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Well well,

This is a surprise. A pleasant one, though, I admit. It did take you quite some time to extend the invitation, of course, but considering who else shares this... space, I suppose I can understand.

I must say, I am quite pleased that I was created only out of spite, you'll certainly not hear me complain about such matters.

However, what I do find most distressing is that you have no intention of putting me in one of those lovely games! Why, I'm sure such places would welcome me warmly and wholeheartedly.

Do find a place, my dear, I am told I can be quite a dragon when I am upset.

With only the highest regards,
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Pulling me out from shopping like that! How rude can you get?

And what sorta name is that? You couldn't do something about my beauty or grace or poise? No, it has to be, of all things, about Donald when you have ME as the muse?

You're just lucky I'm not insulted!

[That's because you're madly in love with him, Daisy.]

That is BESIDES the point.

Well, you dragged me from my shopping, do you have a plan? Do you have something you intend on DOING with me, or are you just going to let me collect DUST and waste my time?
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Let me make myself clear right now, Mun.

I have a hundred better things to do than let you do absolutely nothing with me. Oh sure you THINK you have plans for me but I know just what's gonna happen. I'll sit here up in your headspace along with all those other muses you decided to pick up at some point and you'll forget all about me within a week or so when you realise no one actually wants to interact with you or the character you decided to pick up on a whim.

I have enough on my plate taking care of Raps' and even more so that flake of a untrustworthy idiot boyfriend of hers (No offence, Rapunzel.) to be doing whatever it is you may think you want to do with me.

...And no I'm not gonna volunteer to keep an eye on that super active muse of yours. I don't get paid enough to deal with the kind of trouble she gets herself into. However if you want to throw me at some of her friends I may be able to deal with that.

Yes, even the giant. He doesn't seem that bad.
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Well, I wouldn't say he's as grumpy as my Grumpy, but he does come close and he's most certainly trying as hard as he can! He's a bit too quiet to be as grumpy as my Grumpy though.

I'm not too worried. Grumpy didn't like me at first either, but we'll just have to see who is more stubborn, him or me.
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Do you think the Junior Woodchuck guidebook says anything about this place?
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You an' I both know this isn't goin' to work. These sudden urges of yers don't go nowhere.

[Well of course they won't with that negative attitude, missy. Merida rolls her eyes and picks up her skirts, sitting herself down with a huff and crossing her arms over her chest.]

I miss a lot of people, sure, but s'not like I'm goin' to get to see them. All this wishy-washy nonsense of yers. [More quietly, leaning forward and draping her arms over her knees;] 'Sides, they've probably forgotten about me.

[She waves her hand.]

Och, I'll be fine. As long as I've got Angus, I'm fine, ye know that.
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Oh, c'mon, where's your sense of adventure? Don't tell me you're chickening out. We barely got started...!

( a small pause and then a tiny sly grin spreads across her face; saying in a sing-y tone: )

Ya knnnnnooowwwww, if you give it chaaaance - you might just like it~♪.

( giggles. )

Besides, I'm not going to leave you alone otherwise. ( she places her hands on her hips with her head held high.) -- So we should just get going. I wanna be out there to the great unknown.
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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

It's about time I get some recognition around here!

[That's your takeaway, Donald? Out of that whole thing?

Oh, what am I saying? Of course it is.]

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I've got to say, you've been handlin' yourself quite well lately! You've certainly got a drive that I can admire, between the two games and activities in both, on top o' everything else.

Now, onto business. So, that Cosmographia place is goin' to end fairly soon here, and just after getting back in. You may be feeling a little conflicted, but it's going to take more than that to deflate the spirit of Scrooge McDuck! I still intend on starting a business there, just as soon as I see what niche I can fill, and it looks like I ought t'have plenty of time to expand it in. That'll all sort itself out, it always has.

Speaking of businesses, I hope it's sooner rather than later that you intend to get back to the replies I've been gettin' on the one I'm opening in Verens! I've had a bonnie good turnout so far, and I'm nae letting that get away from me. I've got no more solid idea of its name than you do right now, but if there's one thing I know how to do, it's name an establishment.

Death Battle spoilers? Is that a thing that matters? )
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So. Gonna be a long summer, huh.
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You're totally sick, you know that?

