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What a glowing recommendation. And how is this worth dragging me out of retirement? Again? I was actually enjoying the vacation.

Maybe next time we skip the "warm reunion" and go right to leaving me alone.
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So you thought it was some April Fool's prank at first, huh? What, you sayin' we're not good enough to deserve an anime!? FUCK YOU.

They even went to all that trouble pulling the bait and switch Hoshiiro bullshit as the actual prank but you missed it entirely and just jumped to that conclusion like the dense, ungrateful prick you are! Shit!

... Oh, and don't think rereading the series and finally making me this account makes up for any of it. Now you just look like a hipster elitist trying to get in before the anime crowd. Probably 'cuz that's exactly what you are, lol. GG, lameass.


Why are you still looking at me? I'm done. Get out of here.
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I do not dispute you, mundane. My being inside your "headspace" does indeed ring similar to what my situation with Peter was like. But pray tell, will it prove to be less dangerous...or moreso?

Nay, I am not attempting to withdraw our connection. I know that is unlikely...and danger or not, I am not disposed against learning about new things from new people and new places.
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...What, exactly, were you planning on doing with me again?
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I haven't changed my mind. If you send me to one of these games, you know what will happen. [War, conquest - the usual.] My time with you hasn't changed my nature. No matter how hard you try or wish it was otherwise.
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Really mun? What are you going to now, hmm? Yeah, that's what I thought. Nothing. You're going to sit on this journal. You've taken me away from what I was doing--and I was in the middle of things too you know. I have a life and things to take care of in Care-A-Lot. It's not like you can even find a game to put me in.

Why don't you just give up and accept defeat. Leave me alone. Just as soon as you drop me back off. On second thought, just scoot over. I'll drive.
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Good to see you're using a bit of the old armpit grease and whatnot to air me out. Was growing a bit of something green a fuzzy between the last two toes on my left foot. I'll blame it on a distinct lack of vitamin B.

The "B" standing for booze naturally. Where the flying fuck's the liver juice cabinet these days anyhow? Did 2D mistake it for his bloody crisps cabinet again?

No matter! Breaking m' best mate's fingers can be set aside for another day. You and I? We've got work to be done here. Find me a new crib, a decent lay, and ten pounds of that hákarl shite. I've had a hankering for that lathered in ketchup, bath salts, and sandwiched between two rancid year old toasted pumpernickel slices lately.  Been on an exclusive diet of tequila and chocolate for the last seven-such years and I need some proper nourishment.
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Another planet, here--it shouldn't be any different. Just remember I'm not a pawn anymore. I'm a man of the Word.
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[Something has happened! You run into a friendly Gelert named Bruno... Wait, wouldn't that be the other way around this time?]

Oh, har har. Very funny.

Now would you kindly let me go home? I'm pretty sure I have no business being here, and my family is going to get worried.
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I've been on enough adventures. I want to find a home of my own; some place that is permanent and preferably free of Cymrian excrement. Those tapestries will never be clean and you know it.

Besides, I have too much Lirin in me to be happy living inside of a mountain. I need to see the sky, though it was good exercise having to climb up a path every morning and evening to sing.

[Then there was Achmed and Gunthor... Jo...]

Ah... Maybe Ylorc isn't so bad.
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You know, the last game you sent me to I almost got my nuts crunched by a blond psychopath and a sentient rock headbutted me in the nose.


I'm not sure I trust you anymore.
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Everyone is talking about this horrible little fairy tale again. I do not see why.

Point the first: he becomes a monster through his own thoughtless actions. A man who has everything brings ruin upon himself and his entire household, and yet is deemed worthy of your pity.

Secondly, he appears to value the mademoiselle solely for her value as a captive and potential mate, and not for her own sake, whatever her stake in the matter.

Third, the story ends with an utterly laughable and unrealistic transformation which, I can assure you, is not vouchsafed those of us unlucky enough to be simply born with our affliction through no fault of our own.

