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It may... be judged indecent of me to question your decision on this matter; but if your plan to relocate me is true, might I suggest a place less beholden to misfortune than the last? I desire the company of that forsaken creature who would return my affections, whose existence would lean on mine.

The old familiar faces you describe demand all my fortitude; but my spirit fluctuates, and I have none. I am also required to say that I wish to be as far removed from that man as possible.
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I do not need companionship. I ardently refute your profession that I ought to experience the difference between the sexes, or to meet with a lady in a romantic manner. You are aware, highly aware, that I am unwilling to forsake the duty that is so important to me. I nursed Victoria with the greatest of affection and care; and yet, and yet, those foolish idiots who remark I'm playing God claim it is abhorrant to make somebody to live for. I do not need their dangerous clich├ęs and uneducated opinions.

[Nor Alternis's accusations that his relationship with Victoria had been unhealthily co-dependent.]

I have no intentions of living for myself. I am a miserable and deserted creature. The fault for entering the house of mourning lies with me. I am in the wrong; let loneliness be my punishment. My attention at this time is wholly devoted to her. I entreat you; let me be in peace.
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I know! I'm just as surprised as you are, but some people just can't appreciate a man's passions. You and I both know that I'm nothing like DeRosa. My interests in women are born of genuine adoration!

But I'll survive. After all, Edea's expressed her frustrations in far more... painful ways in the past, and that says nothing of the countless struggles we've faced on our journey.

Speaking of Edea...

[His smile fades, and he heaves a small sigh.]

I won't lie. What she said is troubling, but what matters is that we're together, and I'm going to do everything in my power to keep it that way. She may be putting on a brave face, but I've no doubt her feelings are... complicated.

Two years is a long time, and I still can't fathom why I'd leave in the first place.

[Alas, he's too far behind. Hasn't even recovered his memories yet.]

Well, I have plenty of time to catch up. For now, her happiness is of utmost priority!

[ooc: I have beaten Bravely Second, so I am cool with spoilers.]
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Dearest mundane, I knew this day would come. Could it be that my manly charms were simply too enticing to ignore, or perhaps that my absence left a deep void in your heart, as you grappled for the proper inspiration?

Well, fear not! I'm never one to turn down a lady in need, and I'm be thrilled to act as your muse once more. Of course, I do advise that you complete the new game. You have your theories, and while I can't imagine what it is that's caught your attention, I'm flattered that you care so much about me that you're mourning my present absence.

Who knows? Perhaps I'll appear when the situation's most dire, ready to charm the ladies of Luxendarc once more!

Without knowing the specifics, I really cannot say. I am, after all, a bit behind on the times.

[Alas, with him being from the middle of the first game, his mundane's reluctant to reveal much at all. And Ringabel, ever the curious fellow, is left with idle speculation...

This could be a very dangerous thing.]
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