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I've had about enough with all of the talking, and the conniving, and the squabbling— winter is here. We can have all the bloody wars for the damn bloody throne after we've made it through the damned winter.

[ Someone's just a little testy and eager to be back in the North again, the southern weather is bad for his complexion. ]
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You gonna stop those bloody boat jokes now?


It's been a long time. Things weren't how they were. But ... dunno what's gonna happen next, do I? Let's just swing the hammer and then see what happens
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Thank gods we can finally drop the rowing jokes. Four bloody years later.
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This is pleasant, isn't it? [Just like him. He's a very pleasant-looking kind of man.] A little short on the battle and bloodshed, but the world's hardly a perfect place.

I hear that there are dragons upon our shores! More likely they're above our shores. Nevertheless. I'm genuinely sad to be missing the fun. [moue]
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May all the gods protect the last of my family now, the old, the new, and whatever else might be.

( sacrilege, really, but who's going to tell her off in the afterlife, huh??? )

They will need all the protection that can be mustered to survive this winter, that much is certain.
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I should let Ser Davos do the talking more often.
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Your emotional outburst was completely uncalled for.
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Strange, isn't it, that some cycles never break? The seasons come and go, so does this game we play; personal failings and vendettas, like a thorn in one's heel.

[ Then, dryly: ] No need to state the obvious.
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With all that there's to be done, you musn't waste your time in such trifle matters.

But it would be naive of my to expect you would now start listening to reason, so I'll leave it at that.
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I will miss them terribly. You must ensure I do not lose sight of them or I will never forgive you.

(Her voice trembles with emotion and her hands are curled into fists.)

I know how my relationship with them might sound to others - especially Westerosi - but I do not care. They are part of my family no matter the shape of their ears or the length of their lives.


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