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I don't care how excited you are about my, uh, what was it, voice something? THAT GUY returning.

We have more important things going on. It's a pretty difficult time and...


...is that an Agumon t-shirt? And plushie?!
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 It's been a long time, mun. 

Not that I'm complaining! Adventures are fun, but vacations are nice too.

Does this mean I might get go somewhere again?

[He hesitates for a moment.]

But this time, do you think I could try to find Guilmon too? I really want to keep our promise. 
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 We're really going to do this now? But you haven't even finished my icons yet... I guess I can't convince you not to do this? Well, then, I'll just have to make this work. So long as I have Patamon, I haven't come across an obstacle yet I can't overcome. It would be easier with Yuri and Sonya here, though. Look for them, please? I'll do my best to work with what you give me; that doesn't mean I can do everything by myself. If I could I don't think Digidestined would get chosen in groups.

If you don't mind me asking, what's the plan for this? I can't go to a game. The Japanese Digidestined and I haven't spoken in a while, even if you say they'll probably show up. You know me, I need goals to work towards. Otherwise I'll end up spending all my time playing video games in my pajamas like Yuri, and nobody wants that to happen. Let's see... [Anna trails off, fingers drumming against her side for a moment.] I suppose I could lend some support to the non-humans here, since they're in the minority. Maybe I could get some kind of data for Sonya to process that would help us in the Digital World. Maybe I could play at being a superhero with Patamon? We've seen all the movies, it could work.

...don't give me that look. I'm trying to be productive, here!
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[ After getting an earful about games and casts and endless possibilities to 'shape his character' and 'have so much fun' muse has only one thing to say right now: ]

Hell, no.

[ But- ]

Right after everything that just happened? You gotta be kidding me.
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[ it's not often that you see tachikawa mimi looking deflated, but: ]

What happened?
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Argh, for god's sake, Gabumon and I don't need canonmates.

It'd even be a little awkward, since I've occasionally lapsed into talking about how great they are and then swearing people to eternal secrecy.
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[This would probably work better if a certain someone were more inclined to

you know


But she's not, so there's a whole lot of ~knowing smiling~ and staring going on. If a guess had to be made at the internal monologue behind it, it'd probably be something like...

"I'll crack this new case wide open!"


"Nothing surprises a Cyber Sleuth!"

or something similarly tone-deaf and nonsensical.]


[Why is she so smug, anyways? It's not like she actually knows what's in her future. Nobody does. It's a huge mystery- oh, wait, that's probably why.]

That's right! The Cyber Sleuth is prepared for anything, especially mysteries!

[Texting, really? Everyone's within talking distance, it's like texting someone from across the room!...well, at least it's better than absolutely nothing.]
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Guess I'm not too surprised I'm out here later than everyone else... getting to be a trend.

But I have so much to do. Ending up in other worlds doesn't exactly work out for me... whether they get saved or not.
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So you would wait until right after I get back to Japan and see everyone before grabbing me off to here, huh?

[Mimi looks stern, but it fades into a grin after a few seconds, and she holds up her hand defensively.]

I'm kidding! It's fine, it's fine. I get to talk to everyone and meet all these new people. It would've been nice to stay back home for a little bit, but I can manage! At least Palmon is here too.

It's just.

You don't have any plans. You can't bring me here and then just leave me! I mean, you aren't planning to have me just sit around talking to whoever turns up and never actually do anything or go anywhere, right?


That's gonna get pretty boring, you know. And I'll run out of candy to share!
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AH HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, how good it is to be back again! Nostalgia is such a useful tool, isn't it? Thanks to it and the darkness deep in your heart, I get yet another chance to become the Superme Ruler of both the Digital and Human worlds!

But first... let me reacquaint myself with the Chosen Children and their Digimon....especially my dear traitorous Tailmon. There are just so many things we have to catch up on... Namely, how much I'm going to make them scream and suffer before I let them die.
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[ mimi looks positively delighted ]

I'm home!

[ is odaiba even ready for the magnificent

probs not ]

Just in time, too! Someone has to make sure Jyou-senpai doesn't keel over...
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You know, you don't have to go looking for canonmates before you think about apping me, right?

I have Gabumon, after all, and I'm not terrible at making friends.

[May be Digimon Adventure Tri spoilers in the comments. Crossposted to [community profile] dear_mun.]
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 ...of course I'll help, mun-san.

Whatever it is you need.  I promise to do my absolute best!
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Thank you for your interest in me. But, as I don't want my family to worry....

[ He tries to leave his input at that, realizes something else, and speaks up again. ]

And please don't push yourself. You don't have to recover my voice all at once.

[ A shy smile. Someone is playing him. Someone has selected him as their muse, and has done so several times in the past. He has meaning to someone. ] I'll be waiting.
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Just go at your own pace.

I know that you want to jump into things, and it's great that you're excited, but take your time. When you feel ready, we can start looking for places that we're needed, alright?
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[In which the mun stares at Yamato and Yamato stares back at the mun]

...Don't look at me, what do you want me to do about it? You're only half way through, I think you're rushing everything here.

So what if you already canon reviewed before but I still thin-

[...] You're kidding, how are you blaming me for this?
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You seem tense, mun-san. Maybe you should relax, take some time--

Don't look so surprised! I can relax. Well, I can tell other people how to relax, especially these new chosen children with their...


...what's that you say? New episode in two months?

Are you serious--?! Is Hikari in this? Is she okay? I can't believe you'd let this happen!
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[It's drawn out, a bit thoughtful. Mimi has to decide whether or not she wants to 1) be optimistic, 2) be difficult, or 3) be a little bit of both.

Judging from her sunny tone, Mimi decides to go behind Door #1.]

Well, this is fun! Right? It's like a big new adventure, though I hope it's a little less exciting than usual... I'll get to see all of my friends again! Right?

[ -- and now, Door #2, and Mimi's lips purse together into a slight frown.]

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[Hikari looked around.  Taking in both the unfamiliar surrounds and lack of familiar faces.  It was mostly the latter that worried her some.]

Not that I'm complaining, but are you sure about this?  You even said so yourself, the last time you watched any episodes was months ago.  And it was that...interesting dub.

I mean, I guess it could be worse.  [A certain Dark Ocean came to mind] There's no harm in exploring for a while.  So long as I'm home in time for dinner.  Otherwise the others will wonder where I am.
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Again? I don't see why it isn't worth the try, but, well, you have to promise to try a little harder yourself this time too. I know it can get scary sometimes, but it really shouldn't be. This is all going to be for fun, right? [There's really no need for confirmation there-] Then you shouldn't worry! Everyone you know is telling you you'll do great! That's because it has to be true.

I just wish Patamon could be with me from the beginning, but you say he can be placed with me later. That helps.

Ah- and Mun? There's two days before reservations open... do you think you can do something about the icons in that time? Not that I mind having Patamon on my head but he sure gets kinda heavy...


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