Indeed, it is insulting, the hold this story has on those who consider themselves romantics. Erik is not at all entertained.
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'Playable never'?

Of course. Why would I even consider having to befriend you lowly mortals? Some of you aren't even going to make it in the future that I am working for. It would do you better to pray to Astrals so that you might even able to enjoy your morning coffee tomorrow instead of trying to convince me to do otherwise.

[ Yeah, that sounds like something that a villain from Sunday morning cartoons would say, Sandalphon. ]
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Has anyone pointed out you're enjoying this too much? Because if not, let me be the first: you're enjoying this too much.

I am so entirely out of my depth here. My opponents have had terrifying horses and weapons straight out of a pre-Rising Conan comic book, a nightmare heron thing, and oh, that girl with the freaking forest and a wolf. And for some reason you're excited about the potential of me fighting Harry Dresden, professional wizard. Because guy with phenomenal cosmic power verse girl with a migraine and the truth isn't an uneven battle at all.

To be fair, the truth is that if they kill me I'll get up again and try to eat them and that if they even come close to me, they risk bringing the zombie apocalypse home with them, which is a pretty compelling argument against not fighting. To be even more fair, so far it's worked. I've always said the most powerful weapon we have is the truth. Nice to see I was right in a more literal sense than I anticipated.

I just have to win this match and then the next two and get back to Shaun. There's no other acceptable outcome. I have to get home alive before he does something stupid trying to get me back from something a little more believable than multidimensional Mortal Kombat and ends up dead. Or at the very least, I have to get home alive so I can fucking burn the world down for taking him from me. The former is obviously preferable, but I'll settle for the latter if I have to. Either way, I need to beat the overwhelming odds and continue to talk my way past people who could turn me into an extremely infectious smear with very little effort.

Great. No problem.
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Haha, like this is different. I mean, little pictures? Haven't done that before.

[Because forum to journal is a big stretch!]

Okay, mun lady, like what's the deal? How are we gonna get this groove set? Just go for it? Cause you've got a lot of work to do, man.

And like where ever we go, make sure it's got like a pizza parlor!
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It's almost been a year since you saw the show and now you're doing this? You're just gonna forget all about me again.

And this face? I know it's hard to find Broadway icons but can she even sing?

[ no the mun has no idea what she's doing. ]
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It's nice of you to bring me out to see him. You know how much I miss him. (There is a brief spark of happiness, but it doesn't last; it rarely does these days. The dead can only hope and strive towards singular goals.)

They know I won't give up. He needs me and I'm not letting a little thing like death stand in the way.
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You're assuming that there are people out there who need someone like me around, first off. In the rough ten seconds I've spent glancing back and forth, I've seen more kids with magic powers than I'm comfortable with. I'm pretty sure the ones who can bench press a grown man's weight would easily be able to beat someone like Gren's face into a pulp. Between the two of us, I'm actually hoping they already have, by some contrived miracle of space-time magical bullshit.

So no, I really doubt they need my help sorting out their messes, and I'm pretty sure the only other option that leaves you with is giving me a well-deserved vacation. Which in any other situation would be...sorta flattering, I guess, but I can't help but feel like it'd just be moving me from one giant mess to another.

Call it a hunch.
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( he knows the routine — he says something to the effect of "this is a bad idea", the mun disagrees, and in futility he'll repeat himself until he gives up and agrees to go along. instead, he says nothing. a dark mask of blank indifference veils his face, betraying none of his thoughts.

finally, after a long silence, he speaks — each word carefully and slowly measured out, )
You have invested in me. Which makes you a client. So I better get to work.

( as always, reports will be sent regularly concerning his progress. )
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You speak of "games", but I only know the game of the labyrinth, and that's no game at all, truthfully.

How do you expect me to survive in some strange land, or even a different world? I can barely imagine that.

Just leave me be. I have enough troubles.


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