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 sadistic and antigonistic
  • first appearance
  • that dumb part with the monster
  • decus in a nutshell
  • similar behaviors in her other subordinates
  • using exspheres to manipulate monsters
  • parents dying
  • losing the pact with the demon
  • using the vanguard to get to what she wants
  • following richter after it fell


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4TH WALLING; No thanks!
THREADJACKING; Sure, threadjack away.
BACKTAGGING; You betcha. I can't get enough of backtagging.
SQUICKS; As long as you bring up matters of rape and suicide with me first before tagging, I should be fine!

HUGGING; Jack isn't particularly huggy but he could use it.
FLIRTING; You're welcome to. He'll be very awkward about it.
DATING; Super improbable unless you are a certain someone.
INJURING; It would be OOC of him NOT to get injured. HMU if you wanna fite.
KILLING; If you discuss it with me first!
TELEPATHY; Go ahead. It's miserable in there though.


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May 15th, 2017

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If they wanted to keep things secret, Daine figures, they would've done a better job of it. Early morning is a busy time of day, not least of all because Daine's own internal clock has gone a bit weird since she moved out here. Her hours at the clinic never start before 4 PM unless there's some sort of emergency, and that's the only time she has to strictly be anywhere. Since Biffy's up at night -- and since she tries to stay up all night during the full moon, especially -- she's as likely to catch naps in the morning and evening as she is to sleep properly through the night.

She's trying to get back on a more normal schedule since the last full moon, but ends up rising around four in the morning. It's an absurd time to be awake, and Kitten grumbles at her for moving about, so Daine takes owl shape and goes for a lengthy flight through the forest. By the time she returns at a more reasonable hour, Lyall is there. She can hear them from her perch on her windowsill (can hear rather more than she wants to, in fact, and she resumes human shape so quickly she stumbles a little). Cheeks flushing, convinced that they'll hear her if she tries to tiptoe past Biffy's door, she ends up just stuffing what she needs for the day in her bag and dropping it out the window. After following it down in bird shape and dressing hastily on the lawn, she heads out on her rounds, determined to take her time.

The farmhouse is silent when she eventually returns, with the exceptions of Kitten and Pawvus, who greet her as if they've been bored witless (as opposed to playing with one another, or with the toys Thomas has made).

"Did Professor Lyall sneak out?" she asks the dragonet, who shakes her head in response. Daine arches an eyebrow. "Did they even leave Biffy's room?" Chortling, Kitten shakes her head again.

Daine snorts, then refills the kettle. It looks as if an earlier attempt at tea was abruptly abandoned, and she rolls her eyes as she puts the old cups by the sink and fetches down fresh ones. "You may as well go wake them," she says, selecting a more bracing tea for them and a milder one for her. "Nicely," she hastens to add as Kitten immediately tears off toward the staircase, Pawvus in bewildered, habitual pursuit. She listens for a moment, turning her ears bat-shaped long enough to make sure Kitten isn't whistling open a locked door. But there's only the click of the knob turning, so she lets her ears lapse back into their usual shape. If they're not even going to try to keep folk out, they can't object too much to an eventual interruption.

Kitten steps into the room, then sits up on her haunches and takes stock for a moment before waddling over to the stranger's side of the bed. Stretching her neck to peer over the edge of the mattress, she lets out a soft, inquiring cheep.
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Breakfast Cult is a Fate Accelerated tabletop RPG about school days and the END OF DAYS, where a band of plucky high school students of the occult at Occultar Academy for Lovecraftian wizards are thrown into detention because SOME ASSHOLE decided to mess with a Keter Class artifact in the forbidden section downstairs.

It uses the eldritch Ancient Ones (read, lawyer friendly Great Old Ones) as a metaphor for various forces that make teenagers feel powerless at the hands of adults and adult society Ancient One spoilers ) It's dark comedy at it's finest.

Madoka Mawaru is an example character, suitable for play as a starting character or as an NPC. This, in particular, is her as Secret Agenda spoilers )

She's a wheelchair-bound video game nerd in pretty much all the major geek clubs at school; no one knows how she keeps her grades up when her life outside of class is an endless parade of anime and competitive fighting games/RTSes. She's a decent computational sorcerer when armed with her Occultar Academy standard issue ePhone, which has apps for drawing summoning circles and casting spells as well as most of her textbooks.

