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I don't know if I like the idea of finding somewhere for me to go, Mun. I like it on Griffin Rock!

Besides... I'd miss Dani! And Cody! And Boulder and Chase! ...I might even miss Heatwave!

And what if there's people where you send me who want me to fly them places? Did you even think about that?
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I don't know if I should be pleased or insulted. Though I suppose I should be grateful that you decided at all to "wake me up" so to speak. You even used that older version of me to tag into a meme in addition to having me there. Impressive.

I don't know what you're up to, but I think we're both in agreement that a new "game" would be an exceedingly poor idea.

[Listens for a moment as mun sheepishly says something.]

Yes, I suppose it'd be all right to use me for these "PSL" things though I'd prefer to find my friends. Thank you for at least asking...even if it's obvious your mind was already made up.
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Okay, I gotta say, thumbs-up. Making fun of Warlocks is a time-honored tradition. Or so I've heard.

Look, you'll be fine. So we're both pretty new to this whole "immortal-being-filled-with-Light-controlled-by-person-in-the-distant-past" thing. The key is to act like a Hunter does. Do like we do. Pretend like you know what's going on. Failing that, pretend like you meant to do whatever it is you goofed up on.

Pretty sure Cayde'd agree. Just saying.

S. Hein
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I am pleased that you are so pleased. I know how long you have been waiting to see this, and for it to have not disappointed you is a good sign.

I do wonder if I will last this time around. We have been here before, have we not? Though I wore a different face then, and the story was changed enough. I am still me, and will always be.

Also: all that time, and you think I would only aid in one war? Of course there are stories to be told. Perhaps I will tell them. When the time is right.
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I-I don't know anyone yet...

[A gasp.] They probably don't know Marshmallow either!
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I don't really understand your continued interest, but if you have asked my brother for permission, I suppose I have little say. [This is her life. She cannot meet the gaze of anyone, far too accustomed to begging.] Have you asked?
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I've stayed quiet this far out of respect, mun. Even after the amount of crap you've put me through. -Yes, I mean the whole "almost strangled by Vanguard" thing.

But if you think I didn't notice what you're up to... you really underestimate the SHD's training. Just try not to make a fool out of me. That's all I'm asking.

- Parker
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More violence. More horror.

It isn't a matter of whether or not I would survive, Mundane. I always survive.

It isn't a matter of fear, nor is it a matter of morals.

What I want is to be left alone.

I'm tired of running.
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Hey it's pretty cool hanging out in your head and all...especially with those other dragons in there, it's almost like I never left home~

But maybe it's time to I don't know get me involved with a game or something? I mean not that it's not boring sitting around doing nothing but I feel I could be doing way more. As for you, I actually can't believe you had two weeks vacation and didn't finish off our series yet. I'm sure there's more of Tohru and her friends you need to be enjoying.

And of course, getting to see me in a super cute swimsuit!

But hey, No rush. I'm sure you'll get around to it, Munny~
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Of course I'm still here– We had a decent enough time back in the day, did we not? I find it most surprising that you still welcome me with open arms, though I must remind you-- again -- that I am neither Queen nor Knight and as charming as the thought of my little Alice looking up to me might seem, I cannot see where or how you can so valliantly imagine me fighting off unknown creatures.

... It is true -- I know what you mean, but Alice's merit has always been her own. All I've ever done was guide her and even that was tragically short-lived.

Nonetheless I do wonder what you intend to do now? Where are we headed off to, if anywhere at all? I know how caring you've always been to me- but please. I am not just the victim of a crime most foul - or rather, I am far more than just that. I am my own person and whatever we do from now on, let us do our best together.

Please- just no more boats. I could never quite shake off the nausea after our adventure with Reverend Dodgson.
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I don't know, Mundane.

Do you really think there's anyone out there who's worse than Mandy? Because I can't imagine what worse would be like. She makes a habit of making things miserable for as many people as possible especially on days when people should be happy. And she beat Cthulhu, not to mention, Death, Eris, the Boogeyman, and I don't know how many other people. And she does everything without any gadgets or minions. How can you be worse than that?!
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"Pressured"? Come on, that's a slight exaggeration, isn't it?

What really happened is that you came up with a good pun and stole it before anybody else could touch it. Don't twist the truth just for your own gain.

[A long suffering sighTM.] Well... for the time being, I may as well set up shop here. Don't have much better to do while I'm waiting for you to make up your mind about a home.
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I can't say that I'm particularly surprised by the series of events that lead to my coming to this place. Curiosity does lead a person down quite a few roads they didn't think they'd go, do they not? Indeed, I was wondering if you would give up on your "review" when you realized how daunting a task it would be, but it seems like I need not have been concerned.

Now, here we are, at the cusp of my "becoming," as it were. Either you shall find my voice or I shall slip back into the shadows. And after all that work. If I may, I believe that there is worth in my going to these multiverses. There is so much chaos and the hearts of the people are quite lost, wouldn't you say?

Oh. Don't mind me. Just idle chit-chatting, as it were, and thinking of how sad it would be to allow people to continue to wallow in helplessness and despair. But please, continue to decide on my voice. That is far more important -- and I do mean that honestly. I would hate not to sound like myself.
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Seems the Phantom Thieves have caught your full attention.

Although it looks like we're not the first.

[Goodness there are a bunch of thieves in this mindspace. He could practically start a new team, but Joker is rather fond of the one he already has.]

Wait until you see the next heist. We're nowhere near done yet.
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Me though? Are you sure you wouldn't rather use one of your usual muses? Or is this because of the whole Leo Takumi thing.

[Don't you judge me, woman.]

Now why in the world would you think I was judging you? I think it's adorable that you've suddenly grown so fond of my little brother.
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So... lemme get this straight.

You're planning on taking me somewhere without my Puddin, locking me up there, and maybe getting me killed. Wow. Talk about deja vu.
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Hey mun?

Now that you have some time off for a few weeks maybe you could find some time to maybe do something with me? I know you've started watching the recent season of mine and the other ponies' adventures now so you really kinda don't have an excuse.

Also I know you're totally hyped for that one Equestria Girls special that's coming out soon... something about your two favourite unicorns hanging out together?

...What in the name of Princess Celestia is "Shipping fodder" anyway and why do you keep accusing me of being it?
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Look lady, I don't know why I'm here either. I should be back at the mall making sure those no good pirates don't come back again! It's my job to protect the peace and serve the emperor there! The instant they're in my jurisdiction, I'm gonna cuff 'em and make 'em pay!

I think I deserve a meal from Vrepit Sal's after this. I hear they've gotten better with their food service recently -- I mean! I need to question Sal about that pirate he had! Yeah, that's it.


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