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What do you mean "oh I wonder if he gets to keep the ring?"! That stupid event ended like two weeks ago!

Shit, you're slow. And no, I don't want to keep the damned ring! Get rid of the idea! [ ):< ]
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This is only because you're having fun with Lavi, isn't it? [SCRUTINIZING HIS MUN] You better be ready to commit to this, because I don't intend to sit around and take whatever comes. I want to be active, alright? [points an accusatory gloved finger] Active!

And the cookhouse better be all-you-can-eat. And I refuse to work as a mercenary! And I won't allow you to alter my body with anything weird. It's weird enough. And . . .

[he deflates, his arm dropping uncertainly. his gaze darts away, and he smiles wryly] It would be nice if some of my friends were there. But that's a little selfish, isn't it?

[come on, Allen, don't say that! you'll chase them away!]
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[Have a flat, unimpressed stare as this white-haired homeless kid flips a page in his book.]

Even if you say I could escape . . . in the end, it's just running away.

[He closes the book with a clap, determined.] I won't run away. Not anymore. I'm facing this head-on. This path I took so long ago . . . I'm reaching the end. And once I'm there, I will finally understand. Even if I disappear . . . I won't stop walking.

So although playing around in a circus sounds nice . . . [the dangerously polite smile of a shark] I'll have to decline.

[Little does he know that if I take him from before Johnny and Kanda find him, it'd be perfect...~]
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Thought we went over this, yeah? You were supposed to run off with that little genius brat to be your new main and I was supposed to get some well deserved rest.

...Fine. I'll admit that there've been several months from here and there. But you and I both know that you'll probably never play in a game again. So what's the point of pulling me out? Especially if you haven't kept up.
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I don't believe you've really thought this decision through. While it is somewhat reassuring to know that you do still possess enough decency not to send a child in my place, I can't imagine what it is you expect me to do once I'm there. I have no interest in your false gods or their power plays. I have enough of that to deal with as it is.

... Additionally, an application deadline coinciding with your date of birth is not "fate".
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If you throw me out there just to ignore my tags, I'll beat you up.

[Allen's chin is resting on his gloved hand, the elbow propped up against the tea table at which he's seated. He appears bored, but there's cold murder in his eyes, brow raised]

I mean it.

[Not that he wants to talk, what with the recent chapters being terrible for all involved]
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I don't want this.

All the most common grievances around here? You've checked off them all. I won't add to the echo, but I will say this: you can't handle me as I am now.

Time there--it stops. I'd be thankful for that, but that would also mean I can't move forward. I won't give up, no matter what. [his voice wavers:] It's selfish . . . and I'm only endangering everyone. But . . .

If you do this . . . take the old me. Please. Let's go back to the way it was. Before everything. When he was simply a voice at the back of my head.

[Allen stands straighter, his tone determined] I'm going back now. I'm going to keep fighting, and I'm going home. If you like, I'll do a meme here and there, so leave me out of this.

[a sickeningly sweet smile] And if you drag any of my friends in with me, I'll make you regret it. ["they're safer far, far away from me" goes without saying]
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Please take a break. If it's causing you so much strife, you shouldn't push yourself. Just taking a breather isn't giving up. You can always tackle, er . . . what was it . . . role play? Later, when you're more able! Reserve your energy and pace yourself.

[wow, says Mr. Try Hard. puking blood? just push past it! a hole in your heart? walk it off! it'll be FINE]

[Allen crosses his arms indignantly] Pushing your limits in a fight is different. And anyway, you shouldn't use me as a role model. "Do what I say, not what I do," isn't that how it goes?

No one's life is on the line. Your friends will understand. You can afford to take a break. So please just rest and leave me to it.

[selfish hypocrite]
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You should be happy, yeah? So why are you not?

I mean, yeah, it took a while to get her to notice things but... I have a chance of being happy again. And that seems to be the last thing you want. [He sighs and rubs at his face.] You just want me with other people, don't you?
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I am not a "papa bear".

What the hell are you doing to me? First I'm captured and tortured, then I'm locked in my own head again, had to watch helplessly as Lenalee went off to die. Not to mention deal with the Fourteenth jumping in and out of Allen's consciousness.

And now I'm going to, and I quote, "sit on you to keep you safe come back here and let him sit on you".

I quit.
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[ It's a nice, quiet night in the world-between-worlds that is Dear Player and you might be getting ready for bed or just about to leave home for a good time out with friends. However, if you're anywhere near this place tonight, it's highly likely that you'll run into a leery -- albeit exquisitely dressed -- 19th century man.

He's dragging along with him yet another well-dressed man, the second not bothering to force even the tiniest of smiles. They're pretty clearly related, but aside from their looks, they don't act as though they have much else in common. This might not be a good thing to get involved with.

At least for the time being, the seedy one is distracted from inappropriately accosting his brother.

Ah, good evening! You have a lovely home, miss, but might I suggest you consider keeping better company? There are an awful lot of rabbits here. While they might be rather handsome, they're constantly mucking up the garden and they're surprisingly noisy for such small animals. Isn't that right, Tyki?

[ The other rather forcefully wrenches his arm free and sighs with a little exasperation before responding. ]

Hero types.

