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Oh hello there!

How nice to meet you Mun! I'm Marshmaline the Campfire Queen! But I guess you already knew that didn't you?


Are we gonna have fun? If you need some inspiration I can sing you a song! I know all kinds of songs!

Just don't keep me away from Bonnie for long!
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Now don't be afraid, mundane! Branching out to new territory is what spurs growth! [Her voice goes a bit warm, a bit syrupy--] And it's very, very brave of you.

[Was the second 'very' really necessary?]

I'm sure you'll fit right in to the routine after a little earnest practice. I'm sure there are other citizens of Candy Kingdom and the greater Ooo on the whole wandering around.

Who knows? With luck maybe we'll find Lady! Or Peppermint Butler! Just keep chugging, mundane! Toot-toot!
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You know what? I'm not actually going to complain. I mean, I could, but... nah. Looking around at some of the other places here, I'm surprisingly okay with this.

[Well, that's unexpec-]


[Oh boy.]

I get that you need to give me a "work name" or whatever they're called, but could you at least go with a better one than any of the 100% junk ones rattling around in here? Something, you know, cooler! Or at least something that rhymes with Vampire Queen? I'll settle for a near-rhyme!
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So it's like some murder mystery competition thing?

...whatever. That sounds lame. You're lame.
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Look. I need you to stop listening to that song. It's totes stupid. I have no idea how you stand those lyr -'ve got it on repeat???
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[Guess who's strumming a banjolele while she talks, trying to be all cool and disaffected? This vampire.]

Yeah, I know. Between my old scrapbook and that eight-parter - how about that new Rebecca jam, right?? - a lot of stuff's gonna come to light, mun. You really so sure it's gonna work out the way you want? [A beat.] C'mon, don't look at me like that. A girl's gotta keep some secrets! You've made some good guesses, and you're getting plenty of answers. Maybe you'll get a canon update out of it? That'd be cool, actually; I'm gettin' a little tired of being a few years behind everybody who shows up.

This is gonna be a good thing, for both of us. Just try to relax, 'kay? ... Besides. I'm kinda looking forward to hanging with Bonnibel again, now that she's not so busy with princess junk.
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I knew you couldn't resist my lumps.

You were all like, I NEED those lumps.

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 [big sigh]

You're over thinking it, dude. Things'll happen how they're supposed to happen. They aren't always good things, but, well... that's just how it is sometimes. That's life!

Frankly, I'm just glad I'm alive again. Did NOT see that coming. Go me for having back-up plans, right?
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Man, you're gettin' me down, mun. Yeah, I'm the Vampire Queen, but you really think that game sounds like a fun place to put me? Fffft. Jerk.

Guess someone has to liven up that place, it sounds crazy boring, but... You've got plenty of others, right? Send one of them or something! I got junk to take care of in Ooo. I've been trying to put down roots for a change, remember? [Besides, better the inner monster you already know...]

Leave me out of it.
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A 'horror game'? Dude, have you seen some of the stuff Marshall turns into? Besides, you know I'm not afraid of junk.

Well, not monsters and stuff anyway.

[We don't freakin' talk about the ocean okay?]

But hey, if that's what you wanna do, then let's go. Bet they could use a hero or two in there anyway!

((ooc: crossposted to dear_mun))
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Man, what's this all about? Come draggin' me out here into the light of day, takin' a peep at all those little pictures of my face, settin' me up with some new... digs...

Aww, I see what you're drivin' at! Don't pretend I don't! Tryin' to take another crack at the Jakester, huh? It's about grobbin' time bro! I was startin' to get crazy kooky all cramped up in your brain box. Dog's gotta stretch his legs every once and again, you feel me? Whatever, that doesn't matter no more, 'cause we're here now.

So what's the plan, homes? If you're lookin' for someplace for me to rest my rump on down, then you better hurry up. Time's a'wastin'!

C'mon! Let's get crazy!
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Alright, you've got the will, so let's make the way! Don't over-think it dude, that just makes crud harder.

Just do the dang thing. Trust me, it'll work out.
Now. How 'bout some ice cream?
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It's nice and all that you want to bring me into a game, but I really don't have time to be fooling around so much.

[ I'm pretty sure the last episode I saw you in you were hanging out with a bear in the woods dancing, PB. ]

I just happened happened to have a short break off from my incredibly important experiments on the introduction of nightshade and Vitis vinifera emulsion and semolina.

[ Wait, that's just spaghetti and tomato sauce! ]

Either way, my job is very important to the future of the Candy Kingdom I can't be leaving all "willy nilly".

[ Marceline might be there. ]

Well...I suppose I could go and keep her company, and make sure she's not causing trouble for others..
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You are... dumb.

[He means a great deal more complex words- 'absurd', maybe 'ridiculous'- but considering his ability to speak anything but Cat isn't the best, he'll make do with what he can.]

Bad idea. Really bad.

[But he seems, for the most part, somewhat amused. Although...]


[Right. Others. Here's hoping someone speaks Cat, because otherwise actual conversation will be difficult.]
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I've got my eye on you, Mun! I know you're up to no good. You keep looking around for more things for me to do or some of those games to stick me in... Don't you think I've been through enough bad biz lately? It's been bad biz to the max.

What, you're not even sure when to take me from? Why don't you just... unwind my Finn clock, so's it before everything started going downhill. Maybe I could even stop worrying about making things right with Flame Princess! [A glower.] Or do you want to play me after things got all junked up? Quit messing with my noggin!

But, I guess... if anyone else from my world is out there, I do wanna look out for them. And if there's adventure out there, maybe things won't be so bad?
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..Hey man, I know what's up. You've been busy lately, I get it.

Just don't sweat the small stuff, a'ight? I'll see you when I see you. S'not like I'm gonna be going anywhere any time soon.

But for the record, you're mind's totally gonna be blown once you get caught back up. ..But in a good way.

[Hush Finn you know as much as I do about current Adventure Timey events.]
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[There's just... stunned silence from Simon at the moment.

What can he even say? He looks left, then right for nothing in particular, his hand rests subconsciously on his crown.

...I don't believe it. I just...

[A shake of the head. Something like this finally happening...]

G-give me a moment, okay? All of this is really....

[He doesn't finish, simply choosing to sit down and rest his head on his hand. There were a million things he could say at the moment, but none of them could say how exactly he felt at the moment.]
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Open the flood gates and go, go, go!


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