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I could be an Albatross. And wear a mask.

[River honey no]

The Red Room would be an acceptable replacement for the Academy.

[okay that's kind of true but]

And I want to meet Captain America. And the Flash. [that's not even the same canon, River]
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If you want my advice you should take a long hard look at your abilities list before you even THINK of applying for a game. I know you have a love for neuroscience but you need to step carefully or people will see you as a Kilgrave or worse. Godmodding.

That being said try to come forward and ask people's opinions. They might help you flesh me out and I doubt they can be more critical then you are of yourself.

Mun, talk to people.
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[ she looks at herself and can't help but smirk. ]

Ollie is gonna hate this!
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You don't know me. You know only parts of me.

[ She warns benignly: ] Don't get too excited. [ She could eat. ]
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Nightwing. You think Nightwing has the best ass in comic books. Oh how you disappoint me. Don't get me wrong he's got an AMAZING ass but it's nothing compared to mine.
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I appreciate the thought, Player, but I don't think it's actually physically possible for you to punch Manchester Black in the face.

I wish you could though... I just want everything to be over... why is this all happening to me...
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I can't say that I'm particularly surprised by the series of events that lead to my coming to this place. Curiosity does lead a person down quite a few roads they didn't think they'd go, do they not? Indeed, I was wondering if you would give up on your "review" when you realized how daunting a task it would be, but it seems like I need not have been concerned.

Now, here we are, at the cusp of my "becoming," as it were. Either you shall find my voice or I shall slip back into the shadows. And after all that work. If I may, I believe that there is worth in my going to these multiverses. There is so much chaos and the hearts of the people are quite lost, wouldn't you say?

Oh. Don't mind me. Just idle chit-chatting, as it were, and thinking of how sad it would be to allow people to continue to wallow in helplessness and despair. But please, continue to decide on my voice. That is far more important -- and I do mean that honestly. I would hate not to sound like myself.
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Okay, look. If we're going to do this, I have a couple of things I'm going to need from you.

1. Pick a timeline and stick to it. I'm flattered you want to do all the things, but you just don't have the time to go back over that many decades worth of comics. I suggest you stick with the timeline that got you interested in me again. Things seem to be better in that one. Relatively.

2. Pick an art style and stick to it with the icons. I get that you want to honor the various artists and all but it's probably kinda distracting when my face keeps changing dimensions every time I say something.

I'd love to get back into the swing of things too, but I don't want you to stretch yourself either. I'm fine. I'm a survivor and always will be. You worry about you first.
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N..o, you really don't 'need' to go 'game-hunting'. [That's a... half-child of a dragged-out and stilted 'N', by the way.

And this is Tim shifting his frown from 'resting bitch face' to-]
Nothing you have in mind is appealing. You know that, right? Of course you do. I think we've both been through this enough times to know it's never going to work out regardless of what you want. Life doesn't work that way. I don't work that way. [-a lighter, more fact-of-the-matter frown? Alright, kid.] I mean, you're not going to listen to reason anyway but there's nothing wrong with holding out hope, right? [Look at him, tho. So hopeful.]
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 So how long are you planning to wait to send me to one of these 'games'? You keep saying you wanna wait one more issue to see if anything develops.  You realize this is a monthly series, right? Waiting on another issue is a LONG time.  Yes, I'm breaking the fourth wall JUST to make sure you're aware of this.

Besides.. Gotham and the world in general is just terrible these days.  The sooner I'm somewhere else the better.  Not like I hate it or anything... change of scenery would be nice though.

...As long as my brother is there.

And Max.

Also Mr. Wayne too I guess, he'd probably get lonely and depressed by himself.
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No, I don't think you deciding to wait to send me somewhere is a good thing. You're only waiting because you want to see how things play out between us and you know who. Almost nothing good has ever came from him showing up. There's no reason to think this time will be any different.

You should also stop speculating about what's going on in my personal life. Really, it's not that interesting. You have to know by now that not everything is always how it appears to be.

I would ask you to drop this altogether, but we both know you're too stubborn to do that.
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Look, I know you think it's cute, okay?

I know it's cute if only because it's basically perfect, fine, fine, okay, I will concede on this point. But will you please stop it?

I appreciate you finally want to let me get some exercise, that's awesome. Just... the squeals, okay, they're killing my ear drums. I'm making enough high-pitched noises to damage my hearing, you don't have to add.

Also, it isn't that cute, shut up.

[furiously blushing and grinning anyway]

Anyway, yeah, it sounds fun. I think I'm looking forward to getting to play around some. And friends, friends are awesome. Having more of them would be, well, an experience all right. So you just stop making that noise long enough to actually get this done, and we'll all muddle along just fine.

[[EDIT: content warning on the top thread for discussion of statutory rape, extremely violent temper, and verbal abuse]]
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So you enjoyed it, I take it? That sure is nice, 'cause I didn't.

I mean, just...just look at all the details they got wrong! I'm not some angry little skank with a fucking pixie cut! I love my life, I enjoy myself! Yeah, my life's unstable but that don't mean I don't got it under control! Things are perfectly fine here in Tara Markovia, no thank you very much!

[Mun gives Tara a skeptical look, clearly sensing the denial and self delusions.]

Don't give me that look, playah! You KNOW I'm right! An-and where was the smokin', the drinkin', the partyin'!? These DC Animation assclowns made me look downright tame! And I will NEVER be tamed!

[Then what do you call what I do with you in my headspace?]


And Slade would never do that to me. He cares about me. Maybe he doesn't, like, love me as a person but the feeling's mutual towards him there. We've given each other too much for him to just casually throw me away an' out of his life like that. We complete each other! Oooh I just wanna find him and hit the sack with him right now!

[Has tried to explain the unhealthiness of her infatuation with that man before. It's not worked.]

At least we can both agree that Christina Ricci did me justice. Yeah I know you still like Ashley Johnson the best, but hey, it's all a matter of taste. Anyway, so long as you got me stuck with you in your headspace, you ought to let me do whatever you think will make me a stronger me. You take care, Munny!
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I get you're ...apprehensive, but it's not as if the movie means you have to change how we do things. It isn't going to change me. I've changed a lot in the comics, but I'm still me.

Really as long as they don't have me hook up with Bruce, or there be crushes or anything because - ew.
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I'm sure that everything... everything's gonna end up fine.

You just gotta wait 'til Wednesday.  You'll see.

I hope. 
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The Apollo and Hyacinth thing? I liked it. I really did.

...The guy was taken out by a frisbee, though.
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 You know you should really stop reading in too much to these supposed 'hints' you feel keep popping up lately.  I mean I know you're talking about been waiting for this since like 1999? Which is forever ago by the way.  But you're going to get my hopes up if nothing ever pans out.

...Not that I don't want to be Robin for Terry, I mean he can be lame but that would be at least a little schway wouldn't it? And he for sure needs someone to keep him out of trouble if these last few messes he's gotten into have anything to say.

That is to say I wouldn't be opposed.

Or even as 'Red Robin'... not that I admire or look up to Drake or anything so shut it.

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I think it's cute that you think you can keep up with me.
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I appreciate the throw back, but I don't know what I was thinking when I used "rollingthunder" as a username.


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