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Are you fucking kidding me? That fucking cat is here now? I don't have one but I think I'll thank whatever gods up there that I am not there anymore.

On a related side note, this Cabbageman that you kept talking about sounds fun. [ Totally not talking about Adachi. Nope. ] It's nice seeing someone who can I chill around with, to be honest.
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It's been forever, mun! C'mon, lemme get out there. Ya didn't really do much with me the first time, y'know? So try to stick with it this time.

Don't worry, I've got plenty of confidence in you.


Dec. 26th, 2016 08:22 pm
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Your attempts are amusing, but ultimately futile. Nothing will stand in my way, and you're included in that.

Still, I will amuse you for now. Try not to bore me for too long.
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So this is how it all ends, huh? All I can say is that I'm glad that bastard finally got what was coming to him.

With that out of the way...if we're talking about going back to one of those "games" of yours, I'm going to need a few things:

- First some kind of work shop, I can't let myself get rusty just because I'm away from home.

- As much candy as you can find. I know Halloween is over, but doesn't that mean it'll be that much easier?

- a few minions er assistants to act as my hands and eyes while I work. Newbies are ok, but I'd prefer to have Tager or Lamda along for the line, since I wouldn't have to waste my time training them like I would a new guy.

Think you can do all of that for me?

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[So this trailer happened and...]

You "have been waiting for this", you say? How amusing. To think a mere human would await the arrival of Death with such enthusiasm...

Very well. Your life shall be spared for now. See for yourself... The time has come. The Entitled will fall, one by one, and I shall finally bring an end to this pointless dream.

I look forward to this.
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...You have some nerve, taking me from milady's side.

What is it you want of me? My days as a hero are long over, as you well know. I move only on milady's orders.

...No answer yet, I see. Your indecision does you no favours in my standing, I'll have you know.
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Again? Quit wasting my time. Either commit or leave me to my own devices.
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I'm eager to set my teeth into her, you know. And the Red Devil, too, even if he's not around.

And, you know, I'm not the only one who's got their ears perked up at the sight of some of those names. That blonde with the rapier's all worked up too, and the lady with the hair-horns as well.

Your friend's got a whole pack of dogs waiting for scraps. Maybe you two can work out something to give us all something juicy to whet our appetites.
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Okay, spill. You've had that same evil little grin all morning, and it's honestly kinda worrying. That's the sorta smile that means trouble's not too far behind. So what're you up to, munny? C'mon, you can tell me!

-Hey! Don't play coy! Sheesh. At least Noellers never keeps secrets from me.
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I don't know why you bothered reserving when you haven't even finished Chronophantasma.

Get off your ass and get it done!
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This again? Do you have an obsession with failure? Hmph, To be at the whims of such scum...

And for the record, if you so much as hum the cadence to the words "a pirate's life for me", I will put everyone and everything in your headspace to my blade. Your prison for me will become a burial ground instead.

Do. Not. Test. Me.
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Confirmed. Today is Nu's birthday.



[... well?]

... Initiating gratitude protocols... "Thank you". Expression of gratitude completed.

[There you go! You might even get a present later.]

Negative. According to this unit's database, being dispatched to a Dreamwidth roleplaying community does not match the definition of a "birthday present".

[Don't sweat over the details, dear.]

Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... Scan complete. Ragna was not detected within the "game" in question.

[Ah, yes, see, we can't have everything...]

... Expression of gratitude terminated.

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Aw, you remember little old me? I'm just touched. And here I thought we weren't going to have fun anymore.

Experiencing a little headache, hm? That's just a shame. Oh, you wouldn't be blaming your troubles on me, now, would you? But I've just been sitting here all by myself, as quiet as an abandoned grave~

Maybe it's just your guilty conscience talking. After all, I'm not the only one you've tossed aside for shiny new toys. I wonder how they're doing. Too bad we'll never find out, huh? Since you just don't have the time.

Ah, it sure is great that we got to have this talk! I feel better already!
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Player, while it is certainly...kind of you to take the time out of your day to wish me the best, I doubt Kokonoe would appreciate it if I were to stop working in order to celebrate. Besides, everyone else is working diligently to make sure the final steps of our current operation runs smoothly, and it just wouldn't feel right for me of all people to start slacking off. Perhaps when I have some free time I'll celebrate in my own way. Until then, I think it's for the best if we put this behind us. The day's almost over, anyway.

...you aren't listening to me, are you?
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... Negative. There is no party.

[That's not the point-]

Captain Hazama has been incarcerated. City is facing destruction... No parties are occurring.

[Well if you make it sound like that no one else will want to come and play with you.]

Not Nu's concern.


... Conversation is pointless.
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Now you're turning me into a pirate? Putting me into a city filled with sex-obsessed morons was not enough for you, now you intend to trap me on a boat with a select few imbeciles?

How you have lived your life without once getting knocked around is an utter mystery.

And you will most certainly not be calling any ship I come into possession of the "Yayoi". If you were so vested in sentimentality, then you should have picked up Noel Vermillion.

The two of you would suit one another. You're both worthless garbage.
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Now, now, there's no need to fret over such little things, Miss Mundane. You've heard my conversation with Miss Rachel Alucard, have you not? In that case, you're already familiar with my motivations.

[YEAH RIGHT. That was the very definition of "vague" and did not help at all.]

Never mind that─ if you intend to play me, wouldn't a trial by fire be much more effective? Tell me, my dear... What stage are you sending me to dance on? I really do hope little Carl will be there, I absolutely need to talk him into joining my troupe!

[ . . . ]

... What do you mean, "none"?
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Am I supposed to find that name endearing? At least you put a modicum of effort into it this time. Congratulations, you're slightly more capable than garbage.

Let me make one thing clear. I have no intention of simply being your puppet. You are not my "mun", nor my "player". You are my enemy.

And don't even think about threatening me with that other name.
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Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... Scan complete. Target identified as "Mundane". Self-control: undetectable. Time management skills: below detectable parameters. Ability to remain "in-character": to be determined. Chances of impulsive journal creation: 86%.

[Spare us technical details and let's get on with this, shall we?]

... Understood. Now initiating the "voicetest" procedure.
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What the hell...? Hey, you! Chick who writes this! Wait a goddamn minute! When you were sending me there, you said that "there will be pirates and sailing and adventure and stuff!" and I told you to stick those right up your ass, remember?

[Uh, yeah, hard to forget somebody throwing a fit over being sent to a game like it's the end of the world.]

Then what the heck is all this crap about? First ships with those friggin'-- [Ghosts, Rags. Ghosts is the word you're looking for.] --things, then you think it's sooo freaking funny to put me on a ship with a damn zombie [She has spare arms! Just like you!] and now there's talk of some creepy laughter and possession? I didn't sign up for all this horror bullshit!

[But that's the fun part, isn't it?]

... You're gonna pay for this, bitch.


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