchanted castle.]
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So. You didn't like it, but you still went through all this trouble...? In that case, I have a new quote I shouldn't know for you: "Same story, different version, all are true." I'm just as me, no matter how you tell it.

...Although. I think you're right, there is something to be said about falling in love with, oh, I don't know, another fully developed grownup??? If I wanted to be someone's mother, I wouldn't have said no to Gaston's dog/fireplace/massage/whatever fantasy. Beurk.

Mais, je suis heureuse. And I intend to remain so, whatever my next adventure might be (or what my previous adventures were)!
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Good morning, player! ..... It is morning, isn't it? Technically? Well, let's just go with that, okay? I'm happy to see you're taking me out. I knew you were a sucker for my character type, given some of the others I came across in your headspace.

I'll let you be lazy for the next couple of days, but when Summertime comes, oh man am I gonna badger you! I want a game to play in. I need a game to play in! After so many indulgences of my imagination, I'm super interested to see if the real fantastical, spectacular stuff out there matches up! [Giggles]

Oh yeah, don't worry - I'll be fine! I've survived as many dangerous and potentially fatal situations I could think up, so I don't get why you're so hung up about the idea of me meeting some sudden, tragic end! Sheesh!
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[Here's a handsome man talking to a reflection of himself. Yes, you saw quite right.]

I told you I wasn't done with you, you gorgeous beast. Now that all of that is over, I have all the time in the world just for you. Who needs anyone else when I have you gorgeous being. Looking so very handsome every day, acting just the way I want you to. We're meant for each other and no one deserves you better than I.

Everyone in this world is missing a great deal. Yes, yes indeed... to miss out on such a catch. I tried to offer myself humbly to her, but did she listen? No. But that's over now. You're now all I care about.

[... ... ]

Oh, were you still here, miss mun? I congratulate you on your great taste, but as you see I am terribly busy. So be on your way. I do not need you here when I have all I need right here.

[He makes another very seductive look at the mirror.]

Oh yes. Who needs anyone else...

[Why did I end up with this muse in my head, thinks the mun to herself in a sigh.]
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Complete and utter royalist propaganda. Terrible propaganda at that. [Take a seat, he's feeling impassioned by this-] I have three main complaints.

First, the overstated metaphor of the entire narrative: the land where a prince does not rule his people is cold and barren- winter in the middle of summer. The people without their 'rightful' ruler are little, small-minded, scared by the mere mention of magic and other superstitious nonsense. Yet once their lord returns the sun shines and the people are overjoyed.

Second, the lesson this arrogant prince is completely incidental to his true crime. His treatment of the servants cursed alongside him, and, we can safely assume, the people under his rule. His love for the young woman shows no sign of redeeming this fault as he returns to his opulent lifestyle once his humanity is restored to him.

Which brings me to my final, and greatest, complaint: they set the young woman up as a progressive and educated ideal for the masses, only to have her fall in love with the prince- the very symbol of their oppression! We, it must be inferred, are likewise to see the monarch as an at-times boorish but kind-at-heart and benevolent force in our lives.

Bah. How any reasonable, well-informed person can be entertained by such insipid pandering to the crown is beyond me. It is intolerable.
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You're totally sick, you know that?

Believe you me, I'm down for a little bit of murder mystery every once in a while. But not without a paycheck, and certainly not when there's innocent lives involved.

...Jesus, I can't believe I might actually end up missin' Toontown.

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User, I am acutely aware that I am working myself into a 'miserable wreck' as you so delicately put it. Just as I am acutely aware that I am not Zuse or Eckert. Just as I am acutely aware that I do not have the musical prowess of the DJs or their unquestionable talent for choosing just the right songs to entertain the crowds. And yet here I am, having to do all of their jobs and do them exceptionally well if the club is to survive and thrive in its new home.

I do believe I am entitled to feeling a little out of my element and stressed.
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You're seriously considering this? [He exhales, practiced calm giving way to some real annoyance. He gesticulates, persistent yet vague, folding and unfolding his hands.] How do you expect to live with yourself?

If you kill Paarthurnax, that's it. I'm walking out. We're too fundamentally different to make this roleplay thing work.

[He likes to backseat drive while the mundane plays videogames.]
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To answer your unspoken question, no. I'm not sure that I am ready to run End of Line by myself, but should it appear in my new home next month I won't let it rot or be claimed by another. I will do my best to restore it to its former glory and its former purpose. Reclaiming it on my own will be painful but it's something that I have to do. For them. For myself.

So long as one of us lives the End of Line will always return. Zuse and Eckert may be gone but I am very much alive, and I will not fail.
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"Voicetesting"? [The term is met with a head tilt as Giselle brings a finger to her lips in thought.] What ever does that mean? [It only takes half a second for her to come to a conclusion of her own--] Oh! Are we going to sing, Miss Mun?

[With a whimsical twirl, she clasps her hands together.]

I know so many wonderful songs, and oh-- you have such a lovely taste in music, too! What shall we sing?

[Actually, Giselle--]

We did just meet, after all. Oh! A song of friendship would do nicely, don't you think?


It's always nice to meet a new face or two~! Someone who can think of fun things to do~!

[And off she goes, skipping about and singing to her own little melody. Join in or stop her--? She probably won't mind either way.]
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I'm glad that you find my imminent demise and the events that will follow so entertaining. At least someone in the equation is benefiting from it. Those little perks that I will be gaining upon my eventual revival are barely worth sending me back to that miserable little box of a system to derezz for. Especially compared to what I will be losing, temporary though the loss will be.
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You could take a little less glee in the prospect of killing me. Yes, the death and resulting memory loss upon my revival will be temporary, but that will not fully negate the impact it will have on myself and those that consider me a friend. Strange as it feels to use that term...

No one knows what I am. As far as they are concerned, I am human. There will be questions asked if you do what you plan on doing. Questions that I may not be ready to answer.

Not that that matters to you. I don't know why I even bother trying to argue with Users anymore.
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So they're showing my movie on Monday and you're going crazy already? You do realize you've already seen it, like, a dozen times. What good is one more going to do?

[ They're not just showing your movie, they're showing all the old Disney Channel Original Movies! ]

Big whoop. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna swim away now.
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I can take care of myself. You're letting two specific incidents that occurred in the span of a year make you believe otherwise. There were extenuating circumstances in both cases, unexpected sets of challenges that I wasn't prepared for, but I still handled the situations well enough. I survived. Just as I always have.

Don't underestimate my capacity for survival.
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You and I are both abundantly aware that this is not a good idea by any measure.

[Attention, everyone. The furry anti-fun police has arrived.]

You are a most stubborn sort. It is not a matter of being against fun, but rather against... shenanigans. Do you understand?

[Correction. The anti-shenanigans police is officially on patrol.]

...indeed. I thought not.


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