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Oh. This certainly took you a little while.

I guess all the excitement riled you up! Just like it's probably riling Grell up.

Forensics sure is going to get busy now. I can't really afford to slack off like some members of Reaper Dispatch but I suppose this could be interesting.
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You come back for a little bit, give me a few new icons, leave for bloody months, and now you bring me back out because of some silly revelation?!

Darling, I appreciate the flattery, but you had better not leave me hanging again! Or else...
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[It's been a while, and here he feels more alive than ever. Ironic.]

It seems that there have been some interesting... developments. Such a shame that you had to find out this way, but I would have told you anyway. It's fun sometimes, being the one to hold the strings, waiting to see what you think you know about me. Oh, you'll learn it one day. I'll tell you, but in time. For now, I have secrets, and I like them.
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Well well, isn't this a pleasant surprise?

And here I thought you'd never let me in. And with the little earl no less, no butler in sight. [He doesn't seem at all disappointed.] Oh well, no matter. Perhaps you, or someone else here, can give me the first rate laugh I crave.

It's been so long since I had a good laugh, by the standards of the written material. Seeing that phoenix pose again through your eyes though, that was delightful!
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[Triggered by THIS post, and also triggered by Alois being an attention whore.]

[With an angelic smile donning his features, Alois addressed anyone within earshot.]

I just have a quick question for all of you out there..... which do you like better?

[See this is all perfectly innocent and harmless.]

Do you prefer blond hair or.. [a pointed pause] ... darker, blue-grey hair that looks more suitable for the head of a mop than a person? [Yes, Ciel. He is referring to your quaff]

Votes for Blonds: ||
Votes for Bleh: |
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It has been a day. Barely. And already you miss me, how quaint. I'm sure if you put your mind to it and stopped feeling like a pest, you might manage to find a game for me. Perhaps even Elizabeth and Sebastian, though I'm aware the latter is far more likely.

Then again, that film releases in what? A week? Perhaps it will raise affection for the Lady Elizabeth. And there is another chapter of the manga coming out in the next couple weeks, perhaps we'll find out more.

[Like that message carved in the wall meant?

His expression becomes cold and hard, abnormal for most children his age. Unless you know him.]

You know that I'm aware of it's meaning. That hardly means I will divulge it to you. Sebastian will fix it as soon as Prince Soma is left in Sullivan's care.
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What makes you think the latest chapters will bring anyone else?

You're only hoping for a bit of drama and to try to continue making me sociable. It's not likely to happen. I really don't know what you want beyond that.
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Well well,

I knew you'd miss me sooner or later. Sure, I'm up for some fun.

And, if you can find Alan for me... well... That wouldn't be too bad.

Hello, everyone.
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I'm excited t'begin too...I...think? I won't remember...all of' that's a blessin'! [He realizes it is cowardly to run, but what else can he do?] Though that means I won't remember my brothers and sisters either.

[Shivering, he closes his eyes tightly.]

I miss 'em. Of course I do. M' just not ready. Not yet.
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Nice t'see ye! Why don't ye find the rest of the Circus members and we'll see what we kin do, yeah? I'm not sure I could put on much of a show on me own.

[He scratches the back of his head, sighing.]

I guess a game wouldn't be so bad. I am gettin' a little bored.
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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