She knows a LOT MORE about the Ancient Ones than maybe she should, and has been in the detention crew (AKA the Breakfast Cult) a lot when there were containment breaches. Madoka figures by now it's because the Headmaster wants her to keep solving those cases, which she has helped to do, multiple times.

She is super pissed that she was Infiltrating as someone who didn't know the King in Yellow from a Dairy Queen at Harrowgate, and coined the term "Screwfiltrated" to describe it.

RISE Roster + Info

May. 23rd, 2017 07:07 pm
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Credit goes to [personal profile] darwinatrix for a lot of this.

What is RISE?

The Rogue ImPort Suppression Enforcement (RISE) is a government-sponsored team of imPorts that work with the military and local law enforcement to bring dangerous imPorts to justice. ImPort criminals are apprehended by joint forces of imPort volunteers and native law enforcement, tried in front of an imPort tribunal, and sentenced to an appropriate probation period. RISE also responds to non-imPort threats such as Soviet aggression and terrorist attacks, and conducts community outreach to both imPorts and natives to ensure a healthy and trusting relationship.

Unofficially, some members of RISE are seeking to use their position of trust to investigate the government and uncover the truth behind their actions. Outright rebellion or rants against the government aren't acceptable, but gathering information and releasing it anonymously are just fine.

What does my character need to do to join?

OOCly? Sign up here! We can thread out a recruitment scene if you want, or just handwave it.

ICly? Be Registered, not be known to have committed a serious crime in game (like murder) and pass a psych evaluation (this will be handwaved). Registration is required by the government, and deregistering or being caught committing a serious crime will result in the character being immediately kicked out of the group.

For field agents, they need to get through an obstacle course and and basic fighting ability by facing off against a combat instructor without using their powers. (Sabriel's not going to be super strict about this, she just wants to make sure they can take care of themselves if they get hit with a nullifier)

Where is RISE based?

RISE is headquartered at Helix Station in downtown Maurtia Falls. Constructed by the former Maurtia Falls Ambassador Revan, Helix is a kind of fortified community center for imPorts that is now run directly by RISE. It was originally heavily armed, but its weapons turrets and energy shields have since been removed at government insistence. However, Helix remains the center of RISE activities and an armoured refuge in times of crisis.

Helix Station has offices, barracks, an armory stocked by the previous commander, and the supplies necessary to shelter large numbers of imPorts and locals in the event of a siege.

What jobs are available in RISE?

RISE's operation is threefold: Track down, defeat and arrest dangerous imPorts in the field, hold them legally accountable for their actions, and maintain a supportive relationship with the people it protects through community outreach. RISE personnel are generally divided between field agents to confront threats, legal experts who participate in the imPort tribunals, and experts in public relations and citizen engagement who ensure the team maintains a good image.

How does RISE operate?

RISE has a defined chain of command. The founder was Major General Olivier Armstrong, and since her departure, is lead by Sabriel [personal profile] bindsthedead, with Jacob Taylor [profile] darkpantswarmfeeling as second in command. Legal and Public Relations experts will be consulted prior to any large-scale operations by RISE, excepting missions explicitly ordered by the government. RISE members are expected to have defined specializations and assigned areas of responsibility, and will be held accountable for any abuse of power by the team's leaders. Members who persistently prove problematic may be assigned attitude training, or even ejected from the organization.

Okay, so what does this translate to in game?

RISE doesn't have an official uniform, but they do have badges, and members will be payed a stipend. They have monthly meetings to both discuss strategy and compare notes on investigations. RISE members are expected to practice tactics regularly, and if they're field agents, train in both powered and nonpowered combat. All of this can be handwaved, but I am hoping to have Sabriel hand out assignments each month that characters can either handwave or use as prompts.