Believe you me, I'm down for a little bit of murder mystery every once in a while. But not without a paycheck, and certainly not when there's innocent lives involved.

...Jesus, I can't believe I might actually end up missin' Toontown.

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Look, right now I don't even mind that you're rippin' me outta Disneyland, you're giving me exposure, and you know I'm never one to turn down the opportunity to meet new fans! I'm sure the lovely cast members'll be able to run my service station in my absence just fine! So, what's this game like? Is it like the last one, where I'm gonna be in some weird new --


hold on just one second,  it's a what?!


I'm a toon, and a hero at that, I ain't cut out for this kinda stuff! Me? Innocent little old me? Committing a felony?! I would ne--

Hey, hey hey, I didn't end up killin' him, ya know! Just cause I maybe gave it some consideration doesn't mean I would've actually done it.


[sighhhh] Look, as long as ya promise you'll let me have some fun too while I'm at it, okay? Good.

(Oh, PS, the kid says thanks for givin' him a face that doesn't look like the Lieutenant Colonel.)

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Gee Wilikers...! This is a great spot for me to work on my inventions. It's definitely better than my workshop at home. Now I just need to get all the tools to make the new and improve ranger plane. And with all kinds of new gadgets out there, nothing can possibly go wrong this time!
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I know. It's...been a while, huh? But that's okay! Because I'm still here. And I know, you're all excited with that new...what did you call it? A 'trailer' for what comes next after I find my parents. I'm not sure what's happening there but we'll figure something out. Right?

[Of course they will. They have to!]

I mean. Now that I'm here with a newer 'journal' and all, where to next? I'm sure Eugene's around somewhere, we can at least find him, can't we? Even if you're not sure about putting me in one of those 'games' again.
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How does it go? "If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest away from home I've ever been"? Then consider this the greatest leap I've ever made - and that's saying something. The maddest dash down a flight of stairs - maybe, this time, with a little more in hand than the skirt of my nightgown and a candle - into the unknown darkness.

Only, it's not so dark, is it? Tout est brillant! The way it should be.

I can't wait to meet all of them, les charmantes! Will they all be like Maman, do you think? I hope not. One of her might be enough for the whole world. Although - well, all things considered. A second one would come in handy, wouldn't she? That extra big of magic and all.

He doesn't seem unhappy, though, and I want to think that, by now, he knows how to use his words about those - or any! - sorts of feelings.

...He's coming with me, isn't he? Isn't that supposed to be how it works?
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You're kiddin' me, right?

You have got a pack of princesses, ne'er-do-wells, reformed types - some are near my wheelhouse and some ain't, but you're probably better qualified for all of 'em than for me, and they're all in that head of yours somewhere too. And you're gonna be too busy in a week's time even if you just pick one of us.

Not that I ain't flattered you've missed me this much, but have you even had a look at my story again after all these years? I don't take kindly to disrespect, not-so-little girl. 'Member that?

I'll take a spin, but if you insist on throwin' me out there for good then you'd better do me justice.
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I knew I was too ~FABULOUS~ to be limited to one movie scene, no matter how big a SPLASH I made in it.

Tamatoa is HERE. Please line up peacefully to hand over your baubles and meat products.

If you lack meat products, that's alright, I'm sure we can arrange something.
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You really have too much time on your hands if this has inspired you to bring me into the world. Maybe do something useful, like actually concentrate on your writing?

But whatever. Don't expect me to make friends with like Whinerella or Jokeahontas. It's not happening.

And neither is your hair. Maybe do something about it?
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I don't care how many alternate universes thar are out there, mundune. In none of them am I - a duck.

(see this and this)
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So... Uh... Could you go over this with me again? You're saying you're not a god, right? But you still get to decide what happens to me, based on your whims?

Don't get me wrong. The whole 'not burning me to a crisp, or crushing my windpipe whenever you get upset'-thing, I like that. It's just, you know, if it walks like a god and talks like a god...

Besides, I like it in the Underwold. It's cozy. Well, okay, so not cozy, exactly, but I have friends there. Sure, Charon is kind of a quiet guy, but slip him a couple of drachmas and he'll give you a ride anywhere you want... Anywhere along the Styx at least.


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