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So because of this you finally let me out, to be to breathe to live. Why did you wait so long even after this news?

And just how do you think those two have gotten along without me? You know they'll get in trouble without someone sensible around. If they're even here! You don't know!

Why are you so frustrating?

And where's Chuy?
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That's right! In just a few days, bear witness to my conquest of human history!

Pre-register now and receive your very own SR Nobunaga (Lily)!

[She's never going to take promoting this game seriously...]
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[He chuckles, raising his head and crossing his arms.]

Really, kid? You think you can handle this guy?

[He shoves two thumbs toward his chest, indicating, well, himself.]

Okay, okay. Sure. We'll give it a shot. What's the worst that can happen?

[A tiny tattoo version of him on his left pectoral muscles starts to waves it's arms around to get his attention and he looks down.]

What?! What do you mean be careful? Look at her!

[He motions toward his new mundane.]

She can't do anything to us!

[The way that little tattoo-him crosses its arms and stamps its foot suggest it doesn't agree.]

...whatever. You'll get over it.
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Oh, no. You don't have to drag garbage like me out into the open like this.

Really, I should be off tending to the Warriors of Hope or something. It wouldn't be good for me if I kept them waiting...

What's that? You have more interesting plans for me? As long it works out in the end, perhaps I shall go with them. After all, it's not like a lowly servant would have any say in the matter.
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Now mun, wait just a minute!

How did my brother with his stutter, extreme shyness, hyper anxiety and surrealist world views become the stable one in the family? Suddenly he's the one with friends, a fiancée, building projects and a reputation as a friendly Nexus neighbour, and I'm… I don't know... the stand-in Archon with none of the influence.

I was the expert at navigating social environments, not him. I was the one who kept everything clear cut and simple. Now I'm the one who causes drama? Now I'm the one who has to figure out how to be happy without dishonouring my ancestors and offending the gods? When did I become the one who has to answer difficult questions about legacy and propriety and undead and werewolves?

What happened?

Damn it.

You know what? Bring it on.
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[It's been a while, and here he feels more alive than ever. Ironic.]

It seems that there have been some interesting... developments. Such a shame that you had to find out this way, but I would have told you anyway. It's fun sometimes, being the one to hold the strings, waiting to see what you think you know about me. Oh, you'll learn it one day. I'll tell you, but in time. For now, I have secrets, and I like them.
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 I understand that you like strange and worrisome characters, otherwise I wouldn't be here, but there are limits. Event Horizon? William Weir? I refuse to have that level of screaming psychosis on board this little ship of fools, do you hear me?

When would you even bring him in from, hmm? He's not very playable by the end, and at the beginning he's just a scientist with an unfortunate past. Now stop thinking about it or I will bite you.
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Not much of a grand introduction, but I guess it will have to do. Honestly, why the long face? And no, that isn't a pony joke, please. If we're going to work together, you'll have to amp up your humor by, let's say... 1,001 percent. To start with.

Now, as I was saying, I can't fathom why you look so displeased to have me in your crowded head. It was only a matter of time - everyone has a little chaos in them, some more than others. In your case, it's the perfect amount. Once you start realizing that, then we can really go places.

Oh, you think I'm only for PSLs and memes? How quaint, you think you're in control of the situation! Aren't you just the cutest, let me pinch those cheeks of yours!
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My my my, what do we have here?

Some sorry attempt at trying to capture the essence of my voice confined to four little lines creating various squares with my image on it? If you're expecting me to find that cute or whatever other inane word you'd like to use for it, I'm afraid you're going to be holding your breath for a very long time.

Whatever it is you think you'd like to do with me, dear, I'd just as well we didn't bother since you're sitting there lazing around in your pj's and not at all looking presentable enough for something like this with me.

That's all. Now run along back to the others and play with them.
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It's been an awful long while, but I hope you won't get ahead of yourself. I know that I can be overly cautious, but preparation is important. It's... not that I'm nervous, really.

[ Although she holds herself like she is. Too stiff, shoulders and back straight even though her arms are folded and hands pressed tightly to her arms. Eventually, she does remove one, just to emphasize her words when she speaks, adding in vague little movements with her hand. ]

I just think it would be wise to think things through. I'd rather not take the lead, so I would appreciate the company of my friends if that's at all possible. I'm still adjusting and learning from my mistakes. [ It takes a lot for her to admit this. It's a difficult confession because it means accepting her failure earnestly. ] I... am at my best working alongside others, helping to hone a plan rather than direct it myself.

[ It wasn't as difficult as she thought it might be to say that, though she allows an audible sigh to escape her. Subtle, but still out of her control. It's something she's learning to accept and move on from. Everything isn't possible to control and that doesn't have to be a bad thing. ]

I hope that you'll take my request into consideration.
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Look, pal, I don't-- this isn't really something I'm on board with, here. At all.

I know ... this is kinda the whole point of-- [ vague gesturing ] --this.

But, c'mon. Can't even cut me a little slack? After-- after everything I've already been through? You can't-- you can't be seriously thinking of sending me someplace worse. Right?

Fuck, man ... can't catch a break no matter what.
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Mundune no.

Eight has been akumaized. Nine has pledged his allegiance to Endos. You don't need to be thinking on how to add me to this list

Stop it. Stop it right now. Just because I'll will myself into a zombie state doesn't mean finding a loop hole.
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I don't know if I'm ready to be a big brother. Can I stay younger?

[oh honey if only everyone had that as a choice]
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Well, I'm really glad to finally get out here, mun! I was worried you were turning into one of those boring grown-ups. And you should really get to making journals for everyone else too, you know? It's not that fun being stuck in your head.

And you're thinking of bringing me to [community profile] entranceway? Maybe I should start reading up on those books then, so I know what to expect! Do you think I'll be able to make friends there?

[Don't worry, I'm sure you will.]
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If you want my advice you should take a long hard look at your abilities list before you even THINK of applying for a game. I know you have a love for neuroscience but you need to step carefully or people will see you as a Kilgrave or worse. Godmodding.

That being said try to come forward and ask people's opinions. They might help you flesh me out and I doubt they can be more critical then you are of yourself.

Mun, talk to people.
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Hello dear mun,

I know there's no place for me, and the great idea you had is one that no one else really likes, or wants, but, I can just keep posting to the diary (her journal) you gave me.

And your writing partner is working on a friend for me, so we'll be able to make the journey through the coming war together.

But as for now, it's June of 1941 and I have a spring dance to go to tonight! After all, it is the last dance I'll go to as a junior in high school!
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Don't you think this is jumping the gun a little, lad? The series isn't coming out until August!

...Alright, I will give ye credit that it might have netted you a good journal name. Scrooge McDuck, both accurate and to the point. Shocking it wasn't already taken but the early bird caught the worm. Even if the early bird is outdoing the rooster right now. Really, you don't even know much about me this time round yet, do you? Well, I hope you pay attention come August; I won't abide inaccuracies in my protrayal! I have a reputation to uphold and I'm not about to have a youngster who hasn't earned his pay ruin it!

Also, you should stop listening to that theme song over and over. We all know where that's heading and you're a music student who's meant to be making your own music. Can't do that with a load of 'woohoo's stuck in your noggin!


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