John Connor app for ohana

May. 23rd, 2017 04:05 pm
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 <u><b>THE PLAYER</b></u>
<b>Name:</b> Dark
<b>Age:</b> 29
<b>AIM:</b> johnslaura7@gmail.com
<b>Timezone:</b> Eastern
<b>Previous RP Experience:</b> IJ, dreamwidth, lots of years
<b>How did you hear about us?:</b>Friends
<u><b>THE CHARACTER</b></u>
<b>Name:</b> General John Connor
<b>Fandom:</b> Terminator
<b>Point in canon:</b>Original Timeline/Final Battle
<b>Sexuality:</b> Straight
<b>Species:</b> Human
<b>Age:</b> 42
<b>Link to outside source:</b> http://terminator.wikia.com/wiki/The_War_Against_the_Machines_(Original_Timeline)
<b>Personality:</b> John is a quiet leader. He does not say much but he rarely steps out to see things. He is a full blown General of the whole worldwide pockets of Resistance fighters against Skynet. He takes things extremely serious and is paranoid about Terminator attacks. He knows the date and year of his death and goes to extreme lengths to avoid it. The only time he smiles is when he is around his wife, Kate Connor. 
<b>PB:</b>Michael Edwards
<b>Third person writing sample:</b> [There's some moving in the background as a man with a y-shaped scar started to walk through the forest in the Southern District, occasionally watching over his shoulder for something]
This place is... actually quite relaxing...
Peace and quiet
Too quiet...
John doesn't seem at all comforted by the fact that there are no terminators chasing after him through past, present or future
"Show yourself!"
<b>Anything else:</b> John has a Y scar on his face.


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It amused Grace how nonchalant she and Peter were about this whole thing. She had just decided to ask him if he wanted to get married two weeks ago, and they'd just casually agreed on it but they hadn't actually done anything. Neither of them had formally proposed and she was just walking around the office reading bridal magazines. It was so low-key it was almost funny. So when he said he needed to talk to her, she could only imagine what he might have been planning this whole time.

How's my driving + theme credit

May. 23rd, 2017 12:56 pm
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Basic hmd post is basic.

Theme can be found here.

Ghoul - Daniel Sorrentino

May. 23rd, 2017 12:28 am
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Name: Daniel Sorrentino
Date of Birth: November 23, 1922
Apparent Age: Late 40s
Place of Birth: New York City
Current Home: New York City
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs
Sex: Male
PB: James Hetfield

Nature: (A character's basic personality, their fundamental behavior and perception of the world.)

    Soldier: The Soldier is not a blindly loyal follower. While she exists for orders, she does not adhere to them unquestioningly. More independent than a Conformist but too tied into the idea of command to be a Loner, the Soldier applies her own techniques to others' goals. While she may seek command herself someday, her ambitions lie within the established hierarchy and structure. The Soldier has no compunctions about using whatever means necessary to do what needs to be done, so long as the orders to do so came from the right place.

Demeanor: (The image the character projects to the outside world.)

    Rogue: Only one thing matters to the Rogue: herself. To each his own, and if others cannot protect their claims, they have no right to them. The Rogue is not necessarily a thug or bully, however. She simply refuses to succumb to the whims of others. Rogues almost universally possess a sense of self sufficiency. They have their own best interests in mind at all times. Prostitutes, capitalists and criminals all embody the Rogue Archetype

Jewelry: Wears a ring on his left hand. It's a heavy, old fashioned gold ring with a large garnet in the center held by a dragon's claw. The decorative bits of the ring are, in fact, sharp enough to draw blood.

Species: Human (Ghoul)
Domitor: Alessandro Romero
Occupation: Bodyguard ("Consigliere" or chief advisor to one of the local Mafia bosses)

Humanity 5: People die. Stuff breaks. A vampire below the cultural human norm has little difficulty with the fact that she needs blood to survive, and she does what needs to be done to get it. Though she won’t necessarily go out of her way to destroy property or end a victim’s life, she accepts that sometimes that’s what fate has in store for some folks. Though not constantly horrid, Kindred at this stage of Humanity are certainly at least mildly unpleasant to be around. Their laissez-faire attitudes toward others’ rights offend many more moral individuals.

  • Benevolent Domitor - You must purchase the Domitor Background to buy this Merit. For whatever reason, your domitor is actually rather fond of you. Perhaps your service has been exemplary, or perhaps you simply remind him of someone in his past — given the alien nature of the vampire mind, you may never know for sure. Your domitor treats you with some measure of compassion and does not casually endanger your life. Of course, he still expects you to give your life for his if need be, but until that night, the two of you are something akin to friends.
  • Coldly Logical - While some might refer to you as a "cold fish" you have a knack for separating factual reporting from emotional or hysterical coloration. You may or may not be emotional yourself, but you can see clearly when others are clouding the facts with their feelings (-1 difficulty on all Sense Deception and related rolls).
  • Pale Aura - Due to some quirk of fate or your reaction to the Blood, your aura is naturally pale. Vampires reading your aura via Auspex assume you to be Kindred unless they have strong reason to suspect otherwise. This Merit can be of great use if you wish to impersonate a vampire, but can also cause some very dangerous misunderstandings.
  • Cast No Reflection (Lasombra Ghoul) - You actually cast no reflection, just like the vampire of legend. This can have a very detrimental effect when among normal humans. Vampires of Clan Lasombra automatically have this Flaw (and you may be mistaken for one of them if you possess this) and cannot take it to gain Freebie Points.
  • Poseidon's Call - Your self-control varies with the weather. Make rolls to resist frenzy at -1 difficulty in completely calm weather, but +1 difficulty on rough seas, +2 in thunderstorms and +3 in hurricanes.

