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[There is a little girl with a bright red kimono and a lot of waterworks on the comm today. Frankly speaking, it looks like she would have run away by now, but every time she stops hiccuping and crying into her hands to look up, what she sees seems to terrify her and she goes back to cowering.]

[With every jerk of one wrist, there's the tinkling of bells, and it's a near constant melody to her more painful crying. In fact, uh... anyone with any flashlights... or anything that sheds light at all... That might start to flicker. Or just not work. Sorry about that. The little girl doesn't seem to notice, at any rate.]

[Sometimes, when the crying goes down a little, she looks up at her mun, jaw quivering as she clearly tries to get her voice to work.... only for it to inevitably fail and she curls in on herself as she hides her face in her hands again.]

[The mun is starting to realize this might have been a bad idea.]
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You know, playing in an actual game might be fun. 'Specially if Tallboy's gonna be there. I know you mostly play that frog-faced lobster, but don't you think it's time to branch out a little?

What's the point of keeping a handsome face like this all tucked away in PSLs, anyhow?
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Just let me retire already. I've earned that much.
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Congrats. Guess this is the closest to finishing business with me you'll get until you can find your PS3. And its nice to see that even if my sacrifices get initially compromised, someone's gonna fix it if I can't.

That said, I think I get what you mean when you were thinking that Delsin could be the Beast in Kessler's timeline. A Conduit with all those powers available to him, able to get his capabilities from anywhere? That screams “time bomb”.

Still, at least it doesn't sound like he's going down any Beast paths any time soon. And good thing, too, because if that girl, Celia, or that Lifeline Purity group are any indication, the last thing we're gonna need is a rebooted version of The Beast..


As for sending me places, Mun, it sounds like its been too long since you spent time with me in Empire City or New Marais, so I've gotta agree that doing Darth Vader's apprentice might be more up your alley.


No hard feelings, man, you do what you gotta do, and we'll come back around again.

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...well, that was interesting. I'm actually glad that I wasn't in that one. Because Yikes™.

There's something fucking wrong with you that you weren't scared by any of it, though. I'm not saying I'd have shit my pants. But you know that kickstarter Red Barrels tried to do for that hardcore protect-your-pants-while-playing-this underwear? I might have wanted some if I was in Blake's shoes. At least the kind with the cupholder. So I wouldn't have to go "hold my beer" when I was about to go straight Leeroy Jenkins on something.

That said, I think you're right, I would get along with that crazy bastard. Attention you horrible puppetmasters at large: hint hint. If I have to suffer, so does he.

I bet we'd have a lot to talk about.
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So you're finally letting me out of that empty pit you call a head hm?

I guess I can make this work, if you actually do any of your plans this time...which you probably won't. You're worse than Akko, and she's pretty terrible at time management, and doing her homework, and magic in general, and most things really...

Though if you do follow through with any of your plans I'll have plenty of ingredients for my potions, and new guinea pigs to test them out on.
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I can do more good in Mega City One.
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Just because my show is cancelled doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing what I'm doing. There are a lot of people out there getting away with horrible stuff that no one's doing anything about, and I'm going to stop them.

[ although, how right now she's not sure. ]

So, you in? Unless Ophelia or Harris show up I'm going to need all the help I can get.
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You really wanna play me somewhere? George is coming too right?
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I hardly see how my height has anything to do with my proficiency as a solider. And if you mention how "cute" or "adorable" I am again I will place a bullet between your eyes.

Do you understand me?

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I know you had wanted to post something with the original version of me you have, but he's not real good with words, y'know? And something definitely has to be said! So on behalf of both of us: THANK YOU!

Not just for all your birthday wishes today, either! Thanks for always thinking so highly of me (us??) all these years, and for inviting me to this place. It's always fun and interesting getting to explore this world with you.

Let's have even more adventures together during the next 25 years! How about one of those "game" things? Oh, and, um. Maybe you could make me a cake next time? ☆ Pretty please~?
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Okay, first, it's far, far too early for you to be giving this any kind of serious thought.

And second, no.
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Yes, it would be ... nice to find Lucas. He is important to me.

That does not mean I am not capable of acting independently from him. With all due respect, while my feelings for the boy are strong, I am still very much myself and having much to live and discover before making any commitment. The likelihood of finding him is minor, and I will torture myself with such a thought. Just as you torture yourself over the consideration of a game for me.

Nothing with ponies. Or I will shoot.

W. A.
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I seriously don't get why you're so excited about the actor whom played my best friend is the same one whom plays that superhero. It's kinda geeky of you. So don't.

Also I'm pretty sure you can't do something like "hey I went to the same school as that Green Arrow guy". Clearly it should be "hey that Oliver Queen guy went to the same school as the famous Thad Castle." Get it right.

Ah shucks it's contagious.
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It is not breaking and entering when you're changing the world!
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I feel like we've been here before. You know, with the whole "let's drag Ræ back out and proceed to not actually do anything with her" thing. It wasn't funny before, and it's kinda still not funny now.

I guess it's not entirely your fault, though. I mean, it's not like you've got a whole lot of options when it comes to places that might accept me. That one place you're at now probably would let me in, but I dunno, wouldn't that just lead to that other girl getting ignored?
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Whether or not you're entertained is not my concern! In the Dark Forest we entertain ourselves.

Go find a spider-web and poke it with a stick, and don't come back until the owner eats you.
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Well, it was nice of you to go and bring me here, but...

It's kind of boring. Don't you have anything for me to do?

[ Well sorry. ]
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[Heavy breathing.]

[What is this place, and who is the monarch? Is it this "mun" person? She doesn't have a crown. How can he kill her and steal her power if she doesn't have a crown?]

[...Is there someone else who's the monarch?]

[There better be a monarch around here somewhere, he's getting fidgety.]
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No. Okay? No. I don't want to have anything more to do with this. No.


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