[ He shrugs, then starts wandering off, leaving Cyril to go right on with his complaint. ]

Right-- those "hero types", miss. Perhaps it's in your best interest to keep them in a pen at least, or we'll be forced to take... certain measures.
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It's not that I don't look forward to seeing all of my old friends or meeting new ones. [He's quick to assure this. Still, his face looks entirely unsure.] I just don't know if this is the best idea. I don't think there's very much for me to do here.

[A sigh, a defeated look.] But if you say there is, I'll just have to trust you. [Somehow, coming from him, it still manages to sound that way: trusting.]
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[In the weird in-between space that makes up dear-player, there is a Noah. Around the Noah's neck, there is a white sign. On the sign are printed words. Big black words that stand out boldly and nicely against the crisp background. They say:


For some, Noah-shaming is a vaunted pastime, perhaps? Alas, he doesn't seem amused.]

Funny, funny, funny. Aren't you a wit.

[He picks at one corner of the sign but doesn't take it off. Perhaps he can't.]
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Letting me in after three years out in the cold, are you?

You've done a good job of it, I'll admit, but don't believe your own lies. If you throw me into a new place- No, if you throw yourself into something too quickly, you'll be in the same place you were before, beating yourself up because you couldn't wait until you could handle another commitment.

Just sit back. Relax. Have your wine. Work up to it, write your silly stories and remember how it used to be. We have all the time in the world, moça. Inspiration will strike you again sooner or later.
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... Ah, what have we here?

... You should really consider a move like this carefully, missy. You have a lot on your plate, don't you? And so do I, in case you haven't thought through how in the dark you really are.

It's cozy enough in here to keep me going for a while, so don't worry your little head about having to trot me out like a show dog. Although, that said... if there are any beautiful women around who could be inclined to enjoy a glass of wine, come on over. ♥ [And the tempting slosh of bottled alcohol being poured into a glass. Yeah, he never goes anywhere without wine and a vessel for it.]
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That's a really sucky place to be taking me from, lady! Can't you pick something better?

I mean, yeah, 's better than having parasites inside of me but looking at that spot... [Scratches at his cheek.] I think I'd rather have them. Or...yanno, be whisked away from China with Gramps and leave Chaoji behind.

What about those other two nice places you were talking about before? Those were nice, really really nice. Can we? Can we please? C'mon, 's bad enough I'm not going to remember anybody!!! And then there's after that whole shebang! Even if Tettsui'd be busted up it's still a good place, isn't it?

Come on... [/whine]
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Girl. Don't bother. I'm not interested, and I'm not certain you are, either.

Besides, I have no wish to run into the boy one more time. We had enough fun in that village, long ago.

Let sleeping dogs lie, eh? Perhaps they've got better things to do, like bark at passing trains or find a new hand to pet their head.

You think you can be master to a Noah?

Yes, well. I'll keep saying it, but you won't listen, and in this situation, I just don't have any power, do I? What an annoyance.

Fine. Let's find something fun to do, shall we?
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Um. While it is very kind of you to want to redo all of my icons to be more...accurate, it does seem a bit presumptuous? Not that I'm saying you are. [Really no insult is intended! She's sorry if it sounded like it.] But well, it's been almost a year now and um...I can't really go back to where I was, can I?

[Because the station crash landed onto a planet when the game ended.]

It is flattering, that you're still interested in me, but I'm perfectly fine where I am. Wouldn't rereading the things that happened on the station be better than considering other places to send me? I'm sure there were plenty of memories there for you to look back on, if you must.

I don't need a new um...challenge to face. [A nice way to say "horrific situation likely to be filled with torture."] There would be so much work and I know how busy you are. Really, I'm fine not going anywhere. You already play my original, wouldn't one of us be enough?

{OOC: Feeling nostalgic about [community profile] a_facility and all the fun torture it had. Miranda lost an eye during one of the experiments, hence the eye patch.}
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Hey, whaddya mean I'm not going? If those other two are doing okay with you at that place, why not me? We were having fun! We definitely did some good stuff together while you were testing the waters. We weren't the only ones enjoyin' ourselves! Besides, it's not like you haven't given it a lot of thought already--

[ He pauses and lowers his voice, his expression turning thoughtful for a moment. ]

Or... like I can't handle being on my own...

[ But the moment of pensiveness passes just as quickly as it occurred and he's perked right back up again. ]

Allen is there! He's stuck with the worst Noah too. That bastard with the mole and Road... Okay, sure, that one that looks like him -- Robin, is it? -- is also there, but still, you know? Beansprout could maybe use another friendly face around.

[ ...G R I N S ]

And you could use someone outgoing, since the knights are not the friendliest of people.

[ Those knights he mentions both just give him a Look from the depths of the headspace. One is kind of the prickly sort, depending on who he's talking to, true, but the other is just... reserved. She's just a very gentle soul. They are not unfriendly! Just... quiet... and stuff... ]

Okay, okay, how 'bout I take a little more time to get comfortable here? You're just scared, that's all. It's fine, but other people need you. You can't keep hesitating when they're counting on you. We can get to know each other better for a couple more weeks, since you're kinda too busy at work to take on more responsibility right now. Lemme earn my keep. Fair? C'mon, that's more than fair! Find me something to do again.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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