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I understand that there are many worlds where help is needed. There are innocent people facing trouble far worse than anything we have seen, worse than even the scariest of my friends' movies of horror. I am frightened, but I am also honored that you believe I can be of assistance. I truly wish to help! But...

[Her voice hardens.]

I cannot remain in these new worlds for long. I must be able to return to my town and my friends! We both know what will happen if I do not return...and I will not be the cause of another great sadness.
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If you want my advice you should take a long hard look at your abilities list before you even THINK of applying for a game. I know you have a love for neuroscience but you need to step carefully or people will see you as a Kilgrave or worse. Godmodding.

That being said try to come forward and ask people's opinions. They might help you flesh me out and I doubt they can be more critical then you are of yourself.

Mun, talk to people.
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Okay, look. If we're going to do this, I have a couple of things I'm going to need from you.

1. Pick a timeline and stick to it. I'm flattered you want to do all the things, but you just don't have the time to go back over that many decades worth of comics. I suggest you stick with the timeline that got you interested in me again. Things seem to be better in that one. Relatively.

2. Pick an art style and stick to it with the icons. I get that you want to honor the various artists and all but it's probably kinda distracting when my face keeps changing dimensions every time I say something.

I'd love to get back into the swing of things too, but I don't want you to stretch yourself either. I'm fine. I'm a survivor and always will be. You worry about you first.
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 Oh? I must say, I thought you'd return to Edward long before me.

If you have any new ideas, or anywhere you'd like me to go, I'd be glad to hear about them. 
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That's right!  Your Kitten has come back to you, Munny-Poo!

Now DO SOMETHING with me already!
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Yo Mun! The party animal has arrived!

...OK so maybe I'm not the first one, but I am the real deal! One million followers strong. You see that blue checkmark next to my name right? Proof! They don't just give that out to anyone!

Anyway so what's the plan man? We gonna go have some adventures? Social link some hotties?

Don't leave me hanging for too long dude! I can't play on my phone forever!
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"Pulling me out of the Sidekick Impound Lot," huh?

Cute. Reeeeeeal cute. First of all, me and Static are partners and second, shouldn't I at least be old enough to be in the Justice League by now?

Unless you've got me in some kind of time stasis which- You do, don't you? I dunno what kind of sick powers you have, but you had better knock it off, right now!
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Oh player, don't be so hard on yourself! Many have fallen for my unique charms. I'm sure Wonder Boy will have other fans to pick him up and give him a nice cozy little Batcave to hide in. And even if you don't have any plans for me right now, I'm sure you won't be able to leave me out of action for long! There's plenty of games around here that could use a little bit of chaos and destruction, after all!

Maybe if I'm bad enough, Batsy will just HAVE to show up!

[ That isn't how this works buddy. There's a lot of different Bat-]

Oh I know. But no Batman can resist a Joker! Like a bat to a flame! Hahaha! Oh, maybe I could end up with more than one Bats...ohhh, I'd like that! 

[ Dear god no ]

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Of course, I'm excited we're coming back! It's great news for a lot of people, me included, and the potential is incredible. Trust me, I'm looking forward to it a lot more than you think.

Just try to stay whelmed, okay? [There's a knowing smile. M'gann, please.]
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Okay, look. I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. This is fun for you. I can live with that.

But why do you gotta drag Ace into this? He's going to miss Bruce, you know. And I'm not... He's not my dog.

[A pause.]

...And I don't want the Old Man to be all alone again.
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(ooc: The short version is this is a role-swap AU with Ivy being a prominent member of her world's Justice League. More details in the journal.)

So you are really set on this are you?

Fine then. It isn't like I have much choice, but do you really think you can handle me?

We will see in time. For now just get to work writing. If you are going to do this then you should at least do it well.
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[See this glare mundane!  It should be a fair warning that you should stop wasting his time.  Besides he has important things to do, like figuring out the fake heirs Father has taken in.  And securing his room better.  He doesn't like how open it feels.]

Go away, I'm not talking to you.  You're not worth the time.

(Ooc: total!ly voice testing au still being hashed out...)
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Ha! Oh, that's simply precious, miss--

What is it I call you again? "Mundane?" Ha! How perfectly fitting!

But yes, yes, back to the topic at hand. You, miss Mundane - tch- heehee! - after all this time! All these years, even! From the moment you grabbed that book and held it in your little hands, you'd thought-- you actually thought--

You thought he killed me.

Years! All that time spent thinking, well shucks, ol' Batsy finally smartened up. Took 'em long enough, something about it being "artsy" etcetera etcetera. All those years being wrong, wrong, wrong! He wouldn't--

Well, there's that one time he did, and maybe that other time, but who bothers with multiple universes and storylines and mediums anyway, right?

Oh, don't pull that "it's open to interpretation" or "ambiguous on purpose" bull, missy. You're wrong about it, I'm going to gloat about it for as long as I'm here with you. Get used to it.
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Hm... Mun, I know that me and the few others here said no on the whole 'another DC' pup, but I think you should go with Mr. Kent's friend instead of the other one that's trying to creep into here.

At least she's good with the whole article writing thing.  He's just... a bad idea.  One that should NEVER be let out of a cage. Need an example of how bad,  Look at THAT incident.  You know the one.  Hell, I can list two with two family members so yeah NOT SHARING HEADSPACE  WITH THAT NUTCASE!

Now shoo, off with you go do your little videos and I'll jot ideas for HER journal.
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Wowee, about time old Harls made it onta the silver screen! I'm a STAR, baby! Hollywood here I come!
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I don't think that's a good idea. Bad enough you're ticking off how many people with that action.

Not to mention me and Roy. I mean really! Couldn't you set that at the engagement party instead of the big day? And really THOSE TWO? I know it could be worse, Nonono let's not make it worse.


You're going to now aren't you?

You know I really hate you right now right? You better make it up to me later. And don't do too much damage to Dad or my brothers. [ She huffs.] I better get a new costume later because of this. Because really it needs an update.
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Did you really think you were going to be able to hold out?

It was a matter of time.

As inconvenient... [Lex lingers on the word for a moment] as this might be for me, it doesn't negate any of my plans.

Try not to disappoint me too much.
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Man, talk about being laaaaate to the party. It's only been, what, a decade since the series ended? More like the party is over. I mean, there's even another Teen Titans show on right now where stuff like this happens -- which, by the way, not cool, Rob. Not cool at all.

Anywho, I guess being massively late is better than not showing up at all. It's not like I've lost any of my awesomeness after all these years. But you better pick up the pace if you hope to keep up with me. I can't be having you ruining my speedster reputation now, can I?
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You're trying to talk yourself out of it. [ a beat. ] Don't.

You'll be given all the necessary tools. Apply yourself. Learn. Live in the satisfaction that what you'll be doing can make a difference. When the time comes, you'll be ready.

[ there's a moment, before: ] Good luck.
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I can't say I'd call this a bold choice, as such. I might make an allowance for interesting. [ To borrow a word from the preferred vocabulary of Bruce Wayne. ] After all, it's not every day a butler wins out over masked vigilantes in these circumstances.

If you're sure this is really what you're after, consider me flattered. But you'd best be prepared to put in the work.


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