: (See Alessandro's Disciplines post for ability descriptions) Obtenebration 3, Dominate 3, Potence 2, Fortitude 2

History: Daniel Sorrentino was born on November 23, 1922 in the predominantly Italian neighborhood of East Harlem. He is youngest son of Italian immigrants who arrived in New York from Sicily in 1914. He lived in a run-down, crowded little apartment with his parents and six older brothers and sisters. Along with his siblings, he was on track for a life of crime in the overwhelmingly poor neighborhood when WWII broke out and he was drafted into the Army.

Daniel's unit fought in the war in Europe, first in France, then up through Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. Shot in the leg early in 1945, once Italy was freed from German control and Daniel could move on his own, he convinced his commanders to allow him to check on relatives in Sicily before he returned to the US. He was able to visit several cities in Italy before making his way down to Sicily to see relatives.

After learning he was to be discharged from the army, relatives in Sicily helped him get in touch with mafia connections in the US. When Daniel returned to the US, he spent a brief period in a military hospital while doctors checked his leg, before being discharged. He returned home to New York City soon after, and began his career in the mafia.

Daniel Sorrentino met Alessandro Romero in the early 1970's. A fairly successful capo in charge of several soldiers in the family, Daniel's leadership, ability to turn a profit, and a talent for avoiding notice by the police drew the attention of the family's mostly-invisible vampire patron. Convinced Daniel would make a useful tool, the vampire gave him no choice but to accept his blood.

Daniel's performance in the family increased considerably after that. The ghoul showed a talent for learning vampire Disciplines that pleased Alessandro. Thanks to adept use of Dominate and other vampire Disciplines, Daniel's profits for the family and his commitment to keeping the police out of family affairs eventually caught the eye of the underboss of the family, who made Daniel his advisor once he ascended to lead the family.

Daniel Sorrentino currently serves as Alessandro Romero's bodyguard and head of security, in addition to his duties as advisor within the crime family. Though one of his duties to the mafia boss is to keep an eye on Lazarus Corporation activities, as the family makes a tidy profit off of Alessandro Romero's business, it usually ends up being one of the primary means for Alessandro to keep tabs on and control the family's business. Daniel makes unashamed use of Dominate to ensure Alessandro's will is carried out.

As Alessandro's bodyguard and head of security, he's in charge of security for both Lazarus Corporation buildings and Alessandro's yacht, Spectre. Though his job includes very little actual bodyguard work, except in rare cases of meetings with other Kindred, he is often given fairly complex tasks, some of which Alessandro is physically unable to do himself. This includes silencing failed ghouls. Due to a sufficient knowledge of Dominate, with an appropriate disguise he can practically walk in and out of the area jails.

Daniel currently enjoys status as Alessandro's favorite ghoul and, due to his exemplary performance and intelligence, is a prime candidate for Embrace. He is usually fed Blood nightly, in order to increase his effectiveness and usefulness to Alessandro. Due to the length of time he's been ingesting a high volume of Lasombra blood, Daniel exibits the same flaw as a Lasombra vampire. He has no reflection in any reflective surfaces and his image cannot be captured by cameras. Bright light is uncomfortable for him, though not nearly to the same degree as a Lasombra vampire, and he generally avoids direct sunlight when he can. Additionally, his aura is as pale as a vampire's aura, which has led to misunderstandings in the past.

