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That's all it takes, huh?

[ He doesn't sound particularly surprised; if anything, he sounds amused. ]

Been a while. But I guess there's no rest for the wicked.
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So you enjoyed it, I take it? That sure is nice, 'cause I didn't.

I mean, just...just look at all the details they got wrong! I'm not some angry little skank with a fucking pixie cut! I love my life, I enjoy myself! Yeah, my life's unstable but that don't mean I don't got it under control! Things are perfectly fine here in Tara Markovia, no thank you very much!

[Mun gives Tara a skeptical look, clearly sensing the denial and self delusions.]

Don't give me that look, playah! You KNOW I'm right! An-and where was the smokin', the drinkin', the partyin'!? These DC Animation assclowns made me look downright tame! And I will NEVER be tamed!

[Then what do you call what I do with you in my headspace?]


And Slade would never do that to me. He cares about me. Maybe he doesn't, like, love me as a person but the feeling's mutual towards him there. We've given each other too much for him to just casually throw me away an' out of his life like that. We complete each other! Oooh I just wanna find him and hit the sack with him right now!

[Has tried to explain the unhealthiness of her infatuation with that man before. It's not worked.]

At least we can both agree that Christina Ricci did me justice. Yeah I know you still like Ashley Johnson the best, but hey, it's all a matter of taste. Anyway, so long as you got me stuck with you in your headspace, you ought to let me do whatever you think will make me a stronger me. You take care, Munny!
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I get you're ...apprehensive, but it's not as if the movie means you have to change how we do things. It isn't going to change me. I've changed a lot in the comics, but I'm still me.

Really as long as they don't have me hook up with Bruce, or there be crushes or anything because - ew.
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Strange time to be feeling nostalgic, isn't it? Not that I blame you — we, all of us, fall prey to sentiment every now and then. You just— you're more susceptible to the rise and fall, the crests and the waves. But I suppose that's the thing with godlike power. You don't really have to care. You can do as you please.

I tried to get that point across, but, well— ignorance is bliss, isn't it?
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[Bruce just has a bit of a flat stare, neither surprised, hardly impressed, but ready to go.

One of his various default expressions, actually.]

If you're ready to work this out again, you know where to find me. You think you can be patient enough this time around?

[And now he smirks.]

I think we're both patient, when it counts. Get those months of training in, we've got work to do.

[No Bruce it's not training but #ok]
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I suppose I should have expected this.

[ a beat: ] Good to know you're still paying attention.
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So this is really happening, huh? I suppose it's my fault for being such a charming and lovable guy. It gets me into trouble all the time.

[ Yeah, that's the only reason he ever gets into trouble. ]

Anyway, I guess I can play along until this nostalgia kick of yours wears off. It might even be fun. I'm not counting on it, but I'm trying to look on the bright side of things these days.
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That time again? You're almost as prompt as Alfred.

[ he idly adjusts a cuff link. ] Almost.
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Wow, you have no spine at all do you?

Just last week you were going off on me and look where we are now.

See, that's just the thing that you have to admit to yourself, you know a good thing when you see it.

And Lois Lane? Well there's a damn good thing.

Hope that cleared things up, because I'm not the touchy, feely, sharing type.
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Well, that didn't work out the way either of us expected it to, did it? Still, glad I got time to have a little fun. And maybe this means I'll get a few more icons. That would be nice.
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I know. [ a thoughtful pause, his fingers clench and release. ] Everything is about to change.
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Aw, c'mon, toots. [ his arms spread wide, diagonal in their span, and his wrists give a quick flourish. ] Admit it: you missed me.
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Oh, come on, there's no need to play coy. We both know it doesn't suit you.
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RING-A-DING-DING! Honey, you and me are goin' places.
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You don't have any idea what you're doing, do you? And some people call me reckless.

[ Those people may have a point. ]

Well, at least we both agree that calling me Kid Flash is pretty ridiculous. [ It's not like he's thirteen guys. ]
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[ an unblinking stare, about as warm and receptive as a razr in a snowbank. ]

That fondness you've been nurturing? It's not mutual. [ nor is this partnership. ]


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