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[ a sharp peal of humorless, manic laughter marks the princess's arrival. she shoots her beady eyes upward, sneering at the one pulling the strings; the true puppet master. ]

Very clever, mother!!!

[ azula shouts, breathing heavily as lighting crackles violently inside of each one of her open palms. ]

I've lost my home, not my wits!

[ nearly screaming with every inch of her being, the young princess franticly and carelessly shoots the building energy in her mother's direction. ]

I'll burn this place to the ground if that's what you wish! If that's what it takes!

[ azula's close, she can taste her mother's desperation. ]

You're only delaying the inevitable.
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So, you've got something planned, right? Something good? I'm going a little stir crazy here- I keep setting and beating my own personal record for push ups. And one-armed push ups. And crunches.

It's gonna be months before we find out what happened, so, please...? I'm asking nicely.

At least give me something to punch.
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 Not too thrilled that I'm always your go-to.

Also not trying to go to another one of your sick "games".  You can't even handle me anymore, lady, time to give it a rest. 
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[Have an Avatar, people. She's been stuck in Drift Fleet for a good few months now and has growing concern that clearly is not enough to kidnap her but clearly her friends should join her too-!!]

You know... just because the fleet is cool doesn't mean I want my friends to never be able to go home again. Or however the whole reality show thing works. Sure, space is really great and I like my new friends but I can't even imagine Asami, Mako, Bolin, and the others here.

[Korra points an accusatory finger-!! You're not subjecting her friends to that, mun!]

Besides - what if they have to go through an augment glitches too? Being stuck as a kid for a week was a disaster!

[A beat -]

No space dates, either. Though... it would be nice to show Asami around, I guess.

[Huff. Darn it mun-!! Stop making her miss her friends.]

And, you know what? I think Sokka deserves to see the others more! He's been around longer.
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[Have an Avatar, fellow mind space captives!! She's kind of upset and intrigued about this whole deal here. Why her??? When can she go home?]

You know, I'm all for playing games and stuff like air scooter or power disk but this isn't really what I had in mind. Is there any way we could maybe talk about this? I kind of have stuff I need to be doing.

[Like maintaining balance in a world where humans and spirits are coexisting. Also... she kind of wants to see her girlfriend? For real, why her?]

What kind of weird games are you planning on, anyway? You aren't making me go anywhere!
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Well, well. This is certainly unexpected. But I'm glad that there is someone out there sees my point of view... so to speak.

[His laugh is twisted, but genuinely amused.]

You know, I was skeptical at first, about finding myself in such a strange place. But once I thought it over, I realized... what a Utopia Fortress Between could be, if it only had the right direction.

Needless to say, I look forward to my imminent arrival.


Apr. 2nd, 2016 01:13 pm
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 I think that's great, writer! From what you've read so far, it's perfect. I know my aura can really help brighten it up. I mean, it can't be so bad, right? It'd definitely be better than prison, and maybe we can even find Mai there!
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I don't know what you're complaining about, I had a great time~

Of course things could have gone better but there's plenty of time for that isn't there?

Now why don't we discuss how things are going to progress from now on in [community profile] soulgemmed ?

On the off chance anyone...unexpected should drop in I want to be ready for them.

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 Glad you caught up, with old threads and my part on the show.

But, no. It's great that I'm the only one you feel comfortable with after all this time, but we both know what'll happen, mun.  I'll be forgotten in a matter of weeks if you put me anywhere. And wiping out my memories... what was the point of even refreshing, them?  Girls are so confusing.

[ sigh. ]

Go back to whatever it was you were doing before you stumbled back upon lil old me.  It'll make it easier on both of us.

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 Wow, mun, this is a total surprise.

And putting me in a game sounds super fun but have you, like, thought this through?  Like really, really thought it through?  It's just that you've never played me anywhere and it's been a loooong time since you've.... 

[ I got this, Ty Lee. ]

Yeah, I'm sure you're right.  You'll be totally fine!  Let's just be careful with these games, some of them don't seem very safe.  And make sure you get practice before I actually go anywhere.  And try to find one with Mai... okay?
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[Somehow, she's managed to fit her desk in here, her elbows propped up on the top and hands clasped together.]

You are wasting my talents and abilities on these "memes".

[Her thumbs rub together as she formulates her next words.]

My position as Earth Empress is not a lark. If you truly want to see what I can do, put me somewhere where I can lead. Better yet, put me somewhere where I can conquer.

[She leans back in her seat, waving a hand dismissively.]

That is all. Carry on.
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I know I'm no master when it comes to being patient, but I think we've done enough waiting. Come on, there's gotta be something out there! You know how dull it is being cooped up in here all the time?

[Maybe not the best way to appeal.]

Hey, at this point I'll take being dumped on an island in the middle of nowhere crawling with monsters. At least it'd be something.
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Hi mun, Zuko here,

So, uh, thanks? I guess.

I mean it's nice to be missed and all but uhm... What exactly do you plan to do now?

I can't even remember the last time I was off doing stuff. What was that place? Discedo? Yeah. That sucked. Can we not do that again.


Oh. It doesn't exist anymore? Well good.



Yeah. I hope there's another Zuko there so I can't go. As... weird as that sounds. Sorry other me??

Ya know, don't even bother looking. I'm kinda starting to be sorry I asked.
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What is the point of this? And why do you think I want to be sent anywhere? One bleak place is as good as another.

Except you're talking about sending me to somewhere that's in the middle of a war. Why would you do something like that?
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Uh...would it be at all possible to write up an AU that's less "feelsy" and confusing and more happy

I mean I don't really know how this "a-you" business works. Whatever you want to do is fine and all but, just looking at that Noah guy up here, and what he's going through...I don't know if I should be excited about this or run the other way.
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Tell me zhis, please. How much time have you spend now to set all of zhis up?

Oh, don't bozher. I'll answer myself: Too much.

Und for vhat? Right. To keep me from my studies as vell as more important matters. I'm not going to congratulate you.

Zhough I vill admit zhat a break from having to deal vizh Scout und Soldier's antics ist a velcome change.
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First of all, this username isn't funny.

[fuck off zuko it's hilarious]

Second, no, I'm not helping you do anything because it's pointless. -- and third, you can't even bend that, it's just stupid.

[someone has literally no sense of humor what a guy]
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I don't need to go anywhere. You don't even know where you'd send me.

If you even claim to understand me, you know that I'm not what you'd call a team player. Sending me to somewhere where I'd be stuck, or would be in a new world, wouldn't be interesting. Or an adventure. It'd be stupid.

[and what if you knew people there?]

Who would want me?
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So one game just isn't enough, huh?

It's alright, I know that sometimes you've got to get out and stretch your legs. Not that there's not plenty going on where I am right now, but...

[ Understatement? Understatement. ]

Oh no, I'm really enjoying it. It's just good to mix things up every now and then.

[ Because who can't resist throwing in a few good show quotes? ]

It would be nice to be able to go for a drive, again. Have you got anything in mind?
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I don't care! I don't want my friends to come to Panem, even in a dream!

It's terrible there! It's not that I don't miss them; it's just that I don't want them to have to go through that.


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