Personality and Skills notes:
  • As the son of Italian immigrants his knowledge of Italian was mostly limited to the spoken language when he was younger, but he is now a fluent speaker, though he speaks it with a New York accent.
  • He has about as much use for computers as his master, and uses smart phones and computers only grudgingly. It's usually easier to convince someone else to hack a computer than to learn to do it himself.
  • Excellent shot with both hand guns and larger rifles. He's been taught how to use a sword by Alessandro and regularly trains with the vampire. He has a gladius similar to his master's that he carries when he's on business for Alessandro.
  • He finds mirrors creepy, especially since he stopped showing up in them, and avoids them like the plague.
  • Though his first duty is to his master, he enjoys rock, especially classic rock, and tries not to miss major concerts.
  • Has been investigated numerous times for his crimes in relation to the crime family, but mysteriously, each and every investigation has ended in the early stages and evidence tends to go missing. Has never been convicted or jailed.
  • The fact that he's in his 90s but hasn't aged a day since the early 1970's is an open secret among those high up in the crime family. Subtle use of both Dominate and threats guarantees that no one has talked. His current driver's license lists him as 46 years old.

Open Post/IC Contact/Anti-captcha

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What it says on the tin. :)


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Mun and muse are over the age of 21.

Wiki: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Leon

Status: voicetesting!
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Paris, 2009.

If she hadn’t strayed so endlessly far from home, she thought and introduced the final song of the night with a small, glued-on smile and a throw of her head, she’d naturally never have seen her name written in gold letters beneath the great Edith Piaf’s on the posters that Yvette had spread out over all of the 9th arrondissement to announce their weekly events. She’d never have sung a single song in French, she’d never have known how you can long so horribly for the sound of your native language and she’d never have learned to hate her own hodgepodge of accent and difficulty when she sang Milord or Padam Padam. Shiori’s French was still, after almost two years in the city of light and love, a mostly moderate affair. She could sing the words and she might even understand the meaning of each one, but the feeling was gone - and sound without feeling was, when all came down to it, just sound. Her voice wasn’t grander or more unique than that.

At L’Ombre de Palais, however, they regularly failed to care about her accent or her artistic reservations. The club which had become the golden age band’s usual venue was a pseudo-authentic hotpot, they harvested from the popularity of the location and most of the guests were tourists, as to be expected, who themselves spoke a pronounced tourist-French, if they spoke the language at all. Shiori had taught herself to care for their pretentious manner, but she sometimes did miss the guys from London and the UK’s darker grit. Not that she ever regretted her move, it had been time.

The final number of the evening was an extended version of La Foule which Shiori herself had worked on, for months actually, woven fragments of her own Japanese translation into the original lyrics and put their trumpeter to work with a riff or two, depending on how the audience responded. It was one of the few songs in their repertoire that she felt 100 percent comfortable singing, that she knew she could squeeze every single drop out of and at the same time, it had proven surprisingly popular. Tonight was no exception, it received the biggest applause of the evening. Maybe people simply clapped, because the show was finally over, she was past the point of preventing herself from thinking in a fortunately brief, but still cold moment, before the spotlight flickered back in her face and she almost felt too hot in her little, black dress.

Usually the bar was open another couple of hours after the end of their concerts, so Shiori descended the round stage, left the cleaning-up for the others with a vague promise of returning in a moment and sat down at the first, free barstool she could find. Ordered a coke on the rocks.

“I liked you better in London,” a woman’s voice sounded behind her and the words were in English, British English. The voice was slightly hoarse and slightly dark, reminded her of marzipan coated in chocolate, offhand. She didn’t even have time to turn around, before the stranger slid into the seat next to her, as if the stool were a throne. She wedged her needle sharp stiletto into place against the foot rest’s metal. Shiori observed her curiously. She couldn't recall ever having seen her before and that hair… Oh, it was beautiful, that hair she wouldn’t forget so easily. Orange-golden, the exact same color as the sunset, just as shiny, just as nuanced.

“I think I might have liked me better in London, too,” she laughed in reply, likewise in English. Her stomach fluttered and she wasn’t sure it was a welcome sensation. Either it was too old or she herself was. Too old. Now. A bit uneasily, she pushed forward in her seat and disturbed the ice cubes in her glass with her straw.

“My name is Michelle Adkins,” the woman introduced herself finally and smiled. She had narrow lips, but completely white teeth. A true Colgate smile. “I play the piano and might be on the hunt for vocals just like yours, Shiori Enomoto.”

She pronounced Shiori’s family name in a wonderfully cute manner, where the E almost disappeared, sounding instead like a deep, elongated I-sound. Shiori couldn’t help smiling, she’d never in this very special way been headhunted before. So focused. So direct. With Yvette’s band, she was still in a sort of test period. She’d been so for a year already and the result never seemed to change, it felt. They played, she sang, but she remained a foreign element. In reality, she probably missed the feeling of being part of something. Of someone.

