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I don't really understand your continued interest, but if you have asked my brother for permission, I suppose I have little say. [This is her life. She cannot meet the gaze of anyone, far too accustomed to begging.] Have you asked?
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Oh my, as King's Landing comes close to falling, I can only pray that they all know that it was a Targaryen, and a Dragon that brought them down. A lion may take the sept, but a dragon will take the throne.
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You going to stop lookin' like that?

What happens happens, we don't have a choice over it. It isn't like you were hanging around like this last season...

Yes, I am glad I'm off the boat. Even if I wasn't on the boat but ...

No. Stop it. She'll be with her family. That's ... it's important.

[Gendry is not pleased with his mundane. Forgive her, for she has fandom feels]
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And what have we here?

Far better suited are you for a kitten then for a lioness, or do you truly believe that you bear the burden once more? For a time, perhaps, you did, and yet you stumbled, did you not? You have gotten soft, just like that oaf of a husband I once had.

If you are under the assumption that reading the books again shall aid your cause, I shall dissuade you of that notion right now. Go back to your doves and your fawns, to your pups and your sheep, your simplistic creatures who know not what claws may lay within the paws of a lionness.

No queen are you, and I will hear no more of whatever ridiculous notions might be forming within your head. I've a kingdom to rule, and I shall not allow you, or anyone else, to get in my way.
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Each game has taught me and changed me, my lady. I am not the same girl who feared her own shadow in the Eyrie; I am not even the same girl who saw to the death of Ramsay Bolton.

I would like to see my family very much, but I do not know if they would recognize me. (Rather she does not know if they will understand her.) Sometimes I think Arya and I would be fast friends if we were to meet again. There is so much that I regret that I find it easier to avoid all thoughts of Westeros.

Yet I am not a coward. I know the past could find me at any moment and I must be prepared to face it.

I am prepared.
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I suppose this timing is to be expected. Absence may not make the heart grow fonder, but all it takes is the smallest reminder to set it beating again.

Strange, though, that it should take root this time. I had thought you'd outgrown your past mistakes.
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Is this wise? So few know who I am or what I have gone through. You have given me a new face as well.

It changes nothing in my mind, just as the Frey's betrayal changed nothing in who I am.

I am Robb Stark's wife and his queen.
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What--? No! No, no... Don't put me where people can see that!

You said we were going to stay in a small place with just your friend. This place?

[He makes a flappy gesture at his surroundings.] This isn't small!
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You know the dragon I would pick, Mun. Bring me Drogon; at any size, he would be a good companion. [She does miss him being so small.] Those from home are also welcome - if I have looked on them favorably before. Until I see them again, I will continue my alliance with the Kedans and sharpen my skills as a Healer.

[Her eyes flash with pride on that last admission.]

I did not think I would take to it, but there is a comfort in knowing I can help another if they are injured or sick.
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Do not bring me forth unless you are truly serious this time. I'm not just some play thing to be tossed about at will. I have too many responsibilities now. I grow tiresome of your childish games.

You would do well to take care of your own responsibilities.
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You can't be serious about sending me somewhere. You've been away from this hobby for far too long. Things have changed enough, I'm sure, that you'd need to do a bit of research first. What sorts of worlds are even out there, and what do you hope to have me accomplish? More importantly, you should ask yourself this: how long before your interest wanes?

Time would be better spent for both of us if you'd get this silly idea out of your head. I've responsibilities at home that I cannot abandon. You have them, as well, even if you try to pretend otherwise.
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Six long years. I thought I'd forgotten what they looked like, how their voices sounded like. I've missed them more than I thought.

But it's selfish to want to stay, isn't it?

[ Saying the words out loud feels like shame; Jon knows why. Winter has come and the dead come with it, whether Jon faces them or not. ]
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For all that Loras and I suffered, how is it that we have still yet to cross paths? I want to know he is safe, not at the mercy of the Sparrows or Cersei Lannister.

With so many Starks, no matter where I go, there is no sign of my family. Given my incentive to this new world you brought me too, is it so selfish to wish that some measure of happiness be given to me when Cersei has taken away everything I love?

If you are out there Loras, come join me. I need you.
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Truly, mun? I truly adore the amusement you take at my expense. [Sarcasm drips from her voice as she takes a sip of wine from a nearly empty glass. I'm Her eyes narrow, her usual mask of indifference slipping away, showing hints of ire beneath.] Because while I am happy to enter this universe where I get my fondest wish in exchange for time here -- I did not intend to come here and be surrounded by Starks.

One or two, a woman can get by with. Truth be told, I do not mind the little dove Sansa all that much. But this? What I have just seen on this so-called Test Drive whatchamacallit? More Starks. A child that my deceased husband conceived out of wedlock. I can see the eyes. I know it is him. And then there is Margaery. [The chit.]

So where, praytell are my own kin? Whatever in regards to the imp, but what about Jaime? Doesn't he have anything that would entice him here? I am certain he would come... If only he knew where to find me.
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Don't be sad, my lady. Maybe you'll feel better if you read a book. That always makes me happy.
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I say where I go. I fear no one and you cannot chain me or control me.

[Her voice loses some ferocity and she smiles, thinly.]

Unless you can show me a world to conquer. That might be worth my while.
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I don't think you tried very hard at all.
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You are anxious for what happens next so you watch the past. I see how you weep for people throughout.

I suggest a break. Being upset will do neither of us any good.


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