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Well, glory BE. Never thought I'd see YOU coming back this way after you'd gone off with the Mensis fellow. Not that I'm sorry to see a friendly face, of course! Perish the very thought.

And fret not; that ugly matter of you passing me over for the caged man on the first go is water under the bridge, my friend. An ordeal as good as forgotten! Eheheheh...

Besides, this may be a good a place as any to search for a new god, isn't it?
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Another dream, is it? One to replace the undone nightmare? Or is our consciousness simply meant to navigate one after another, like passing from room to room in some...Great. Cosmic. Mansion.

I strive forward all the same, suspended upon the spirit of discovery. Kos, or some say Kosm, hear my prayers...
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That city... was something else entirely.

[So many unexpected discoveries that are completely out of left field and practically with zero context?  Yeah.]
Spoilers for the end of the Ringed City. )
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The endtimes are upon us!


Just having a bit of fun. I, for one, can't wait to see what that Unkindled knave gets up to. Always showing up in the strangest of places-- ! With any luck, they'll keep our raggedy little flame ablaze, so that we may all continue gallivanting around with each other. Like true friends do!
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It is unsurprising that thine eyes turn to me once more. There is but a little more than a month before you have more material to play through and despite your distaste for the second of the series, you are pleased to see Earthen Peak once more.

Who, I wonder, shall hold your attention this time. I know well you were quite caught up with the Undead Anri of Astora. 'Tis a wonder he has not joined me here. Or she.

Perhaps after this you might consider doing more with me than allowing me to gather dust. I am a god and even in Anor Londo, I did not sit idle. I crafted the visage of mine sister and the sunlight and I ensured the survival of the Blades of the Darkmoon.
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You hope for a great deal from this. I'm surprised, really. Before thine interest in me, I'm sure you'd not have cared whether or not there was more to learn of mine brother. And I doubt that this will give you anything more to use in your desire to 'play me' in any setting you glance at.

And, you forget, I am a god and that fact will be given the respect it deserves. A god and a mage that would shame any who would claim mastery in Londor or beyond.

[Oh Gwyndolin... not everyone would give you the same fear or respect that the people of Londor would.]
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Leave me be.

A tired endeavour such as this interests me not. We remain upon the peak away from your kind...there we may know peace.
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So you found them, then. My attire as well as my blade.

But I've never been to Lothric; they likely belonged to another. for the sword? Perhaps it's just a coincidence.

[More like a throwback...]
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Didn't think I'd live that long, did you? Brave words.

Thinkin' maybe I should offer up your tongue next, then.
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Commit thyself to this endeavour or leave me be, human. A mortal should tread lightly in the domain of the divine.
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I suppose I can tarry here a while longer.

Some might call me errant, but - I will not be judged.

[ gwyndolin is feeling a little gloomy]
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Heavens, what on earth makes you think I'd be a good fit there? Why, it's nearly enough to give me second thoughts as to my opinion of you.

[You know, if he just wasn't so ~mild-mannered~]

I haven't wronged you recently, have I?
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And so the tale hath come to a close... embers unto ashes... flames unto darkness. Friends and glories long swept away upon the wings of time... all but a memory to be carried...

[The Dragonslayer remains silent for a good long moment as he remained seated, his posture conveying exhaustion both physically and emotionally.]

Every atrocity. Every fallen and tarnished legacy.... every act of desperation and bravery. I hath seen untold suffering and the struggles of those who sought to ease it. The Age of fire...the age that Artorias, Ciaran and Gough had stood tall alongside myself whole and untroubled... when the children of Lord Gwyn were not cast to the winds away from each other for the choices they made. I miss it dearly, thou wouldst know that much... but the sights that mine eyes hath seen...

... Nothing can truly last forever ... 'Twas a mistake to believe as such.
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[A period of snoring, and then...]


Whah? Oh!

I'm awake! I'm awake, yes. But for what? "Because this journal name was not taken?" I'm not sure you understand which situations require the attention of a primordial serpent and which do not.

But perhaps I will stay and chat awhile all the same.
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So it's come down to this.

... It doesn't matter.  It might make all the other times feel like they were just practice, but I haven't come this far just to let everything fall apart at the last second.

Mun, we've got a world to save.  So let's get ready to save it.
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Who'd have thought... It sounds more like something from a dream, if you ask me. But it would be nice, I suppose, to have a real purpose.

[Aside from, you know, being one of the only few NPCs to give actual objectives.]

The whispers of a serpent would be rather welcome, next to the idea of Hollowing. Next to this curse. But it doesn't matter. I have no business delving into these matters. I said what needed to be done.

And they did it in the end, didn't they? That undead, I freed...

I'm-- I'm glad. Truly.

[Though it's funny how... crestfallen he sounds.]
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Flattered? In some respect, I suppose that's true - of all these colourful individuals you choose to pore over, you choose me. But I'm afraid I've not much to offer you in return. Most of my treasures remain back home, as you might recall, and I've hardly the interesting story to tell.

...Still, I do suppose this place is in better condition than Drangleic. Perhaps I'll find a new purpose here.

[Plenty of people from whom to... borrow... their belongings, after all. Could be worthwhile.]


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