“Shiori, are you coming,” someone yelled from up on the stage and Shiori sighed. Searched through her purse in the hunt for a pen, while Michelle tore a piece of paper out of her calendar to scribble her number down on and as such, they exchanged their info in an efficient silence.

“You’ll hear from me,” Michelle promised and leaned in to kiss her airily by each cheek in a truly French fashion. Her perfume clung to Shiori’s hair in the waves of their brief intimacy, held a heavy and sharp scent. Their intimacy, their… Quickly, she stopped herself and instead stood up, even when Michelle remained seated next to the sad remains of Shiori’s coke, although Shiori straightened up to her fullest height, Michelle was almost taller than her. Almost.

“I’d appreciate that,” she answered and managed just barely to smile, just as she managed just barely to avoid stumbling, when she turned away and walked back towards the stage and her work, however much of a foreign worker she really was, when all came down to it.

And as such, they met each other both as strangers and as two familiar with each other, did Michelle and Shiori, because Shiori would no doubt have remembered Michelle’s red hair wherever she went afterwards, had she noticed her back in good old London Town - who knew, maybe she’d never have left for Paris in the first place, had she met Michelle back then. Later, on her way home along Boulevard des Capucines, it was Michelle’s hair she remembered most clearly, as well as her marzipan-darkened voice and her words. Her words… Maybe she was on the hunt for someone exactly like Shiori, she’d said. Maybe she was on the hunt. Maybe Shiori was once more desired and in demand. Wouldn’t it be for the first time in a decade?

Time was up. Maybe she could be daring. Again.


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CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW AT [personal profile] missing1ship


JARLAXLE BAENRE AT [personal profile] acheat


Synodiporia Kewl Powerz Record

May. 22nd, 2017 07:06 pm
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Stationary Portal Creation
Liminal Teleportation
Liminal Manipulation I
Hammerspace I


Illusion Reaper - A glowing purple scythe that instantly dispels illusions. It's also a useful melee weapon. This has been nerfed to being a physical weapon she stores in Hammerspace from being an allegory for her role of ending illusions in the story.



Synodiporia Jaunt Record

May. 22nd, 2017 07:02 pm
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April/May 2017 - Olympos Upended - Investigated as the priestess "Thalia." Insinuated herself into Euphrasia's retinue, then into the Titanspiracy in the hopes of raising Euphrasia and Agoraea to godhood (succeeding at the first). Relearned fear and pain at the hands of Nike. Recommended Euphrasia as a psychopomp to the Conclave.

June/July - Showtime - Infiltrating. Details TBD.
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If Nanoha is magical girls with mecha show tropes, then the ANIMa is a mecha as gloriously magical girl show. She summons a pilotable robot ranging in size from D.Va's battlesuit to "uses a skyscraper as a club" as dictated by the logic of whatever Nightmare she's fighting past; it is always, intrinsically, a match for the alien she's facing, as it's made from the same technology that made them hellishly huge.

Each of its major subsystems is a symbol of her relationship with someone she, to use a loaded word, loves. The more emotionally intense and intimate the relationship is, the more useful and powerful the system is; the more trusting and safe the relationship is, the more sturdy and reliable the system. The game rated this on a scale of 0-5 for both stats; Int 4 requires a punch, or a kiss, on the mouth, and she will get nothing higher in this game.

Her increasingly distant but completely incorruptible and trustworthy brother (2 Intimacy, 5 Trust) can be drawn on for a tower shield; the dangerously flirtatious Keenan Caine, her crush and wingman, gets her a plasma shotgun that tends to overheat when fired constantly (3 Intimacy, 1 Trust), for example.

Half of the fun of playing her canon at other games has been figuring out what CR-powered weapons she'll get from growing relationships with her castmates.


Please tag to this permissions post and let me know if you're okay with Sara drawing ANIMa weapons from her CR with you! This comes with some inherent risk, as damaged parts will put psychic strain on the relationship. If you are interested, please let me know if you have any suggestions for the weapon system! Just keep in mind the one rule of ANIMa weapons -

Synodiporia Kewl Powerz Record

May. 22nd, 2017 06:44 pm
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Sensory Livestreaming
Psychic Protection I

Liminal Bubble

ANIMa Pilot
Lucid Dreaming
Capacity for True Bonds


Hopeful Outlook


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