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Aw gosh.

It sure does get to be confusing, I don't think there's a story that gets anywhere near as confusin' as the one I'm in huh?

But hey! It's not so bad! And it's not like proper time travel, right? Then it'd really be confusing haha!

Besides, what's important is making sure everyone is safe and sound.
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Well ain't this a treat!

Ya know, I've been in plenty of people's heads but this is the first time it's ever been this literal.

And a No-Maj at that! You sure you're all No-Maj, honey? I ain't ever seen a No-Maj do something like this.

What a trip!

But speakin' of trips, I can already tell you ain't got plans to send me anywhere, but do you think I can see Teenie, or how about my honey Jacob? Even Newt would be a nice sight for sore eyes.
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This is- wow. I want to say dedication but this is a whole new level. Are bad puns how you deal with existential dread?

... Whatever it is you're planning though, at least just. Let me know in advance. Okay?

[ No plans, bub. None yet. ]

Guess we'll just have to improvise this one.
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It's probably a good thing that you cannot access those particular 'new canons' based on my era. Too many Akechi Mitsuhides in one heart would not be good for you, my Lady; I am honoured you name yourself after my kamon but many named 'Mitsuhide' are not wise to love.


Ah, myself? Please don't worry. If I must go somewhere alone I shall; if I must be challenged in any way, then that is how it must be. How I will feel about it isn't... well, it's not what matters.

Though, ah, if I may make one request? No alcohol, please.
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It's been almost almost 30 years, perhaps you should just let it go. You weren't even born when I first started fighting, and now you've dragged me out of my timeline into yours? Do you have any idea what you plan to do, or why I'm here?


I see... so you want me to fight an even more hopeless battle to defend the innocent. I'm just one man who decided he needed to step up and make a difference, but I'll see what I can do.
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[His is lounging on a tree branch, eyes closed and one ear perked for any unusual sounds.]

My world is dangerous enough. If I wanted a different challenge, I could just follow Kagome through the well.

[He stretches one arm over his head, frowning.]

Even with all the demons, my Japan is better; safer for her. I know what to expect. [Most of the time? He snorts.] I will be going back no matter what you say.
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You gonna give this up yet or what? I'm not really interested in going anywhere. Couldn't you figure that out by the username?

But I guess I'll give you points for picking me over that other one. Guy's annoying even if he's pretty cool.

[ Sorry, Dante. ]

But the answer's still no.

And stop reading things about him. It's never gonna happen.
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[As night ends and morning comes around — something terrible has been happened to dreamwidth.

Parts of it, abruptly vanishing! Dear god, the horror —]


This has more pictures behind it! )
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Did I think you had forgotten me, did I think you had discarded me? Yes. It has been a while, mundane. I have waited long and I did not wait in vain, for you described me in great detail, you wrote me back to life so vividly. Do you feel satisfied, do you feel happy? I aim only to please myself, you must know, but you may have a sliver of my satisfaction, if you so wish. I hand it to you willingly. Here.

In return, find me an Odette - or some other maiden to watch, I shall gladly learn new traits, new features, new habits. Gladly I transform myself, my body blinks in and out of focus. See! It is ready. I am my own, but I mirror by second nature. I might well be a bird of prey, but my wings are no less soft for it, they swipe everything clean in their wake.

Let us play, mundane. Come then, let us play.
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Mun, glad you finished the game. But I'm beginning to think I'm a burden to you...with you constantly pulling me out only to do nothing because you can't find anything for me.


You feel the same way about me? Why?
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I'm not objecting to the idea of a vacation. Honestly, a break from all this- ...um, everything, would be nice. Great, even!

But a lot of these places don't seem very vacation-y. Kind of the opposite, really. Like a lot.

Also I'm getting the impression I wouldn't be able to leave? Cause that makes it less of a vacation and more of a kidnapping.
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Of course you'd drag me back out here today of all days. Thanks for the acknowledgement, I guess, but...

Is this all you're doing, or do you actually have something in mind for me now?
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I don't really care, just don't make me do anything stupid.

...Tall request, I know. But try having some restraint.
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Mun, we've known each other for some time. You've played me for years on end...and now I see you're serious about playing me again.

But seriously, after all the crap I did canonically do you not see why I won't fit in anywhere? This most recent game is merely showing light onto how...I suppose, insecure I can be.

I guess I wish you the best of luck. You could have given up on Archanea lore a long time ago, yet here you are still building on it.


You're thinking about letting me get captured in a game if you play me for reals? Heavens no. You may as well voice test me for eternity and put me nowhere if that's your plan. I guess, stay focused.

This is the fourth time already. Am I really worth more than a burden to you?
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[Red is without a doubt a man of few words, but at the prospect of going to a new game, he does have at least one thing to say - to ask, that is, his eyes wide with intrigue.]

Super powers?
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So you want me to try to figure out our next step? We tried. I tried. Maybe we're just not game material? I know that sounds defeatist but (and I know you think so sometimes) that no matter how much effort we use things don't change. But those are games. For you and all muns anyway.

The kid did a pretty good job against that guy. What did you call him, 'The Vulture'? Seriously? I suppose there are worse names than that. Who calls people names like that anyway?

Comic book writers...

I saw that! For someone without a team, he did good that Peter guy.

And as for the company of Disney... We both know that it was very unlikely that once Power Rangers went back to Saban that my team would barely get a mention, and that was back in Super Megaforce (And not done very well in your opinion) but maybe with Chip rumored of being in Super Ninja Steel maybe everyone else will get mentioned? WE can only hope.
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Firing up the Pinterest account more than usual, aren't we? I know what that means. If I'm going to do something soon, I have a request: I want it be set within an earlier era than the stories you've been listening to lately.

As an old friend once said, "Years are all it takes for choices to become regrets." Now I won't admit to having regrets in a place like this. A man has a reputation to uphold, after all. What I will say, is that by 2017 I've more than enough choices piling up around me. In short? I'm tired. I've seen, done and lost more than entire generations stacked one atop another have. I've had experiences both terrible and sublime, and everything else in between. I've known friends, enemies, and even -- had people I've loved.

[ This is getting earnest for his tastes now, so here's Dorian clearing his throat and moving the hell on. ]

So. If we're going to take things anywhere at all, a vacation to an earlier time period would be appreciated. I'd offer suggestions, but I have a feeling you'd go Monkey's Paw on any requests of mine. I'd rather not encourage you; You're bad enough on your own even without my help.
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In a multiverse where there are people who can literally bring the dead back to life, exactly what use would a physician be?

[ She shakes her head. ] I'd rather not go somewhere when I'll have nothing to do and trauma can be repaired by a tap of the wand.


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